Your House Not Clean!

This happened over the weekend, I thought the fire would have fanned down but it seems like I still couldn’t myself cool down every time I think about it. Thus, I decided to write it down here.

Caution: This post will be super long.

Mum felt sick before I left for Laos. After my 3 days 2 nights Laos trip, her health worsen and I encouraged her to see the doctor. Much persuasion ensued and she finally did on Wednesday. However, her cough got worst even after visiting the doctor and she couldn’t sleep well.

I told mum that sometimes body as get older, might need more time to heal, but she decided to seek help from ‘God‘.

She went on Thursday afternoon with my dad, without me knowing and she had to go again on Friday night. I wanted to go, but was told to stay at home and look after Miilo. I reluctantly agreed.

That night, they came back and told me that they had to go again on Saturday to do some praying. Out of curious, I asked what kind of praying is that. They explained that there are 5 ghosts (4 Chinese ghosts, 1 Malay ghost) following my mum thus making her health deterioted. So need to do this praying as condition for them to leave my mum. I went @_@ when I heard it.

Miraculously after drinking the burnt amulet paper (or whatever they called it), mum able to sleep well. So I thought, wow!

On Saturday, after buying food for the prayers I followed them to this temple situated in the border of Penang and Perak. I was amazed to see the amount of people there. Dad quickly went in to take number and was shocked to get no. 36 at 7.30 pm and the ‘ceremony’ didn’t even start yet.

In front of the temple there were tables with food, candles and josssticks. Baskets of papers can be seen at the side of the chairs. Thinking that we were already late in ‘praying’, we quickly grabbed one table, laid out the food on the table and quickly went to buy ‘paper money’ and 2 white candles from the temple.

If you’re wondering what food we bought, we brought in pork porridge, dried noodle, economic rice (consists of rice, vegetable, fish and pork meat), milo and kopi for the Chinese ghosts and nasi lemak and teh tarik for the Malay ghost.

Initially we placed all food on the same table, then we overheard an auntie in pink scolding an older auntie on placing bak pau (pork bun) on the same table as the nasi lemak. She said, you have to separate them ma! You put both together, how they gonna eat? The Malay doesn’t eat pork okay!

Immediately I was thinking (in my head) why need to put them apart? We’re staying in Malaysia, I don’t think they’ll be that seriously offended if all of them sit together on the same table and eat.

But dad immediately asked me to take the teh tarik and nasi lemak away from the table just to avoid any scolding from this pink auntie.

As I was laying down the food, I couldn’t help to hear that pink auntie scolding the older auntie non stop. Poor lady, dah lah it’s her first time doing this, get scolding for no reason somemore. I was quite disappointed to see this and I don’t understand why this pink auntie was channeling all her anger to her.

Luckily, she didn’t bark at my mum. She talked rather politely to mum, which greatly pleased me. Still, I observed whenever she talked to my mum.

After praying, we waited patiently for our turn. Mum actually asked to leave after praying but dad just want to make sure that there’s no more ensues.  Halfway waiting, a lady passed us a number (20) and we gladly accepted it.

At 10 pm, our number was called and we entered the temple. There were 4 ladies sitting at each corner of the table. Actually there were lots ladies around the tables, but only 3 ladies were supposed to ‘ki dang‘ (being possesed). One in white top, one in blue top, one in purple top.

Tell the truth, I actually thought ki dang means the deities enter the body of these ladies, little did I know that I was wrong. Here, it wasn’t the deities who ki dang, but the ghosts. Let me explained that later.

So it was out turn, mum went to sit at the empty chair as the white top lady shouting NUMBER 20! NUMBER 20! Everyone’s eyes were onto us as we walked there. There were two men sitting in front of two other ladies (the ladies in blue and purple top), with the ladies’ palms pounding onto the men’ chests.

The lady in white top placed her palm on my mum’s chest and she too pounded her palm repeatedly. Then she stopped and asked this question, “Is your house clean?” – which blew us off.

All three of us were stunned of course, we were repeated, “clean ah.”

Then she insisted, “No, I feel your house not clean. Don’t you feel your house not clean?”

Obviously we replied nope. I blurted out, No. It’s clean.

To think about it back, it’s a normal reaction that people would be defensive when were told that the house has something. People only believe on there’s proof on such existence, don’t you think so?

Feeling frustrated and agitated with our defend especially mine, she rolled her eyes and began pounding again before asking my mum, “Do you bake cake?”

Mum was stunned with that question. I replied on her behalf after seeing that she couldn’t say anything. She continued pounding.

“I really feel your house not clean LAH. You know what’s clean onot? Not that cleaning type of clean you know?” she said that looking directly at me, challenging me.

I told her I know what was she saying, but I said we don’t feel anything.

Then she gave a long lecture on how when one’s aura is high there’s nothing to feel but when one’s aura is low, that’s when all nonsense come.

Thinking back, I would have gladly replied her back – that’s cycle of life. That’s why we have ups and downs but I just bit my tongue and stayed quiet. I afraid if I insisted more, later she gave even long lecture.

Not only her giving a long lecture, the lady in purple, and another two ladies in orange and white and red stripes chipped in too, laughing at us for not UNDERSTANDING what’s the meaning of clean.

I was so frustrated that time, for being belittled down like that.

If you’re wondering who are the other two ladies, the one in orange is the one running about getting things and the one in white and red stripes are the one writing down order. What order? Ghost’s food orders.

I maintained innocent look and just laughed at what they said, not wanting to show scene here in the temple. Not in front of my parents, not in front of Goddess of Mercy. I told myself, bear all in. Just bear all in.

She asked few more questions like, “Your house got upper level?”“You seldom cook nowadays?”, “You don’t store much food at home?”, “You like to lean your back on chair?”

Then she continued saying on how she’s being honest and won’t lie in front of buddha and kept insisting that my house is not clean. She suddenly asked, your house has chocolate right?

Which is actually a random question, which household doesn’t have one? So I said, yes because the chocoholic me will buy these chocolates.

Then she asked, your fridge got chocolate ice-cream right?

I was shocked, trying to figure out if it was coincident question or she actually ‘traveled’ to my house and see that ice-cream. So I said, yes, there’s one in the back fridge. My parents was surprised to hear that we have chocolate ice-cream in the house. I told her that we bought long time ago but didn’t finish it.

Out of sudden, she collapsed and she said in childish way in Mandarin, “Aiyo, kei ni men chua dao le!” (Aiyo, got caught by you all already!)

I was shocked cz I wasn’t prepared to see a ghost ‘possessed’ in her body. All the while I thought a deity entered her body.

Still I was observing. I have many questions to ask that ghost, but I just kept quiet and observed.

The ghost complained that we didn’t have much food at home. Said, last time he could smell nice fragrance of cakes and cooking but now nothing. Said, he’s upset couldn’t find anything to eat. Nothing in the fridge.

Yes, the ghost is a he. It’s a little boy in fact. The name is DiDi (little brother). When he said the name is DiDi, I was shocked too because I called my brother Adrian, didi sometimes, out of affection. Now knowing that this ghost is called DiDi too, I decided not to call my bro that for that day onwards.

The lady in white and pink stripes asked DiDi on what he wants to eat. DiDi listed down cakes, chocolate, ice-cream. Then that lady said, after you eat this, you have to leave the house. Stubbornly, DiDi shouted No, don’t want! I want to stay there!

Again, I was stunned. Mum said, “No, after I give you food you must leave the house.”

The lady shouted No! Can not be like this! After eat must go out! Find your friends to play with.

And the DiDi bargained, I don’t have friends to play with. I want to sleep in your room, playing with your foots, ok? – he told my parents and me.

All three of us said a stern NO in unison, lol!

It was pretty tense then, as we didn’t know if it was really a ghost that in her body. With this ghost stubbornly said that, I of course got frightened a little.

The lady shouted No. Must leave the house! Go find other house and stay!

To be frank, I was rather disturbed when I heard she said that. What? Lure the ghost to leave by offering food and then ask the ghost to find other ‘victim’? What type of mentality is this? Why cannot bring this child to rebirth? I was totally speechless.

Out of the blue, the white lady collapsed again and the purple lady asked my mum to pat her back. She woke up and continued saying about the house not clean over and over again, off and on jeling at me as tho I challenged her on this matter earlier. Seriously, I really wanted to shut her up by asking her to stop it. She already proved her POINT by bringing the ghost out, no point bragging.

Unable to stop myself, I asked her – I pray at home everyday. Why is there a ghost in the house?

The answer coming from her mouth is totally unbelieveable.

She said – you think the God 24/7 guarding your house? When you pray, God will come and round your house. After that he’ll leave. You pray, he comes.

I really wanted to press her more, by asking that means I should pray every hour to prevent ghost from entering house? I really want to ask her if a house has a god sitting in it and still ghost able to enter, what’s the point of praying?

Her answer really shakes people’s belief. Shook my belief. Luckily my Buddhism core is strong, else I would have turn into atheist.

And guess what, she continued talking on my house not clean, while jeling at me. –”

Seriously I didn’t challenge her anything earlier, I just asked. Giving her benefit of doubt, I would say she interpreted me wrongly and then I cannot blame her for that but there’s no need of doing such act. She’s an adult, but giving such childish act. My mum had to tell her, oh, kid nowadays doesn’t know all these things. I wanted to tell mum – I’m modern kid doesn’t know these willing to take in, then she as an adult cannot LET GO this matter? Grrr. But again, I just bear. Bear all in.

She then proceed to try catching another one. Apparently the second one is my mum’s sister who passed away when she was 8 months old. I was looking forward to my ‘aunt’ to appear in front of us, but the white lady claimed that ‘my aunt’ doesn’t want to talk to her and wouldn’t appear.

The orange lady then asked us to come back the next day to ask about this.

So, we began to walk out. And while walking out, the white lady still stressed on HOUSE NOT CLEAN! and the rest laughed, nervously. Walao. I really super geram d that time. I quickly walked out in fear that I might just explode.

As we walked to the car, there were awkward silent. I can tell everyone was in deep thought after what had happened. I was so furious. When our car got into highway, I just blurted out whatever thoughts I had to my parents, especially on the house not clean issue. I told them, if everyone just offer food and ask the ghosts to leave them, then the ghost go where? Mean the ghost will follow another person is it? Then just while doing offering, one accidentally knock on the chair or table, then the ghost will follow them? Why they only cast them away, and not help them towards rebirth/cross over?

Then I asked, why I only see people praying to Chinese and Malay ghosts? Why no Indian ghosts? Indian ghosts don’t follow people?

I can’t tell my parents not to believe in this, as I do believe in existence of ghost too. Just that I dislike the way they handle, talk to people. People skill – ZERO.

Dad told me to take it with a pinch of salt and we should just do our part. If ask to offer, we offer; other than that, no need care much. I agreed.

The next afternoon, we went back to the same temple. I was super reluctant to go back there, but I just went along. After all I shouldn’t complain much when it was my dad who had to drive 45 minutes to that temple for 4 continuous days.

When we reached there, there were less people, and less ladies in the sitting around the table too. Just an elder lady in white, yesterday’s orange lady and another lady in blue. I didn’t see the elder lady and the blue lady yesterday. Dad said alot of people comes to see this white lady, which is the niao niao (kuan yin).

We thought we should take number but were told by an uncle that there’s no numbering, just have to queue. Mum went to toilet so I just stood behind an uncle in red shirt. He said, you’re queuing is it? I nodded and he said, alright after me is you. I smiled in acknowledgement.

Mum came back and I let her to queue there as I didn’t want to enter the temple anymore. But dad said there weren’t much people so asked mum to sit first.

Manatau, more and more people came in and stood inside the temple waiting for their turns. I saw it was the uncle in red’s turn so I said quite loudly to mum that she should go in and wait as it’s the uncle turn. Mum wondered how I know and I told her that the uncle in red told me just now.

After hearing me saying that, a guy just walked off and sat at side. I took a glance at him puzzled, and told my parents, see. People wouldn’t know that we queued earlier and mistaken that we were trying to ‘da chim’ (overtake line).

When it was mum’s turn, she sat on the brown chair and asked niao niao regarding her deceased sister. Then she replied, this question you must come at night and ask. I don’t deal with deceased.

Mum got shocked and said calmly, we came last night and were told to come earlier to you for help regarding my deceased sister.

The niao niao insisted that she couldn’t help on this and only the night ceremony (the patting ladies) can help. Then the orange lady butted in and said, Oh, last night they asked you to come to ask about you house one la. About your house not clean one la! – she said rather rudely, pointing finger when she stressed on the la! to my mum.

Startled, my dad also chipped in saying,  yesterday it was you who asked us to come during daytime for her sister’s matter, else we wouldn’t have come in – directed the reply to the orange lady.

Out of the blue, the orange lady was shouting on top of her lung and said, NO LA. I ASK YOU TO COME IN AND ASK ABOUT YOUR HOUSE NOT CLEAN LA. YOU KNOW WHAT’S THE MEANING OF NOT CLEAN? GOT GHOST LA. YOU UNDERSTAND?

The lady in blue also kepo said, yalar. House not clean means got ghost lah. You know what’s ghost ah? – and she showed her face in annoyance. Her facial expression was so, so ugly and snobbish.

I was so angry that these two ladies yelling at my mum. And the niao niao just said, no. I cannot help you on this. Cannot help you check the house also. This one you have to come at night only can check.

Dad got frustrated, signaled mum to stop asking and walk out to take a breather. He then pulled my sister who went along also and asked if niao niao can help ‘check’ and see why my sister always injured her shoulder.

Niao niao replied, “this one you have to go find tith tha (chiropractor)“. All of us just looked in disbelief.

I didn’t deny what she said is wrong. She has her logic, which is to look for chiropractor. But the thing is, earlier we saw she massaged, and swung a teen boy’s arm because the parents complained that the teen always injured his shoulder. Which made us felt that she’s totally not willing to help at all.

And the ladies kept barking on house not clean until my mum got pissed off, went into the temple and scolded them back in tears.

Believe me, when I said women’s greatest weapon is tear because when they saw my mum suddenly broke down like that, they got scared and quietened down. I was so heartbroken that I stepped in and argued with them.

I looked at the lady and said, why must you bring out this house not clean issue. We already acknowledged this matter and plan to do something about it d. Now we come because YOU asked us to come to ask on my mum’s sister. Why must you keep on insisting on something that we’ve already know?

I was so surprised with myself that I managed to keep my calm and debated well with the ladies. I thought I would be boiling with anger, but I just looked at her and shot info after info to her until she looked at me speechless.

When I stopped speaking, she continued blabbering about the house not clean again and then when my dad and I said, WHY STILL MENTIONED and she kept quiet and then said obnoxiously, “So what’s her name?” (referring to my deceased aunt’s name) and I said with my mum.

As I walked out, I can hear that the niao niao said softly – I cannot help on this.

I went out and saw my sister consoling my mum and I knew that that’s it, no point putting my mum into their harrassment anymore. I told my dad that we should go home now. So we left directly and swore would not return anymore. Not because they’re no good or what. They must be good to have such big crowds coming from all over Malaysia. Still, we wouldn’t return because of the ladies managing the temple. If only they have more people skill.

I believe everything happens for a reason. I was thought to believe things happen for a reason. I chose to take this experience positively. The moral of this story is not to be superstitious. Just do your part as a human (as in avoid wrongdoing) and be true to oneself. And no more turning to deities or gods in time of sickness. If sick, see doctor, stay positive. My uncle turned to deity, and he passed away. My mum turned to deity, and such things happened.

That night, we just conduct a simple offering in front of our house for DiDi. I’m unsure if he has left the house or not, but I chose to believe he did. As for our deceased aunt, we acknowledge the existance of her in our mind and talk about her. We plan to go to well known Kuan Yin temple and do simple offering for our deceased aunt this weekend.


Guess what, last night mum told me that she can hear me talking without her hearing aid. I’m joyous!