DIY: Baby Booties (Fabric)


I always want to do this since I was in second trimester, but didn’t have the chance to do so because I was either working or busying preparing for baby stuffs. I did a pair of baby booties in September but I used felt. Finally I had the time to try the fabric baby booties when my maternity leave starts before the baby is out. After all few bundles of fabrics I ordered from Taobao had arrived few weeks earlier that time and hence I have no reason to not doing this. 

I looked through plenty of tutorials before deciding on which type of baby booties to do. Finally decided to try my hand on this type, since they look so adorable and easy to do. As for the template, you can retrieve from here:

First, choose the fabric(s) that you like. You can use same fabric (like the blog), or like mine – I chose two different fabric designs (because the fabric size I had is 20x30cm only. Haha!)


Print and cut out the template from the blog and then trace them on the cloth. Cut out the traced shapes.


Place 2 sole pieces back to back. Sew them together as closely to the edge as possible. My sewing skill is still not so good, therefore couldn’t sew as close to the edge.


Place 2 top pieces (of different designs) back to back. Draw a line roughly 0.2cm from the straight edge to form a seam. Sew them together. Open up and flatten the seam as in the 2nd picture below.


Then, fold the upper piece down and ensure the seams lay flat. Measure roughly 0.5cm from the top (straight edge) and draw a line. Stitch along the line (like the 3rd picture above).

As for the heels, place two heel pieces (of different designs) back to back, draw a line 0.2cm from top and sew on the line. Open up and flatten the seam like we did for the top pieces earlier. Fold the sides of the heel pieces in roughly 0.2cm and press them down like in the 1st picture below. Fold the upper piece down and flatten them nicely. Then sew the sides as close to the edge as possible.


After that, fold down the straight edge approximately 1cm to make a covering for a 9 inch piece of elastic tape (picture 2). Yes, the elastic tape will hold your baby’s feet in place.  Sew running stitch near the edge of the folded down piece. Because I forgot to put in the elastic tape before sewing, so I had to run it through 1cm width casing using hairpin. I just made a simple stitch to hook the elastic tape and the hairpin together and then pull it through! Quick and easy! Heehee!


Trim the excess mismatch cloth on the bottom edges (if any).

Here comes the hardest part (for me). Align the centre of the sole and top. Then line the sides of the top pieces against the sole and secure them properly with pins. Then sew around the outside edge of the shoe. Because I’m not that good with sewing machine, so I need to do few rounds of sewing to ensure I’ve stitched the top and the sole nicely together.


Next align the centre of heel and the sole and pin them up. Then curl the heel piece around the side of the shoes. Don’t worry, this piece will end up slightly overlapping the top piece. Sew the pieces (heel and sole) together.


I supposed to make 2 slits in the middle of the top piece but I forgot! So I made the slit here. Becareful to just make the slits on one cloth ONLY, not 2! Then slot the elastic tape through the slits. Pull the tape tight, line both tape ends and make a mark after measuring 4-5 cm from the end. Sew several times at the mark. Cut the excess tape and hide the sewn end inside the casing.


Trim off the excess cloth around the shoes. Then turn the shoes inside out. Fin!


Because I was in the mood, I ended up making 2 pairs! However these 2 pairs are slightly smaller than deem. So maybe in future, if I were to do a different type of baby booties, I’ll make them larger.