Phuket IV: Hello ladyboys!

It was a good refreshing shower after a long sweaty day out in the open sea. I took my own sweet time showering until Kurubee yelled, faster la. I want to shower also.


After showering, I rested for a while as I was very tired before heading out for dinner.

Managed to catch few winks and we were out on the streets again, looking for food. We walked towards the Thaveewong Road with hope to stumble upon cheap street food to fill our stomachs.

There are many motor-stalls along the famous road, but they are mostly selling crepes, fruits and drinks.

Suddenly Kurubee saw a lady holding a bowl of noodles and asked me if I knew where she was walking out from.

I didn’t know where, so I shook my head. Then we saw another person with the same bowl, so we traced it to a darker and quieter alley and found a Muslim lady busying preparing food for her customers.

Actually we didn’t know what is the lady selling or how to order food from the lady as she speaks limited English and we don’t know Thai language. By observing the food that her customers ordered, we noticed that she’s selling chicken rice and chicken noodles. So we pointed to the rice and showed two fingers, and then waited for our food.

And guess how much our kai fan costs?

60 Bahts.


The most expensive kai fan I ever ate.

Luckily the portion is big. She’s very generous with the chicken meats and rice and even gave us a big bowl of soup, but the soup is a bit salty.

Since she didn’t have a proper place for us to sit, we resorted to borrowing chairs from the clothes stalls nearby. The lady is very nice, she asked the stalls’ owners for few stools for us to sit, but we were very paiseh. We determined to finish up our kai fan as soon as possible.

But the thing is… I’m a slow eater, swt.


While eating, I told Kurubee that if the chicken rice costs us 60 bahts, I don’t know how much a dish gonna costs in a fancy restaurant. He nodded, but we were optimistic that they are actually cheap eateries somewhere in Patong, just that we haven’t discovered them yet! 


After the filing meal (I was seriously bloated), we walked and feasted our eyes on the goods paraded from the stalls/shops located along the famous Thaveewong road. It was a very long, never-ending walk. I don’t think we could finish covering all shops/stalls. Furthermore they’re repetitive. 

One shop really caught my eyes is the HELLO KITTY SHOP! When I saw that, I immediately dragged Kurubee into that shop, tho he was VERY reluctant to enter. Once inside, I started to look at the goods and compared them (the quality) to the authentic Hello Kitty shop I’ve been in Japan.

Quality wise cannot fight la. But the price is much cheaper here in Phuket, hehe.

But we didn’t linger long there as we have a show to catch.

So I made Kurubee to promise me on coming back to this shop the next day.


Out of love, he agreed. 

I didn’t leave the shop empty handed. I bought this pouch, which I genuinely thought is a laptop sleeve. *smack head* Probably if I have a Netbook or an iPad, it would fit perfectly well, lol.

So we walked to Millenium Hotel for our minibus to the famous ladyboys show, the Simon Cabaret. We waited for 1-2 minute and a purple minibus with picture of a ladyboy on the body came. Like usual, the driver came down, we showed our voucher to board the minibus.

The place is about 5-10 minute drive down the road. We were driven right to the front of the entrance, where we were then ushered down to the ticket counter to collect our tickets and paid the remaining of the payment since we’ve only paid the deposits at the tour agency.

I was still thirsty from the dinner we had earlier, so I asked the gentleman at the counter where can I buy drink. He pointed to the bar counter outside (which is part of the Simon Cabaret too) and said I can get coffee there.

I looked at the bar and thought to myself that they couldn’t be free. Furthermore, the guy didn’t mention the word free. Seeing there’s still time to kill, I dragged Kurubee to the nearby convenience store to buy mineral water.

We went to Family Mart. Not only we bought water, we bought sweets too cz we’re thinking sweet would be easier to smuggle in, lol.


When we walked back, the entrance of the Simon Cabaret was lighted up and we took the opportunity to take pictures there. 

Then it was time for the show. We quickly entered the auditorium and were led to our seats. To our ‘horror’, there’s a complimentary water bottle place at the water handle (think GSC) for the audiences.

Kurubee advised me to add a tip to this place on Foursquare, so that in future, people who are thirsty like me wouldn’t need to run out to the nearby convenience store for water. Lol.


So, if you’re there… and when you check-in to Foursquare, tap the tip bar and you’ll see my tip there!   

BUT the thing is… we’re unsure about the normal seat as we gotten ourselves VIP seats.  So, maybe the free water bottle is for the VIP seat only leHiak hiak hiak.


If you’we wondering what’s the different between the regular and the VIP seat? The regular/normal seats (700 bahts) are on the upper tier and the VIP seats (900 bahts) are on the lower tier and if you happen to sit on the first row, guys… be prepare for extra surprises! 

Like every Broadway/musical show, we weren’t allowed to take any photos/videos there. If you want to know what’s there in Simon Cabaret, you have to get your butt there to see it for yourself. Don’t worry; the show is totally safe for audience of all ages and is very entertaining. You’ll be mesmerized and at awed at the dances, the quality of the performances and not forgetting the charming ladyboys.

Some are so pretty with fair, smooth skin that you’ll be thinking, that couldn’t be a ladyboy!


Also, you’ll be guaranteed to laugh till you drop by some comedic performances. 

After the show ended, the audiences were ushered to the exit on the left side of the auditorium where all the ladyboys would stand at the side waiting for the audiences to take pictures with them.

With a fee of 40 baht.

A group of Indians in front of me complained before we went over to take pictures. She was complaining to her friends that about she and another guy (she was pointing to that guy) took picture with 3-4 ladyboys and ended up paying over 2,000 baht.

I related this to Kurubee, and he said don’t get 3-4 ladyboys le, we take with one only.

And since Kurubee had already narrowed down the one that we were be taking picture with, so I thought alright. Afterall it’s just 40 baht for a picture.

Little did we know we had to pay 80 baht. No, we paid 100 baht, because while I was searching for another 40 baht in my purse, Kurubee directly handed him/her 100 baht.

And that fella didn’t even give us change back.

Extra 20 baht.


If I know about this, I would have directed the photographer in Mandarin (the Chinese guy whom Kurubee passed his DSLR to) to include in a half of a random ladyboy who was standing at the side too!

That would worth my 100 baht. Me and Kurubee, One and a half ladyboy.


Overall, the show is very good, in fact it’s excellent. I brought my mum there in my 2nd trip to Phuket, and she too likes the show. But if you want to take picture with the ladyboys, either you have the exact amount with you beforehand or be prepare to ‘tip’ extra.