Wedding: wedding rings scouting!

Few months back I wrote about my dilemma in finding the correct venue to host 700 guests. Now that I’ve secured the venue, I have another headache – finding the right wedding bands (rings).

Last year I proposed to Satkuru on getting gold rings as our wedding bands and he agreed. But as the price of gold increases and the designs of gold ring is not to my liking, I decided to put that idea aside.

After coming back from Japan, I happened to have a long conversation with my girls in Whatsapp. What a place to have girls talk right? I know! We somehow touched on the wedding bands topic. You see, I was thinking to just get our wedding bands a month before our registration of marriage (which we haven’t decide on the date yet) and my girls encouraged (in fact, pushed) me to do survey on few jewellery shops first. According to them, they took months to decide on their perfect wedding bands, and had to wait for few months before getting their rings as the jewellery shop has to order it. They even told me which jewellery shops to go to – let’s just said that they have surveyed all and concluded for me.

Feeling contented with the information, I told Satkuru that it’s time to walk into the jewellery shop to scout for our wedding bands. When he asked for the reason, I told him what my girls told me. He gave in and we started scouting last week.

We started with Gurney. We went to Love & Co. as the girls told me that the rings there are beautiful. Indeed their rings are beautiful, and the price too! And the service is great too. Both Satkuru and I are very satisfied and happy with the service and explanation given by our consultant, Cowie. We tried plenty of the rings there – be it the Lycalegria, Lycpromise, Lycdesirio – we’ve tried all. She even suggested Lycperfection ring to go with my Solitaire. Great idea but I love Lyceterno collection the most. Very elegant and classic. As we were only there to survey, I asked her to write down the code of the rings that we like so that she can just give us the rings we want if we decide to get it. We even asked her on the price on the pair we like most. The price: RM5,900. Like I said, beautiful rings and price.

Next, we walked into Diamond & Platinum. We have a look at the wedding rings there, tried a few but couldn’t get our head off the rings at Love & Co. Price wise, Diamond & Platinum is cheaper plus we could get member discount. The assistant manager, Michael is very knowledgeable. He gave us lots tips, especially on the quality of the rings there. But no, we didn’t ask for the price nor take down any code.

Due to the time constraint, we could only cover two shops that day. Today we went to 4 shops in Queensbay Mall.

First, we headed to 88 Jewellery because two of my girlfriends bought their rings there and they said there is cheaper and has plenty of designs. True enough, the shop has lots designs but only few interests us. While trying, we took a glimpse at the price, my gawd, the price starts from RM5k per ring. And I’m thinking how come the girls told me it’s cheaper there? We tried few more and decided on which designs caught our eyes most and asked for the price. She then mentioned that the rings have 70% discount, and therefore after discount those rings costs RM3,200. Cheap indeed.

Next, we walked to Lorenzo which my girls said the rings are beautiful but mad expensive. Still, only few design caught our eyes and we chose the one we like most to know the average price of wedding bands. Like the previous shop, the total amount of RM11k went down to RM3,400 after some quick pressing on the calculator. He never mentioned on how much discount he’s giving us but from the numbers, I’m assuming 70%. Hey, no expensive also what if the rings cost RM3,400. Almost same price as 88 Jewellery!

I pulled him to GoldHeart. This shop made me went gaga with the designs as they’re so beautiful. We tried so many rings on and I can say this shop rivals Love & Co in term of designs and price. The consultant, Kent took out few designs that might interest us and he’s very good in suggesting. Most of his suggestions look wonderful on our fingers. On my fingers the most, because the guys’ rings not much design. But I feel GoldHeart has better looking rings for man.

From white gold rings to platinum, he even showed us the Nina Ricci rings. The moment I put one on my finger, I felt in love immediately. I looked over to Satkuru’s finger, it looks so handsome on his finger too. If not for the price, I think we would have get it already. Then he showed us the Pure Blue collection which interests us as there’s a sapphire stone in the ring. We asked him why sapphire and he told us that the Japanese believes that it will bring good blessing to the marriage of the wearers.

What an coincidence right? We just came back from Japan and he’s telling us about the Japanese beliefs on sapphire in wedding rings. Lol!

After trying on so many, we narrowed down to 3 pairs – which then reduced to 2 pairs. We asked for the price – it’s slightly cheaper than Love & Co but more expensive than 88 Jewellery and Lorenzo. My heart already fell for the Nina Ricci but I know we’re not likely going to get it.

Satkuru brought me to the last shop of the day, Diamond and Platinum (again). We looked for Darren, the consultant who served Satkuru when he bought my engagement ring. He showed us the wedding bands but again, there aren’t much choice to choose from. We managed to get one, but according to him if we want to order/custom make a ring, we have to pay extra RM1,000 per ring. So he has to check stock to see if they have the ring size of the design we chose. Else we’ll to pay more or choose different rings.

Satkuru likes Diamond and Platinum. To him, the brand is there, the quality is there, the service is good (they give free cleaning, my rings have been cleansed twice this month! lol) and the price is cheaper. Theirs is cheapest we came across, at RM2,700 per pair!

Oh well, most likely we’re going to get our wedding rings at D&P unless he managed to earn extra money somewhere and get me that Nina Ricci. I’m not giving in that quickly and I want to find that ‘perfect’ wedding bands for us. Got to drag him to few jewellery shops again.

Plus like my girls said, the best time to try ALL the beautiful rings is when you’re looking for wedding bands. So try all you want and ENJOY THE MOMENT.

I did enjoy the trying, but am feeling heartache for not having the money to get the one I like. Huhu.