Courtyard by Marriott, XuJiaHui

I stayed here during my business trip in March. The hotel is located just a stone away from the famous shopping malls and entertainment centre. Throughout my 5 days here in Shanghai, 2 nights were spent on exploring the malls in XuJiaHui. But I could only see, couldn’t spend as the malls are like PAVILION, high class ones! Or maybe I didn’t explore deep enough. Haha!

Anyway, I took few photos of my room. It’s SPACIOUS and could easily fit in 4 people!

I maximised both beds to the max. I lied on the right bed when I watched TV or spoke to Kurubee via Viber, and slept on the left bed at night.

Next was the TV area/the work desk.

I watched CNN every morning and every night, as I was keen to update myself on the Japan earthquake/tsunami news as well as the Libya turmoil.

Next, the spacious wardrobe.

Which I didn’t fully utilise them. Except to hang my coat and put my shoes. I should have hang up my clothes after checking in. Hee!

Now, the fantastic part of the room is the bathroom.

The open bathroom concept! Haha! The concept is similar to The Kee!, except that The Kee! has a bathtub in it and this room doesn’t have.


Actually there’s a sliding wood door separating half of the room, providing privacy if the guests aren’t lovers/husband-wife. Don’t worry, the sliding door is lockable. 

Notice the ‘door’ at the right side of the photo above?


Anyway, I like this open concept when I’m alone in the room. At least I feel ‘safer’. Haha! Also, I can keep myself occupy by watching TV when doing No. 2.   

I opened up each and every drawers/cupboards that could be opened. It’s a habit since young, to open and see what’s provided in the room.

And guess what I found?

Didn’t know why I feel like I’ve hit a jackpot when I pulled out a drawer containing the alcohols. Probably it’s because I didn’t expect them to be placed in such way. Or probably, I just being jakun. Haha!

Overall, I enjoyed my stay here. My room is clean and was cleaned daily. The toiletries were supplied and added in daily. I didn’t have any problem with the hotel breakfast. The hotel staffs are polite and friendly. Everytime I walked out of the lift or entered the hotel, I was greeted with big smile as tho I was some Datin, lol! Really satisfying!


Two Thumbs up!