Hand bouquet

This post is supposed to be written 2 months ago, but due to hectic schedule it got delayed until now.

From the time I submitted my form, I had about a month to find the perfect dress and hand bouquet. In the back of my mind, I had a vague vision of how my dress and bouquet are going to look like. Finding the dress that fits my vision is easy for there are plenty of shops that sell beautiful dresses and I found it at SA Creation.

However, to ask someone to produce the hand bouquet of my vision is kind of hard. I guess the best solution is to show the florist an example of the hand bouquet that I love.

My favourite flowers are hydrangea, roses and babybreath. I love peony too, but I know it’s quite hard to get  (and expensive too). I googled on the combination of three flowers and see if they turn out nice. But then, it seemed like nobody ever does this combination before. So, I thought why not hydrangea, roses and peony (if possible). And my, my.. the photos of such combination match my vision!

On one late afternoon, Satkuru and I went to Mimossa Creation armed with few pictures of beautiful hand bouquets that I’ve saved in my phone earlier. After brief introduction and telling our intentions of visiting, the lady owner showed me an album of her previous work. I looked with the hope that she did something like my saved photos before. She did – however I prefer the ones I googled. So I showed to the lady owner the photos and told her that I want something like this with combination hydrangea and roses (and any other flower if needed to fill in the gap). She did warn me that hydrangea couldn’t last long and could even start browning on that day itself (or even one hour after getting the flowers). I told her it’s okay as long as I got my favourite flower there. She giggled.

I also told her I prefer minimalist (no fancy paper/plastics around the flowers, just ribbon tied around the stalks will do) and shared with her the colour of my dress where she suggested to go for flowers of pastel colour. She then spoke on the shape, and even suggested what colour of roses and hydrangea she’ll use for my bouquet.

Feeling very satisfied and happy with her explanation, I agreed to her suggestion and Satkuru paid RM50 as deposit before leaving.

On the day of my ROM, I was extremely happy to see my hand bouquet. It was very beautiful, the hydrangea was blooming and fresh; the roses bloomed beautifully – the entire bouquet is like what I’ve visioned earlier. I couldn’t be happier and glad that I chose Mimossa Creation as my florist.

Now I’m thinking, maybe I should engage her again for the wedding hand bouquet. But then, got to speak to my bridal house first as this is already included in the package.


*fingers crossed*