For 3 nights, we had been staying up late until 1am for our committee meeting. On the last night, we started the meeting after midnight due to the party we had earlier, lol.

I can’t remember what time it ended, but I know most of us already dozed off when the meeting was conducted halfway through.

Everyone was asked to speak up on the camp, but I think such things should be done during post morten meeting. However, how to do post morten meet when not all of us were based in KL or Selangor?


So I see the necessity of such question la. They need feedback also what, right? 

By the time the meeting ended, everyone scrambled to bed and left only HungJen, YongWei, Leang, Song, boss Kengyan and me there talking. But soon boss disappeared too, lol.

We talked for probably half an hour, trying to guess something out of someone, ngek ngek. I was mentally prepared to lose sleep d, since it was the last night of the camp. I mean in the past, we stayed up until 4am talking and gossiping. It was so much fun.

But this time (probably age is catching up already) all decided to go to bed… and reluctantly HungJen and I went up to our dorm to sleep, lol.

You see, why I use the word RELUCTANTLY is because we can and want to talk, but we were shooed to bed. Haha!


In the morning, I RELUCTANTLY woke up (lol) and went down for puja session. Did prayers, then preparing ourselves for dana or in laymen term, donation. This time, we’re offering dana in form of food to the monks.   

Directly after puja, we headed to the building where the monks stay and waited patiently for them.


Then blessings were made, and I think the Thai participants felt much at home as they spoke Thai to the monks. If you were wondering where we stayed, we were at Wat Chetawan, a Thai-Buddhist temple. 

After offering food, we were asked to wait outside so that the monks can enjoy our offering. Hehe. We sat at the garden near fish pond and suddenly a bunch of them decided to do a little foot reflexology by walking on the budged pebbles.

Pagi-pagi they already decided to awake their senses. They made a longggg human train circling the reflexology path and suddenly jumped, which made me laughed at them, lol.

Like usual, they threatened me to step on the pebbles, which I took their challenge. Worst, they even challenged me to jump. Really monkeyla they all, but I did it anyway and surprisingly it didn’t’ hurt at all. Woohoo!


I was thrown CheeOnn’s DSLR and gladly I took pictures around. But then, an external flash was mounted to his DSLR and I ain’t good with flash at all. Still, I took his DSLR and went around taking pictures. Glad that it turned out alright. 

Apparently everyone (regardless participants or committees) LOVES being taken pictures so much that they posed tak henti-hentirofl.

Then someone signaled that the monks had finished eating and we went in for our last blessing and took the food to the dining hall. Hungrily, we attacked the food like nobody’s business.

… and that’s when Leang spilled Milo on my jeans. Huuhuu!

Haha. He was too expressive in conveying his message that he accidentally knocked down his cup of milo to my direction as I sat next to him.

Fearing that I might get very mad at him, he apologized profusely and his face was red like mad for his clumsiness but then I wasn’t angry or pissed off at him. I told him it was alright, as long as he treated me to dimsum when he’s back in Penang. He agreed.

What a good deal, lol!

(I actually wanted Haagen Daaz Chocó fondue out of him, but since he wrote in his blog that he only treats people that when he’s on celebration mode, so dimsum is the best choice I guess hehe)


So I went up to dorm and changed after breakfast… and when I came back, it was time for photo shooting!   

That’s Kenny doing pre-testing for the photoshot. Wakaka!

Group by group went up to the invisible ‘X’ marked spot for photo-shooting by our so-called *cough* camp photographer, *cough cough* Song.

After that it was group shot. Everyone totally cramped and pushed front in hope not to be blocked by someone’s head or hand. Followed by committees vain group photos. Lol!

Then everyone went in to the activity hall for the next talk by Venerable FaXun. I missed out that talk as I was in the operation room, looking through the photos taken throughout the camp.

Out of the blue, Kenny walked in, sat next to me and flashed out his HTC and asking me and Song to take out our phones and proposed this stupid idea of scrolling down our phones’ contact list at the fastest speed.

Stupidly, we did to what he said. Yeah, all three of us are stupid too, lol.

Not only that, we even took super ugly photos of each other using Kenny’s phone, lol.

Next in-line was Director.

In Director, each and every group was asked to select a piece of folded paper randomly and acted out the scenario written on the paper. Also, the requirement was to make the sketch as interesting and creative as possible.

Feeling like joining in the fun, when WeiLoong suggested that committee to join in too, I volunteered to be part of the team.

Our scenario in short: A guy lost RM2,000 on the way to buy the latest iPhone. He was devastated but a kind hearted person found the wallet and managed to return it the guy.

…and I didn’t know how or why, but I ended up being a wallet with money clipped to my hair, wtfish.

But the highlight of our sketch was Jack, the iPhone4. He managed to draw countless laughter from everyone, especially when he did the Talking Jack part and the camera application.


Sometimes I really amazed at the talent and creativity of our group members. They could really think OUT OF THE BOX! 

I think we did so well that we overshadowed the rest of the groups. Ops.

After Director, we had lunch. Lunchtime I could see everyone was bonding very well with each other, and it was so heartwarming scene to look at. <3

With our tummies full, we proceed to our last activity, sing-a-long with iGemz.

I was really looking forward to that session as I loveeee the songs from iGemz. But I missed the first 15 minutes of the session as I went up to pack up my stuff, lol. My stuff was all over the place mah.

Even though I’ve been absent from this camp for more than two years, I realised I can still remember the songs very well. I’m quite astonished with my ‘ability’, you see; as I have very bad memory, lol. I enjoyed the songs very much, but dislike the last part where in a big circle, everyone ran into the middle hand-in-hand for ‘head-crash’. Or should I say body crash, lol.

Then it was time to pack. The operation room was in a terrible mess that we had to literally pick up the pieces of paper one-by-one. Together, everyone cleaned and cleared the mess that we’ve created for 4 days.

HungJen and I quickly took the opportunity to shower after cleaning as I have a gathering to go to after the camp and Jen was to take night bus back to Teluk Intan, Doing so caused us to miss lots of photography session, tsk tsk.


But what to do, we need to be clean and fresh!!!!!!! 

The finale of the whole camp was put together by Leang. He sacrificed his sleep to come out with a 5 minutes PowerPoint presentation (chewah macam assignments aje); from selecting the right song to placing the pictures and videos at the right time… nobody willing to do so except him.

But I know he kepohly did it cz wants to get the IDC jersey gehblek.

Anyway, we were thankful for his effort in coming out with this presentation and some participants wept while watching it. Aww

The camp ended with hugs and goodbyes but everyone was seen reluctant to leave. They only left after being shooed by WeiLoong (if not mistaken, lol).


…And that wrapped up my 4 days in 33rd Incovar Dhamma Camp. Brought back lots good memories, forged new friendships and rejoiced with old friends and not forgetting learning one or two things about life.