Phuket III: sea canoeing at Phangnga bay

The next morning, both Kurubee and I reluctantly crawled out of the bed at 6.30 in the morning. Knowing that there’ll be a minibus picking us up at 7-7.15am, we immediately showered and packed few things to bring with us before rushing out to Bangla Road for our minibus.

But our minibus didn’t come at that time. We got worried as we thought we might got cheated. So Kurubee immediately called the tour lady for confirmation and we were told to be patient as the minibus might be late as the driver needs to pick up people from other hotels as well.

Hearing that, we went back to our hotel’s lobby and waited there. Somewhere near 7.30am, the minibus driver appeared and asked for our voucher. After confirmation, we quickly boarded it. Then he drove all the way to another 2 resorts to pick up guests, but the last one didn’t show up though he’s already late in picking them up. So we left after waiting for 15 minutes for them.


Ohya, in within the waiting interval of 15 minutes, I forced kurubee to grab few stuffs for breakfast from the convenience store beside the resort, Family Mart as I was super hungry. Gotten all these for about 50 baht. 

Poor driver sped his way to Ao Por Pier as we’ve already late for our cruise. In the minibus, Sat and I camho like mad, keke.

The moment we got down from our minibus at some huts opposite the pier, we were led to the entrance of Ao Por Pier where bus ferrying us to our ship waiting for us.

There are many stalls selling big hats for 100 baht but since I’ve already brought my mum’s big hat along with me, I didn’t think of getting one.

And I regretted not getting one! Why? Because Mum’s flown into the sea by the super strong wind when our boat heading towards the first island eventho I was wearing it!


Back to the story, our captain of the boat gave briefing and when he mentioned that all the water and soft drinks onboard are free (except for the beers), kurubee’s eyes lighted up as little plan cooked up in his mind.

Yeah, he planned to drink as much of soft drinks as possible. Rofl.

Soon our boat reached the first destination, Ko Phanak. Canoes were alighted from our boat; the boat crew went to their canoes. One by one, they picking up us in pairs or triple and canoed towards the rock island.

I wore my life jacket as I was afraid that the canoe might topple and unable to float, lol. Furthermore I was carrying my DSLR with me, but I put them in a plastic bag, JUST IN CASE YOU KNOW? Lol.

We were brought to appreciate the greenery around the island.


Not forgetting the monkeys too… 

Our rower paddled into a cave, and that’s when I thought, damn, this is when I need flashgun as my flash was too harsh, lol. I took few shots then just sat back and enjoy the ride. He passed torchlight to kurubee and we looked around the cave and when the torchlight shone above our heads, we can’t believe our eyes…

There are bats allllllll above us. Some got irritated by the light and flew away.

Luckily they didn’t attack us I tell you. Rofl.

Then we went back to our boat, where we were brought to our second destination, Ko Hong.

Again we got down (armed with my iphone) and this time the ride was more pleasing than the first one. We got back the same rower as told by the captain and kurubee was far more than happy to get him back as our rower, cz he already befriended him.

Now, the reason why I said canoe-ing around Ko Hong is a pleasing one because we were cruising along the lagoon and it was cloudy that time!


Tho the whole lagoon was jam-packed with CANOES (like wtfish right?) but it was still a relaxing one. Our rower is one funny, friendly guy. He would point to us on what to look and chat and laugh with us. Actually, he talked more to kurubee than me. Kurubee entertained him more while I sitting in front took endless pictures of the lagoon using my iphone, since I got the best view. 

We were brought to see a cave.. which has a lagoon at the end of the cave but it can be accessible during low tide only.

The lagoon is also the place where local fisherman fished for fishes and sea creatures. Our rower brought us near a sampan where a horseshoe crab was seen passing among the tourists.


That’s our friendly rower, btw. 


When I saw the horseshoe crab, I was checking for the ROE, swt. Cause I was taught that the best part of the horseshoe crab is the roe! 

Our friendly rower took us into a very nice lagoon surrounded by high rock, and I felt very serene there. It was so beautiful and peaceful there. Then rower paddled out to the open sea via a smalllllll opening that required us to bend down, lol.

Back to our ship and our captain steered the wheel to the famous island, Ko Ping Khan or famously known as James Bond Island. On the way there, we had our lunch!

And I loveeeee their tomyam! Very appetizing! Slurrrrrps! Because it was so nice, I took two bowls of tomyam lohhaha!

By the time we finished eating, our boat was nearing the James Bond Island. We rested awhile and Kurubee took his 7th or 8th bottle of Fanta? Lol.

Our boat stopped suddenly and we were asked to board the long boat which ferries passengers from the bigger ships to the island. Since there were so many of us, we took the 2nd boat to the island.

When we reached, we walked past the long souvenir stalls and headed towards the back where the famous iconic island can be seen.

In the picture collage above, there’s this straightly slanting rock where everyone rushed to take picture with. Everyone BUT us. I think we were running out of time, that’s why we didn’t picture there.

Like most tourists, we took countless photos with the island; especially the ‘holding island’ poses, lol.

Then we climbed up the rocky stairs to the other side of the island. Actually we didn’t know where to go, and we just followed where the crowd was going to.

Much to our surprise, we came to a beach with fantastic view of the smaller islands around James Bond Island.

We were given only 30 minutes to linger there, so we quickly took photos there and walked back to the port near the souvenir stalls. Our crew came to look for us and we got onto the longboat.


We were given slices of watermelon and pineapple to chill… and I took 2-3 slices each. 

Our boat then sped (I don’t know if our boat really speed or not, but I’m assuming it did, lol) all the way to our last stop, Ko Lawa Yai.

At the last island, we were given time to snorkel, swim or canoeing around. Guess what we did?


Canoeing, of course. Seeing the condition of the sea water, I don’t feel like jumping in. Also we didn’t bring towel and extra clothes along so swimming and snorkeling aren’t feasible. Furthermore, Kurubee was keen to get his hand on the paddle oars, so after we were ferried to the island, we hijacked one canoe and went for a little exploration, just two of us. 

Barely 10 minutes into canoeing, we were asked to return the canoe, swt. So we walking around the island hand-in-hand before deciding to head back to our boat. Didn’t know why there weren’t pictures taken there, lol.

And I dozed off all the way back to Ao Por pier…