JPN05: Togetsukyo, Arashiyama

I’ve been reading about Arashiyama so much that I felt a sense of satisfaction and tingling of happiness when I was finally there. At the station, one can rent bicycle for Y300 or Y500. Satkuru wanted to cycle but I didn’t want to because it’s cold and the attraction is all walking distance. I even pointed to him that the Tenryu-ji temple is just 8 minutes walk from the station and his argument was because it’s just 8 minutes so we can cycle.

At last we didn’t cycle (and I was happy to save that Y300 or Y500) and we walked towards the left after coming out of the station because the map says so.

The map given at the Shijo Omiyo station was a little misleading; we planned to go to Tenryu-ji first but ended up at the Togetsukyo (Togetsu Bridge) which is also known as Moon Crossing Bridge.

I seriously have no idea why I put this bridge in the itinerary but many travel articles recommended this bridge, so I thought why not since it’s free?

Thankfully I did as the view from the bridge is spectacular. The water below the bridge is so crystal clear and I was seriously amazed. There were wooden boats and mandarin ducks swimming gracefully on the river.

I took many photos using my DSLR but not iPhone. The cold weather and freezing breeze discouraged me taking my gloves off despite the sun was out. I should have got the gloves that can transmit heat over the cloth so that can use iPhone without taking my gloves off. Huhu.

We walked to the other end of the bridge and then walked back. There are more to discover if walk further down like the Monkey Park and some temples. We didn’t due to time constraint. Plus we didn’t just walk across the bridge – we spent nearly 30 minutes there because Satkuru was busy photographing the scenery.

We just couldn’t help taking lots and lots and lots photos there. The reason is, we won’t be going back to this place again, and the weather was so fine that the photos turned out super great! So, let the shutter clicks away~ Haha!

Totally love each and every shoot that I took there. Definitely enjoyed taking photos there. Not wonder it’s on the “must visit” list on all travel sites!

From the map, it told us to turn right before getting onto the bridge and take the 2nd right turn. However, there’s no second turn unless we walked all the way to the end which is the wrong road.

So we walked back to the first turn…

…and got ourselves lost in the housing area. @_@

At the junction of certain road, we saw a Japanese girl ran down towards us hurriedly, holding a big plastic bag. I told Satkuru that I’m going to ask her for direction but Satkuru asked me not to seeing that she’s in hurry. But I ignored him and asked her anyway.

To my pleasant surprise, she stopped and smiled at me. I pointed Tenryu-ji in the map asked nani? I meant to say Doko, but the word Nani came out. Argh. Even Satkuru laughed at me for saying nani!

But she understood what my question is and pointed us the direction – straight ahead, on the left side. I bowed and thanked her for her help. She bowed back and ran off.

We continued walking uphill – we had to walk uphill and that time we were thinking did we understand her when she spoke to us in Japanese? But judging from the body language, we should get what she meant, which is the straight road ahead and on our left.

Thankfully at the end of the road, we saw lots people walking towards the left and I assumed that the temples must be near!