Wedding: It’s time for food-tasting!

We found this caterer from Cititel Hotel more than a year ago when scouting for proper location to house more than 80 tables. She offered us a hall, we couldn’t find other place so we took her offer – it was a win-win situation. Went few times to Cititel earlier this year to talk about the meal, deco and stuff – but believe me, you should only do the talking when it’s near your wedding date.
In fact, wait for their call!


Because the earlier trips we made were pointless, we didn’t finalise anything until now. I was thinking the amount of $$ and time wasted there, could have used for other stuffs! But nevertheless, now that I’ve learned my lesson and I shall transfer this piece of advice to others.

3 months to my wedding, my caterer called me up to arrange a date for food tasting (see! I don’t have to do the calling, she automatically called!). After Satkuru and I finalised a date, Satkuru called up the caterer to inform her on the date and also our intention on getting empty red cards from her to print our wedding invitation cards. When we dropped by to get the cards, we double confirmed on the date of food-tasting and finalised the menu as well.

A week before the food-tasting, she called me up to remind us of the upcoming food tasting and the amount of people coming. I told her 11, because a month earlier Satkuru told me her two brothers will be coming as well. But that week, he mentioned that his brothers were already in KL for study, never occured to me that it also mean that they’re not coming back that weekend. I naively thought that they would be coming home for the weekend for the food. –”

When the day came, our families arrived at the restaurant and were ushered to a VIP room – which was quite a surprise! You see, I saw people did food-tasting at the corner of the restaurant when we went there to talk on the food earlier this year. So I definitely didn’t see this coming.

We were served tea first. Both families talked – all were happy and comfortable with each other’s presence. (I heard stories where both side families met for the first time at the food tasting and it was super ‘cold’, etc. etc).

When the first dish came, all of us swept off them off clean despite the portion for 11 pax! Yes, 9 of us ate servings meant for 11 pax! Hoho!

Throughout the whole food-tasting, I knew the food was going to be good (to impress us) – but never thought it’ll be that delicious. Our tummies were really satisfied that day. The second dish which is a broth was full of ingredients. The chicken were finger licking good, the garoupa and prawns were fresh! Not only that, the assorted vegetables with abalone was yummylicious too! We are glad that we chose these menu and are confident that these dishes will satisfy our guests on our big day! – we really crossed our fingers on this!