Marmalade Cafe

Instag.ram has been a great source of discovering new places on food. Off and on friends from KL would post up food photo that looks so yummylicious that I almost lick my phone’s screen in mistake.

Marmalade Cafe came into my life via Instag.ram. My dear half-sisto posted up photos of the interior design of the cafe as well as the delicious-looking cakes which made into the must-visit-place-the-next-time-I-visit-KL list.

After so many moons, I finally had the chance to return to KL for the 33rd Incovar Dharma Camp. Since the camp ended on Tuesday and Wednesday was a public holiday, I took the opportunity to meet old friends and also to explore new eateries.

I ‘forced’ them to meet up for banana leaf for dinner before heading to Marmalade Cafe for a cup of coffee and few rounds of Monopoly Deal.

I love their wallpaper so much that I wanted to put similar design for my future house, but was rejected by Kurubee. T_T

Due to the amount of banana leaf rice I stuff into my tummy earlier, my intention of trying the Marmalade Cafe’s cakes was unfulfilled. On the other hand, Jess didn’t have much for dinner so she ordered a slice of carrot cake to share among the rest.

It is niceeeeeeee! I loveeee the frosting, my my my, I could have finish the whole slice if not weren’t for the banana leaf rice I had half an hour ago.

Without wasting anytime, we started the game. Since there were 8 of us and only 5 players are allowed per deck per game, so some of us teamed up to ‘ensure’ participation from everyone.

We laughed so hard and made so much noise due to excitement that the rest of the patrons looked at us with annoyed face. Haha.

Barely into the 3rd game, we were told by the cafe’s waiter that they’re going to close the cafe soon.

At that time, I was like “gosh, I forgot to take in account of the closing hour as we were so used to hangout at places that open till late night.” Afterall, we had so much fun that to stop the game and leave at 10pm is kinda potongstim.

We could have find another place to go, but then since some of us were feeling under the weather (including me since I just got off camp) so we went around taking pictures at different corners of the cafe before saying goodbye.


Would definitely love to return to Marmalade Cafe to try out their food.