English speaking man

As I was checking my Facebook wall feed, the house phone rang. He picked up the phone and answered in perfect English politely.

I smiled, as old thought came to me.

4 years ago, sitting at the back of the lecture hall with my good friends Wenyan and BoonHui, we were talking about guys while the lecturer taught in front. We spoke on the type of guy we hope to date. All three of us were single back then, so it’s not a surprise that this topic was brought up.

If not mistaken, they mentioned of hoping to meet someone that cares, loves and treats them well. Not forgetting, he must be intelligent too.

As for me, I told them I would like someone who can speak English very well cz I want him to order food for me.

All laughed and said, ‘why? You can’t order on your own is it?’

I replied, ‘can BUT I prefer him to do for me. Gentleman mah’ – and I laughed too.

Little did I know, I truly gotten a man who speaks excellent English. Prolly Cupid passed by and granted my wish by shooting ‘love arrows’ to both of us, lol!


Oh my, my English speaking man had ended his call. Time to hit the mall!