Wedding: Finally I’m a married woman

Legally & Customarily.


We’re now going into 3 weeks after our customarily wedding – both Indian & Chinese wedding. Still in wedding mood because I just can’t believe my wedding weekend went past by SO QUICKLY! I kept reminding myself to REMEMBER THE MOMENTS, ENJOY THE MOMENTS, “INHALE” THE MOMENTS – which I did for certain parts of the wedding and some parts remained blur images in my mind. Aih!

Let’s see what I remember the most throughout the 3 days of wedding.

Yes, I do remember the march in at the Indian temple; the moment I had to rush to change my second saree; when hubby placed thali around my neck; the little ‘straggle’ he gave me when he placed the red and yellow powder on my thali; when we put our hands into the pot to ‘snatch’ for ring & shell; the nice & beautiful blessings by guests and the funny MV & photo sessions after the wedding.

The most memorable was the wedding dinner which was held at the Penang Chinese Town Hall. That old looking hall was transformed into a beautiful, fairy-like and romantic ambiance – which was something I want (one of the little surprises from hubby and thanks to my decorate, MUSE). I couldn’t wow at the decorators and the lightings I was so happy to see ALLLLL my friends and relatives from near and afar – all came in beautiful either traditional or semi-formal clothing. The songs was great – the band I hired, Starz Band sang so beautifully and my guests really love their singing! Not only that, those who were curious enough – enjoyed my Hipster photo booth from PlayGround. It’s such a pity that I didn’t get to take plenty of photos with my friends at the photo booth. Aih!

Then the Chinese wedding came the next day. Everything went by so quickly that day. I started make up immediately after showered. As my face was being make-up, my jimuis arrived at my house one by one – all wearing pink! They looked so pretty that day. Not long after I took photos with my jimuis and parents, hubby arrived. I watched all the “tortures” my jimuis gave to him and his entourage. The most funny part of the wedding is when my hubby said his vows in Han Yi Pin Yin. The most memorable and touching part is when my parents gave me away to my hubby and I hugged them – I had to hold my tears in my eyes.

Not forgetting my fabulous teams of photographers, MoCh Artistry and videographers, Digimax – they’re so fun and bubbly to work with! Love them to the maxxxxx!


Now that wedding woes are over, I’ll be back to blogging world. Plenty of things to write on. Am writing them one at a time.