10 photos

I feel like updating my blog today – supposed to write a foodie post but not so fit to do so. Suspect myself to be a victim of food poisoning as my tummy is in discomfort the whole day today! Argh. Hate it when I’m not feeling well. Grrr


Since I have no energy to write, I’m thinking why not post up photos! I went through my photo album earlier and found few great photos waiting to be published here. You may not find them great, but to me they are. So, keep your opinion to yourself. Wahaha! 

Photo 1: Brown shoes.


Brought myself a new pair of shoes. Tomorrow will be a big day for me, so a lil shopping spree helps wonderfully. 

Photo 2: Husky, the food picker!

My first dog, Husky! Loves rolling himself on the grass, this dog is such a food-picker! He only eats certain brands of dog food, and those brands aren’t cheap. Lol!

Photo 3: Hong Kong’s siew mai!

I’ve never visited Hong Kong – I heard great things about Hong Kong, almost holidaying there last year, transited many times before there but never step a foot out of the airport. When I had the chance to transit again in Hong Kong last year during my business trip, I decided to try their famous dimsum at the airport itself. And it didn’t disappoint me. It was HEAVENLY~~~

Photo 4: Spot the famous landmarks of Malaysia!


I took this photo on Air Asia’s plane from Penang to Kuala Lumpur. The sky was clear and the plane was descending, so my eyes caught the sight of our country’s famous landmarks and quickly took photo of it. Can you spot the twin tower and the KL tower in the photo? 

Photo 5: Origami!


I made these goldfishes for CNY deco last year, and they’re still ‘swimming’ on my cubicle’s wall. Adorable aren’t they? 

Photo 6: Fresh seafood served at E&O Sarkies’ Corner

Department quarterly dinner was held here somewhere in 2011 and I walloped plenty of their fresh seafood there. Went home with great satisfaction.

Photo 7: Lil Couz, Nephews and Nieces

These are my cousins, nephews and nieces, taken during CNY last year. We loveeeee them all and they love us too. I know, because they always ‘stick’ to us during family’s gathering.

Photo 8: Fujifilm!

Good friend’s instax. Great fan of instant film as you can see the photos instantly! Hope to own an Instax one day – especially the one with Hello Kitty, keke!

Photo 9: Simply Thai!


Had tomyam gong in a rather lavish Thai restaurant, Simply Thai in Shanghai. Boss’s treat! 

Photo 10: There’s a rainbow behind every dark cloud.


One thing I love about driving to island for work is the rainbow! I spotted rainbow more than 5 times on the way to work last year itself and that’s quite frequent! Now that I’m taking bus to work, I rarely seen any rainbow anymore. Hope to spot one soon.