Spiritual Friday

Today I’m feeling very spiritual.

I didn’t know what hits me – I just couldn’t stop listening to chants the whole day. And when I said chant, it’s not the normal chants that you used to hear in temples but the very relaxing chants from Imee Ooi. I’ve never been so relaxed for so long. The last time I had such feeling was when I went for IDC. This feeling is so awesome, so peaceful. Even when negativity surrounded me earlier, I’ve managed to manage it very well. I’m so amazed with myself – to be frank. Big Lol!

Eh wait. I did feel at peace when I was at Shi-tennoji temple. Prolly it was because there’s a monk chanting that time. The power of words. Haha! Or was it physiology effect?

Anyway this is my current addiction. If not mistaken, ‘Namo Amitabha’ is repeated 108 times.

Imee Ooi – Namo Amitabha