Birthday celebration at David Brown’s Restaurant and Tea Terraces

To think about it, Satkuru’s birthday celebrations since 4 years ago have been rather extraordinary. *perasan mode*


The first year we celebrated together in 2009, I got him his favourite MU jersey with his name ‘tattooed’ at the back all the way from UK (thanks to my good friend Karen for her help). In 2010, we celebrated in Ferringhi Garden Restaurant where we dined in candlelight (uber romantic celebration). The best celebration would be in 2011 where bunch of us celebrated his birthday in CHINA. As for this year I chose to bring him uphill. 

2 weeks prior to his birthday, I sent him an invite via Pingg.

As you can see, there weren’t much information written on the card. That’s because I decided to surprise him on the venue.

Today, I made him to drive to the venue by listening to instruction from GPS. However, because the GPS kept recalculating for ‘shorter’ route, I decided to shut the GPS off and made him to drive to Air Itam.

The smarty pants him was ‘guessing’ the venue like mad though I knew he already knew where we were heading. When we reached the bottom of Penang Hill, I told him to search for car park and since we were unwillingly to park our car by the roadside, he parked at the designated parking area.

Which we supposed to pay the parking attendant RM3, but surprisingly he said we don’t have to.

Happily we walked through the trail to the ticket booth and we were quite marveled to find this attractive looking trail. Too many ooh’s and ahh~ uttered here and there.

Seriously, we felt like we were in another country, visiting another country’s tourist attraction. LOL!

At the ticket booth, we were asked to present our IC which we were wondering why. Then only it dawned to us that Malaysian only pays RM8 for return train ticket while the foreigners would have to pay RM30 for the same ticket. It’s the same concept as the tourist attractions in Indonesia where the local there pays dirt cheap for entrance fees.

This is the first time taking the new train uphill for both of us. The train is new and sturdy and most important, it’s air-conditioned. Not forgetting it’s fast too!

After getting out from the train, I kept telling Satkuru to look for Strawberry Hills. But the thing is, David Brown’s Restaurant has expanded with a terrace overlooking the Penang Island and one can easily spot them right after coming out from the train station.

Grinning sheepishly I could only nod in acknowledgement when Satkuru asked me if this restaurant is the one.

We went up to the restaurant and my goodness, I was blown away with the building design and the garden landscape and the whole British concept.

We went to the counter and showed a waiter the Groupon deal I’ve bought, where he then asked us to sit anywhere we like. Since we reached there around 7.14~7.15pm, we opted to sit at the garden than the foyer to enjoy the cool breeze.


However, another waiter came to us and told us that he had reserved our seats which is at the foyer. Ah well, anywhere will do. 

We placed our order. Satkuru went for garden salad for entree and lamb shoulder for main dish .

As for me, I took French onion soup and David Brown’s famous chicken and mushroom pie.


Both sets came with a bread with butter, bread and pudding dessert and a choice of tea or coffee – which we both chose tea. 

As we enjoyed the view and busy taking photos of the surrounding, the food came one by one. We didn’t feel that the wait is long, however I overheard complain from the next table on why our food came earlier than theirs and theirs took forever. Lol. Maybe they didn’t know that we’ve ordered when they’re busy taking photos with their kids. Haha!

After the satisfying dinner, we lingered around the Strawberry Hill. We chatted, took lots photos and enjoyed the beautiful night view of Penang Island before heading down.

Ohya, the journey downhill is very much faster than the uphill. We didn’t even realise that we’ve already reached the bottom until the train driver got off the train. Haha!

And that sums up the Mr Boyfriend’s birthday celebration. I actually feel bad for not getting Satkuru a cake this year but then, he already had cheesecake last weekend and mille crepe on Monday and probably another cake with his family today (now). Better not to overdose him. Haha!

Happy Birthday Bee. Do close your eyes, make a wish and hope for all good things to come to you. <3 <3 <3