The journey of finding the right gynae

It’s not easy to decide on a gynaecologist after knowing that you’re pregnant. My journey of finding the right gynae has costs me more $$$ that I would expect.

Initially, I thought I would go to the gynae that my mum went to when she had my younger sister and my younger bro. The maternity centre is in BM and it’s much cheaper than going to private hospital. Furthermore mum spoke highly of her gynae, Dr Wan. So I went to KS Wan & Looi Maternity Centre for my first check-up.

To my dismay, Dr Wan was on long leave. So I was seen by Dr. Chong. The visit wasn’t really pleasing as Dr Chong didn’t tell me much about my pregnancy as he said there’s nothing much to see and ask me to come back a month later. He didn’t even advise me on what to do or take. Not only that, I felt that he pressed the ultrasound scanner a little too hard that made me feel pain around my uterus area. That visit costs us RM70. I think I was at 7 weeks of pregnancy that time.

The next month, I went back to the same centre hoping that I would see Dr Wan. But then Dr Wan was still on leave, so I opted for Dr Looi. Dr Looi is gentle and patiently explained to me and hubby about the baby development as he scanned my uterus. The first time I saw my baby girl, I was at awed that I almost in tears. At 11 weeks, the baby was already developed into a fetus from a zygote and I can easily identify the head, body and 4 little limbs. At the end of the scan, he even gave me my first ultrasound scanned picture of my baby. I proudly showed my baby to family members and close friends. Second visit costs us RM70 too.

I would have settle for Dr Looi as my gynae if not for one day hubby came back from work and told me that we should go around “experiencing’ different gynae and checking out different hospitals as well he doesn’t really likes the maternity centre that we went to earlier. I told him I didn’t want to go hospital because of the exorbitant price that may occur. He said he spoke to his colleagues and the price is actually almost the same for natural birth. Only in time of C-section or emergency labour that may have to pay higher price. Reluctantly I agreed and I asked him to check for the “packages” offered by the hospital in island.

One fine Saturday morning, the hubby suddenly requested to go for check-up at one of the hospitals after I voiced out that I was worried about the baby’s development because I took a rather strong cream to cure my eczema (it didn’t occur to me earlier that it may not be safe for pregnancy). So we went to GMC to see Dr Yeoh but to our dismay, she was fully booked up to 2 weeks in advance. We called Adventists asking for walk-ins but they said fully booked as well. We drove to Peace Medical Centre and were told that the counter was already closed for registration. So, we went back to GMC and this time we asked for Dr Gan. Her schedule wasn’t full so we were able to see her that day.

Nevertheless, we waited almost one hour then only allowed to go into the room to see her. She is very friendly, nice, very knowledgeable, and always asked me to throw her lots questions (maybe I walked into the room with lots puzzles written all over my face, lol).

I would have easily have Dr Gan as my gynae if not for the exorbitant fee. We paid about RM230 (if my memory didn’t fail me) that day, and believe me – our eyes were super @_@ when we saw the bill. Haha! Obviously we didn’t go back to her eventho we had subconsciously made the upcoming appointment with her.

One month passed and it was time to see gynae again. Because hubby still adamant on looking for better gynae, so we decided to visit Dr Woo at Peace Polyclinic in Air Itam. We actually wanted to head to the centre but the nurse said Dr Woo had left the centre for his weekly Tuesday visit at Peace Polyclinic, so we went there loh. I called my colleague for a better direction to the centre and she advised me to be there just before 9pm so that I don’t have to wait that long to see him.

True indeed, I was immediately called in for weight and blood pressure & heartbeat check-up. Then it was time to see Dr Woo. My, my – the place was shabby as he was only there every Tuesday, therefore there isn’t any proper desk for him to sit and see his patients.

He is sarcastically funny – especially when he conversed with his nurses. First, he shot his nurse for writing my birth year instead of my age on the registration card. Then he ‘scolded’ another nurse for not adjusting the second connecting screen to my eye-level (so that I could view the baby). He was like, “you think her eyes are located down there is it? How can she see if the screen is tilted like that?” – I was really holding back my laughter!

He did sound me for not able to differentiate the due date and delivery date. He said, “it’s like durian. You can tell when it ripes, but cannot tell when it’ll fall off the branch. Same goes with the baby, you can tell when is the full term, but you cannot tell when the baby wants to come out. Understand or not?!”

I wanted to giggle it out when he ‘lectured’ me that but I held on and said, “ohh.. ok doc.” Haha!

As for the bill (for consultation fee, check-up fee and blood test), it costs us RM130 only. I was then told by my colleague that she normally paid RM50-RM60 per check-up, so it’s really economic!

Still, I prefer to have lady doc than a male doc as my gynae. I told hubby this and he said, “oh. So Dr Woo is out also la?” I told him, “not really ler. I like Dr Woo, but if I’m given a choice of cz I want a lady doctor. But Dr Gan is too expensive!”

One fine day, the hubby told me that he has made appointment with a lady doctor at Adventist Hospital. I began to feel lazy to different doctor (because of the time of waiting and the extra $ going to see different doctors) but since I want a lady doctor so I agreed.

Our appointment was at 12.15 noon during weekday, so I rushed from office to the hospital that day. Thankfully the traffic was quite smooth and we didn’t wait that long to see our doctor, Dr Choong. She is nice, pleasant, professional, and she made me feel confidence in her. However when hubby asked her about the maternity package and how much it would cost for emergency c-sec, epidural injection et cetera, cetera – the price scares me. I mean the maternity package is ok – we knew the price before making appointment with Dr Choong, but the emergency c-sec and the injection, the induce pregnancy – the price is standard for well-known hospital but I was very worried that the price may escalate until the point where the paying may be an issue.

However, hubby told me to be optimistic and do not worry too much as worrying won’t do me good. Plus, he said if I think like that then it’ll really happen. He asked me to constantly think about giving birth naturally, so subconsciously the mind and body will ‘agree’ into natural labour.


Well, what he said is indeed true! 

We paid RM140, and hubby was like ok wor (compared to GMC). Then hubby asked me, “so how? What do you think of her? Do you like her? “

I told her, “yeah. I like her, feels comfortable around her.”

“Good! Settled d then,” he said with big grin.