Notorious Tour

The moment we heard that Russell Peters is coming over to Asia for spread some happiness over here, we were elated. Soon, the list of the stopover came out and to our dismay, Malaysia is not in the list! Thailand (Bangkok), Singapore and Indonesia (Jakarta) are in the list and Malaysia is none. Of course there are noise directly to Russell Peters himself via Twitter, so I was already checking out the ticket price in our neighbouring country – weighing which show would be cheaper overall (including hotel, accommodation and flight).

When I told Satkuru of my decision, he said NO and asked me to wait. Apparently he heard some rumours. Rumours like Russell Peters will be coming over.

True enough. Few days later, the man himself updated on his Twitter that he’ll drop by on 12th May at Stadium Melawati! After knowing the price ticket, all we got to do was to secure our tickets on the ‘booking day’.

When the day came, we tried with all our might – constantly refreshing on TicketCharge and Air Asia Red Tix website because of high traffic error. When we finally got thru few hours later, the website shown “SOLD OUT” for all tickets. Rumour spread to our ears that all his tickets were sold out within ‘half an hour’.

So thing went normal but not for long because there are news of his second show spreading around in Facebook. We followed the news very closely and when we announced that the booking day for the second day is somewhere in late April, Satkuru and I didn’t put much hope because we’ll be in Philippines that time. So we thought, nevermind le. We shall see him in future.

A call from Jess changed our thought. She told me she can help us get the tickets and asked if we were interested or not. Satkuru obviously replied her with a big YES. So, we went to Philippines with ease mind and when we were back from our holiday, we were told that our tickets were secured and can start booking our flight to KL for that day.

The day finally came. That day, Satkuru picked me at 4.15pm and we boarded a taxi to the airport from his house. As we were reaching the airport, Satkuru realised that he left his IC at home and had to go back to his house to take it. It was a super tensed moment as I had to wait at the airport with 2 printed boarding pass in my hand and heard our names being called to board. Not once, not twice but thrice!

The custom guy at the gate saw me waiting with boarding passes for quite some time so he walked to me and asked me who am I waiting for. I told him a friend and passed him my IC and our boarding passes. He had a look at our boarding passes and he asked me, “Dia tu orang Jepun ka?” (Is he a Japanese?).

I replied, “Bukan (No)” and kept looking for Satkuru.

He continued, “lepas tu? Orang India? (Then? An Indian?)”

I nodded.

Then he said, “letak kat sini. Kamu pergi dulu. Nanti saya bagi dia” (leave it here, you go first. Later I’ll pass to him).

I was about to reply when I saw Satkuru running towards our direction. Then I replied, “dia sampai dah” (he’s here already) and Satkuru showed him his IC.

We ran all the way to the departure gate, P5 and then quickly boarded the plane. We quickly realised that the cabin crews are in different attire that day. They were in red shirt (for ladies) and black shirt (for men) and jeans. What a fresh look!

The plane took off soon. Announcement of food selling was then made and then suddenly the food cart stopped between us. Satkuru and I were sitting by the aisle. The pretty air-stewardess took out her paper and then asked for our names. I was shocked but Satkuru was already well-prepared, swiftly showed her his boarding pass. I looked at Satkuru and he was grinning back at me and I knew he booked food without me knowing again! –”

Worst of all, he booked satay for me! I totally don’t like satay at all.When I asked him why he chose satay he said he could only choose one meal on his side and it’s always briyani. That’s why he chose satay for me, because he knows I won’t eat it and he can have mine!

Argh. Hearing this, I took two sticks from him!

Actually, I was hungry too (without me realising). So I whacked two sticks. Teehee!

Soon, the plane landed and we got off the plane and headed to the terminal where we looked with Satkuru’s parents. Yes, we were in the same plane and were heading to the same location as well, ferried by Satkuru’s brother.

The journey there was so long. Apparently we had to travel nearly 70km from LCCT to get to Stadium Melawati via Elite Highway. By the time we parked our car at the stadium, it was already 7.15pm.

As I only had two sticks of satay earlier, I told Satkuru that I want to get something from the make-shift stalls at the carpark. As we walked to the food stalls, we bumped into Kel Li and her fiance, Nigel!

It was my first time meeting Kel Li and Nigel! She is so friendly and cuteeee! And we forgot to take photo together, aiyak!

After filling my stomach with finger food that costs RM8 (so expensive, I know! It was just a stick of mushroom, a stick of 3 fishballs and a stick of 3 chicken balls. –” ) we went to toilet to relief ourselves. That’s when I saw JingYan and her bf!


Haha! So happy to see her,we chatted as we waited for our turn to use the loo as the Q was very long. Thankfully with her around, the wait wasn’t that long. 

Then it was time to get into the stadium. Jess called me informing me that she had arrived and we both arranged to meet somewhere near the merchandising stall. The shirts at the counter was sold for RM70! My goodness, far cry from the stalls below the stadium for RM30. Satkuru told me that the quality is different, but no way I’m paying RM70 for a T-shirt with the words “Be a Man” or “Somebody gonna get hurt tonight“. I could get a nice dress from online store with that money! Lol!

We met (like finally!) and all four of us headed to the South entrance, as indicated on our tickets. Even though Q to enter the stadium was long, we obediently queued up like everybody else mainly because we were waiting for Jess’s friends to come and pick up their tickets. Plus, it was only 8pm. So we weren’t that eager to get into the stadium yet. Haha!

Finally Jess’s friends arrived and we went to our designated seats. A famous DJ Spinbad spun songs to keep the crowd entertained. In between the songs, announcement was made to remind the crowd that all forms of recording aren’t allowed in the stadium.

Joey Medina, a former boxer graced the opening act. We laughed out heads off as his jokes were seriously funny tho they’re 18SX types of jokes. But I feel not all Malaysians can accept nor understand his jokes. I guessed he wasn’t informed of the ‘conservative’ sides of some Malaysians.

Russell Peters show begun with a short clip of himself in various personalities by donning different head gears/costumes. His facial expression is so good that it fits the ‘character’ he was portraying. Then the man himself appeared on stage and the whole stadium cheered ecstatically.

Like usual, he made plenty of jokes, often poking fun at the front line audiences (pity Fizzy and his family). He joked on races without us feeling highly offended. Of course, he didn’t touch much on the 3 main races in Malaysia – it’s more to the Arabs, the Jordanians (when he was there for tour), the Africans, Scottish, Hongkees and Australian! Yup, Australia is not spared at all because there’s an Australian in the house!

Eh wait, there are many nationalities that night. Most of them sit at the front row so they are highly targeted by Russell. Haha!

One of my memorable jokes is on the tattoo. He asked if any of the audience has tattoo on their body. Few raised their hands and he selected this man on his right and asked what tattoo he has. I guess the man replied Tweety bird or probably he heard him saying that which prompted him giving out a very loud gasp and began to make fun of the tattoo. TOEtally salute him for able to make jokes related to the man’s tattoo one after another that fast.

Speaking of which, “TOEtally” is another funny joke he shared. It came from his encounter with a Bollywood actress, which he didn’t name.

He ended up his show with the story of his younger time with his late dad back in Canada. Which Satkuru laughed out the loudest because he said he encountered the similar thing too. Haha!

Imagine 2 hours sitting there just laughing my heart out. In the beginning I really HAHA out loud but towards the end, the HAHA disappeared because we laughed until we couldn’t laugh anymore (there’s no voice, just lots breath). My tummy ached so badly and I think I was hungry at that. But I kept exclaiming that the whole show ended so fast! The audience should shout ENCORE and ask him to come out again for one final joke. But it didn’t happen. Aih!


We left the stadium soon after. Once outside, Satkuru and I said byebye to Jess and her partner and then reunited with Satkuru’s family. We are glad to hear that they enjoyed the show as much as we did. They even talked about the show the whole journey to his aunt’s place. 


Thank you Comedy Club KL for coaxing Russell Peters for a second show in Malaysia (which turns out to be the first,  ). If not for this great move, we wouldn’t have able to enjoy his jokes. But of course, it’s a win-win situation for both parties. They got our Ringgits, we got our laughter. After all laughter is the best medicine, right?