Toba ep2: Beautiful Sipiso-Piso

From the previous post – Toba ep1: RM1/day trip

After asking the local on the first destination for this trip, our driver finally found the entrance of Sipiso-Piso Waterfall. The entrance fees costs 30.000 Rupiah for all 13 of us and of course we had to pay 5.000 Rupiah for car park. That wasn’t included in the van package.

We quickly got off the van and there it is, the stunning, long and narrow 120m waterfall. It’s unfortunate that it rained earlier as it made the water coming out off the cliff muddy.

Nevertheless, the landscape is terrific! No wonder this place is popular with photographers. Surrounded by green mountains and clean air, I felt rejuvenated. All worries were instantly forgotten and I felt great! In fact I felt awesome!

Actually I felt like peeing. But because of the fantastic view, I held on my pee!

It’s so unfortunate that we had only 30 minutes there only. Both Aaron and Munak went down the stairs to get closer shots of the waterfall. I would love to do so too if I have the time. But since I didn’t, I skipped the walk for the lookout point further down on the left.

Believe it or not, the lookout point actually offers you the view of Lake Toba. Thanks to my wide angle, I managed to get the entire ‘lake’ on my camera. Wahaha!

I would have taken more photos there if not for few people actually hogging the places for quite some time when I have no time to lose! Rwar!


Frustrated, I left and called (more to yell!, lol) for Satkuru. Haha. It started to drizzle again, so he was super reluctant to take photo but since he has promised me to take more photos of us together with nice background, so he has to oblige. 

Before leaving the place, I quickly went to the toilet. Just when I about to enter with Vingie and Colleen behind me, this little girl suddenly extended her arm and shouted 1.000 Rupiah!

Though shocked, but I gave a laugh and quickly grappled for 1.000 Rupiah. Vingie and Colleen laughed too.

Then we continued our journey to the largest lake in South East Asia.

It was a ride in hell. The condition of the road went worst with heavy downpour, making the entire ride super bumpy and roller-coaster-alike. Not long after we left Sipiso-Piso waterfall, it began to rain heavily. Not only that, our van leaked too! Water seeped in from the sides of the van.

So much so, that we had to transfer the bags to the front because of the leak. The jacket I wore that time got wet too in the back because of leak.

It was horrible. But luckily it didn’t rain when we were at Sipiso-Piso, else it defeats the purpose of making a detour there.


I thank my parents for including me and my siblings in their holiday plan around the peninsular when we were young. Their decision got us immune to car sick and seasick as we travelled on road and on ferry frequently. Hence the heavy downpour and the super winding road didn’t make me discomfort (thankfully!). In fact the whole road and weather condition got worst as we were nearing our destination. I’m super glad that my head and tummy can take all in. 

Despite the crazy rain, the glimpse of Lake Toba along the journey really excites us. We even asked the van driver to stop at the side for us to take photo of the lake when the rain was less dense.

But not long after that, it rained heavily again until we reached our destination.

Or we thought so.

You see, we thought we’ve arrived when we saw the port, the ferries and the town. Little did we know that there are actually 2 ports leaving for the Samosir island – Ajibata and Tiga Raja. If my memory doesn’t fail me, we supposed to board from Ajibata port before 6pm, but our driver brought us to Tiga Raja. Satkuru told me before that we need to take the 5.30pm ferry else we’ll need to pay slightly more for the last ferry. So, both of us were very anxious when the driver got lost in Parapat. Moreover, we were told that our driver is an experience driver.

Of course we didn’t mention to the rest that we had to be there by 5.30, else everyone will be worried as well. That’ll ruin their short getaway. Thus, we remained calm and told everyone that we’ll be fine. Keke.

Finally, after asking around twice, we’ve reached the Ajibata port. As expected, the cheaper ferry already made its way to Samosir Island and we were offered to charter the whole boat for 300.000 Rupiah.

Without getting down from the van, Yenty was bargaining like mad with the local on lowering the price and could see that he was going to relent to Yenty’s bargain but stopped after he saw Munak, lol. Knowing that we weren’t from Indonesia, he remained firm with his price and we have no choice but to agree, lol.

While waiting for the boatmen to ready their boat, we went for a quick toilet break at a kopitiam. Obviously the kopitiam owner wouldn’t allow us to use his toilet, but Yenty knew that he would if we pay. So she told us beforehand to prepare 1.000 Rupiah as toilet fee.

As expected, the kopitiam owner directly mentioned 1.000 Rupiah when she asked for permission to use toilet. We paid and quickly went to relief ourselves. Phew!

Then we went back to the port and headed to our boat. The embarking area was flooded up to our ankle; therefore the boatmen placed few wooden planks for us to walk without wetting our shoes/feet. Still, the planks looked so unstable and would topple anytime. Seeing that, all of us decided to cross one by one.

I was the second to cross, after Vingie. I took few big, firm steps and quickly landed myself on the boat, lol!

Once everyone gotten into the boat, the boatmen sailed the boat few metres away from the port before the boat stopped. Worried, the guys went to ask the boatmen what’s wrong while us girls came out with ridiculous guesses like “Somali-alike pirates”, “Loch nech monster”, “Kraken in the Lake Toba”. Lol!

Apparently the engine died. The boatmen were repairing the engine and promised to get the boat moving in few minutes.

Up in the boat, we were worried as we feared that it might be some tactic to ‘kidnap’ us and therefore revised an escaped route by jumping into the lake but fearing that some loch nech monster or kraken might eat us up. Yes, we are that crazeeeeey! Haha!

The sun began to set down and the sky above our head showed sign of big, dark clouds, yet we were still stuck somewhere near the port. I then began to pray, hoping that we could get our butts on Samosir Island as soon as possible and before it rained.

After what it seemed like forever, the engine roared to life and all of us cheered! Our small boat sailed across the Lake Toba to Samosir Island as we watched the sun setting and vanished in the horizon. It would be a romantic scene if not for the immediate pitch dark surrounding right after the sun set. How nice if the boat has warm yellow lights hanging around the deck, rather than us holding our handphones for light.

Our boat brought us directly to our hotel, the Toba Cottages. The boat approached Toba Cottages; few boatmen jumped into the land and placed a considerably wide plank connecting our boat and pier. The surrounding was so dark that I was afraid that I missed one step and fall into the water when I walked on the plank! Haha!

Once everyone had gotten down from the boat, we walked towards the lobby for check in. The path to the lobby was dark, but luckily there are few garden lamps along the way.