Conversations in departure hall

While waiting for my flight back to Malaysia at the departure hall, I couldn’t help but overhear conversation by my fellow Malaysians sitting behind me.

3 young couples of early twenties were asking each other how much they have left from the trip and one by one they ‘announced’ out the amount. After they summed out the amount, one went to the money changer and asked for the exchange rate.

The guys came back and told them the rate was 305 (100.000 rupiah ~ RM30.5) and were deliberating should they change their money here or back home.

After quick discussion, all of them decided to change and 3 guys went to the money changer counter.

I had the strong urge to tell them to keep for probable future trip to Indon since their amount wasn’t that much, but then who am I to advise them? Lol!

One of the girls asked the guy how much they got back in Ringgit.

I almost chuckled when I heard the amount – RM24

I guess he can have a decent meal  with the girlfriend back in Malaysia with RM24. That’s why he decided to change it.

Or was it RM24 to be shared between all 6 of them? Ahh~ that I’ll never know.

The couples left and I continued with my Bejeweled Blitz, trying to break my records. Then came a group of ladies of 30s and sat behind me.

Like usual, the ladies will chat and their content of conversation were quite interesting.

From the conversation I suspected they came in tour and didn’t really know each prior to the trip.

Two of them gossiped on a lady who kept buying things. How I know –  because the conversations were like such:-

A: Where’s C?

B: Neh, overthere, at the counter.

A: Aiyo, buying things again ah? Every place also sure buy one wor.

B: Yaloh. Wouldn’t miss her chance of buying stuff I guess.

And the ladies switched their topic to Bali island. They were saying how Bali island is suitable for youngsters because of the beach sports and how Medan is suitable for them because of sightseeing places. Not only that, they spoke of how far they need to travel to see the attractions and I’m wondering isn’t Lake Toba the same? Hmm.

The lady C suddenly approached them I guess because there was a new voice speaking to the earlier two and she was ‘explaining’ her haul from the gift store and telling who she’s planning to give them to.

The two ladies A and B replied with less enthusiasm.

Then lady C left and the two spoke about Taiwan. The usual typical Taiwan trip conversation until lady C went to them again with another bag.

C: *Chuckles* I bought another one somemore.

A/B : What you bought?

C: Oh, I bought sarong batik from this shop. It’s slightly cheaper! This sarong is to be given to my sister-in-law.

A/B: Ooo.

And then lady C walked away.

A: See, told you she’s good at shopping.

B: Ya, I know.

Suddenly the announcement for the flight boarding was made and the ladies immediately took their stuffs and hurried away.

Maybe it wasn’t that bad to be stranded at the airport for 2.5 hours. At least, those funny conversations kept me entertained. Haha!