Reebok – the latest addition to my shoes’ family!

It’s been ages since I own my own pair of sport shoes. The last time I bought a sport shoes was before entering uni. I wore brand new to the uni orientation and guess what, the sport shoes went into the muddy lake of 12th Residential College. –” I was sakit hati, but then better to wear sport shoes when entered rather than going into unknown ‘water’ with slippers.

And I washed my sport shoes 3 times after that. It stank so bad. Urgh.

Since then I never bother to get a sport shoes. It’s always sneakers or pumps or heels or slippers! I wore slippers to lecture hall and now to work! Haha! The thought of buying a sport shoes never came to me because I seldom exercise and when I did, mum would ask me to wear hers because she didn’t wear them anymore and so on.

How about the dance team I joined in uni? That, we went barefooted. Don’t ask me why. Both feet would be so black at the end of the dance session because we helped the janitors to wipe the floor. –”

The need of getting a proper sport shoes first came when I joined my colleague for an aerobic class at PISA. I wore an old sneaker there, and guess what, my sneaker tore at the end of the session. It finally gave way after a month of wearing them to work.


Then squash session came and I was told to get a non-marker sole. I thought that’s it, I need to hunt for one d, but then I spotted mum’s white sole white colour sport shoes. Alasan kaw kaw right? – I know, lol!

Now after daily wear and tear to and fro work and 8 sessions of squash practice, the white sole white colour sport shoes began to show the sign of weariness. I have Penang Bridge Marathon coming in this Sunday and I know this shoes wouldn’t able to handle this Sunday’s run. So last night, I went to get one at the Royal Sporting House. Like finally! Haha!

I tried few sport shoes on, mostly Nike’s and Reebok’s because they’re on 40-50% sale. I looked around for nice looking, affordable and non-marking sole running shoes. I always want to own a Nike sport shoes so I went for Nike first. But to my dismay, those that I like are pricey and those that I willing to pay are out of size!

Then I looked at Reebok. They came out with this zig zag thingy as the sole which made the shoes look so bulky and ganas! tho the advertising claimed that the wearer will have more energy in running etc, etc.

After about 30 minutes of looking, I managed to find the ONE! Decent looking at decent price with non-marking running shoes and coincidentally the store still have my size, I immediately grabbed and brought it home.

Guess what, today I wear new shoes to work! It felt so different wearing ‘running’ sport shoes and ‘training’ sport shoes (suspected mum’s is the training sport shoes).

Now I feel fast! HAHA!