I could have give a little more of kindness

It has been raining almost daily in the wee hours of the morning since Monday. On Tuesday, I was debating with myself should I drive to work or take bus – somehow I decided to take bus. Like usual, I drove to the designated parking area and hoped that the rain could ceased a little so that my shoes won’t be that wet when I walked to the bus stop.

Just when I moved my car into an empty lot, I saw this 40 something man walking out of his Mercedes Benz with ripped plastic bag on his head. He was smart tho for he tore it in such a way that the plastic bag looked like a hat to cover his head. He went to the back of his car, slowly taking out his laptop bag and adjusting his plastic ‘hat’ in between.

I kept looking at him, and was thinking he went to the back to retrieve his umbrella and his plastic ‘hat’ was a temporary solution. However, it was then dawned on me that this poor fella who drives such a big car forgot to store few umbrellas in his car.

My first instinct was to borrow him my umbrella. I looked around, but realised I only have one. So I thought, I should quickly put on the car sun-shield, grab my jacket and umbrella and shelter this man to the bus stop.

I did what I planned of, and just when I moved out of the car I saw him scurried off hurriedly to other direction. I wanted to call him, but one of my laptop bag’s strap hooked to the seat belt lock and I was ‘pulled’ back into the car. Took few minutes to unhook my bag’s strap and when I finally got out, he was gone.


The only thing I could do was to hope that the rain could stop. Thankfully it did. 

On the other note, I donated blood today!

Satkuru asked me why I decided to donate. I told him I always want to donate blood as I feel it’s such a noble act. Like the saying, a drop of blood saves life and I want to do so. I asked around my friends if anyone wants to donate blood and most of them told me that they’re afraid of THE BIG NEEDLE – which I’m afraid of it too.

At 2.45pm, my AM asked me if I want to follow her for blood donation. My brain asked me to flee but unknowingly my legs followed her to the canteen where the blood donation drive was. As I went through the blood test and blood pressure test etc, my heart was pumping faster and faster. The worst was waiting for my turn to donate. I felt like I was going to faint there and wanted to chicken out.

My AM told me to relax as I recited all my fears and what ifs to her. She laughed when I told her what if I CRY or SCREAM when they poke the needle onto my arm?


When it was my turn, I unwillingly walked to the bed and got myself onto the bed. The nurses are so nice and caring knowing that it was my first turn donating blood. When she put on the blood pressure arm strap, my body went into panic mode and I think I was in tear (the tear appeared in my eyes but never drop  ). Nervously, I told the nurse to put lots of’ ‘pain-ease spray’ and thankfully she did. I was fully aware that the FAT needle went through my skin but the super cold numbness was far more greater than the skin. Totally glad for that invention. Haha!


Then I was told to roll the black cylinder stuff to keep the blood flowing. Initially I was so tensed up that I rolled the cylinder so fast. It was then only I realised my AM was rolling it slowly and I told myself to relax and followed her pace. 

Halfway through I began to feel pain at the area where the needle was. The nurse told me that because I moved a little which made the needle point moves too. Hence the pain.

I regretted moving and had to endure the rest of the ‘rolling’ in slight pain. T_______T

Blood donating isn’t that terrible all because of my friends. Colleagues comes and go, often joked around and made the whole ordeal shorter. However I was in shocked knowing that my AM already done with her bag and mine had 7ml more to go! Even the nurse was encouraging me, she said “294 dah, 6 lagi” and then came back few minutes and claimed “3ml lagi. Nak sampai dah.”

Couldn’t help but to laugh at what she said.

I thought the pain had ended when the nurse removed the big fat needle. Little did I know that my arm went numb and sore. Nurse said it’s normal after donating and (numbness) will go off soon. But mine didn’t and it still lingered until more than an hour later. T________T

I related this to my other colleague and she said maybe my blood circulation not good, that’s why my arm went numb for that long.

Anyway, I was so happy and proud of myself! 300g of fresh blood is in Sungai Petani Hospital and will be used to help people in need if my blood passes the lab test. Proud of myself for able to face my fear of the big fat needle poking through my skin. Proud of myself for donating blood.


Will I donate it again? Yes, if I have the sudden drive like what I had today. 


Ohya, did I mention that I saw rainbow in the morning today? Not only that I was close to the rainbow end! Super ecstatic when I know that my car was near where the rainbow starts/ends. Happy!