Phuket II: Phuket Fantasea

Having two flights in a day and the 2 hours wait at the LCCT made us very tired and sleepy. Thus, kurubee and I dozed off for an hour or so after getting our room at the Ricos Hotel situated off the famous Bangla Road.

We set our alarm to ring at about 4pm (Thai time, which is an hour later than us) and we snoozed that till 4.30pm, Lol. By the time we woke up, we quickly showered and prepared ourselves for our first and only stop for the day, Phuket Fantasea.

Our package for Phuket Fantasea including return transfers, dinner and VIP Gold Seat for the show. I can’t remember the amount of price we paid but I remembered the lady gave us special price as she said it was the ‘low season’ that time.


Ohya, before napping, kurubee activated the EDGE and 3G package on both of our phones and he took 50MB of EDGE/3G package to last us for 3 days. 

At about 5pm, we walked towards Millennium Hotel for our ride as the minibus couldn’t stop at our hotel. Millennium Hotel is situated next to Jungceylon which is like 5 minutes walk away from our hotel, so we gladly made the walk. Furthermore, the area is already packed with stalls and we did few stops just to look at the goods.

Nearby the entrance of Millennium Hotel, we waited for good ol’ 5 minutes before we saw a pink minibus driving towards us and stopped at our side. The driver came out and asked, “Phuket Fantasea, Ricos Hotel?” where we said yeah and ushered us in. We took few pictures with the pink minibus with elephant image before hopping in.

The driver then reversed and picked up a Korean couple at Millennium Hotel. The Korean girl looks rather snobby, and I’m assuming they must be coming from rich families as a cheapest room in Millennium Hotel costs at least RM450 per night. T_T


Then we’re off to pick up a gang of angmohs somewhere in the heart of Patong, before heading up North to Kamala. Along the way, I tried calling Emily and Jess but both of them didn’t answer. Then I called up Aaron and I showed him the street view of Patong when he answered my call. 

At about 6pm, we reached the entrance of Phuket Fantasea and the moment we got down from our pink minibus is the foul stench of elephant poo. -.- Apparently an elephant just poo-ed/peed there (How I know?, because there’s a wet mark nearby, lol).

Then I quickly queued behind a long winding line to get our tickets from the ticket counters. Somewhere in the middle of the line, a lady behind a small counter would say, “Hi, welcome to Phuket Fantasea. Where are you from?” and would type in the country name upon hearing your answer before giving you a broad smile and a ‘Thank You’.

I queued about 10-15 minutes before gotten our tickets. kurubee on the other hand was going around snapping pictures of the places. At the ticket counter, I was asked if I would be interested in purchasing books and CDs on their shows, which I politely declined. Hee!

The moment I walked in, I remembered telling kurubee that this place feels like Disneyland to me. Why I said so?, that’s because the buildings are built so extravagant and cartoonish with a pinch of Thais here and there. Walking around Phuket Fantasea with kurubee holding my hand made me feel like a child, Lol.

Since it was still early and the restaurant only opens at 7pm, we took our own sweet time snapping pictures with almost every display, picture, backdrops and mascots available.


There’s even a dance performance on a grand stage in the middle of lighted up ‘town’. 

Not forgetting the elephant rides around the fountain, in between the Grand Palace (where the show is shown) and the Golden Kinnaree Restaurant.

Because one needs to pay for the elephant ride, we didn’t do that. We’re the kiamsiap couple, where we only do things that are free or already included in the package, LMAO LMAO.

At about 7pm, we walked to the Golden Kinnaree Restaurant where at the counter before entering the restaurant; a beautiful Thai lady gave us our table number. We walked in and were led by another beautiful Thai lady to our table. She even showed us the food from non-halal and halal sections which we nodded in acknowledgement but have no intention to get from the halal area since we’re looking forward to some pork. Lol.

However, problem rose.

After getting food from the buffet counter, a petite Thai guy came to me in a rather angry tone, telling me that my plate contains pork. I told him yeah, I can take pork and why? But he kept telling me no pork, no pork. Confused I looked at him and tried to decipher what he was trying to say. Seeing the commotion from afar, a Thai lady walked to our table and spoke the Thai guy. Hastily the Thai guy walked away and the Thai lady followed him. Worriedly, kurubee quickly came to me and asked what’s the problem. I told him, I don’t know as this guy keeps pointing to my plate and tells me no pork, no pork.

Finally the Thai lady returned and apologized, before explaining that the table we were sitting at is for the halal eaters only, and that’s why the guy kept saying no pork. Then her explanation only it made sense of the guy’s behavior earlier. Sheasked if both of us are non-halal eaters (and we said yes, quite aloud, lol) and if we’re okay with changing to another table. Since we haven’t started eating and they could prepare us another table, we’re totally cool with the change.

Immediately few ladies helped us with transferring the food and showed us to our new table. Hehe.

We spent about 45 minutes stuffing our tummies full, before leaving the restaurant. A white building with bling bling fascinated our eyes and as though being charmed, we entered the building without second thought.

Inside, there are more blings, shining stuffs that charmed our eyes. Kurubee saw a statue of Lord Ganesh in gold and it’s so beautiful, but the price is way too much to handle. So we just did see and go on the stuffs there, not daring to touch anything for the fear of spoiling the expensive stuffs.

From the back, we walked into another building where the kids would love to enter: the amusement park. There are lots games for the kids to play and throw, and we just took at the side looking at all the games available there.

Then we walked out of the amusement park and lingered around the cartoonish town, before entering the Animal Kingdom.

There are many types of ‘bizarre’ animals there, and one of the highlights is the white Siberia Tigers. Almost everyone was seemed taking picture of and with the tigers, others just looking in bewilderment at the side. Kurubee took few pictures of me with the white creature before leaving the building.

Then it was time for the show. We walked back to the Grand Palace, where we were led to lines and lines of queues.

It was jam-packed with people and there were few counters where we need to show our tickets to the crew before they clipped our tickets. At the final counters, we were asked to handover our cameras, video cameras, and even handphones as these are not prohibited into the show.

Right after we deposited our cameras, we were led to long hallway where one can take picture with the performers, the elephants and baby tigers for 400-650 baht depend on which you chose to take picture with.

Again, we didn’t take picture with any because we couldn’t part with our baht, lol. Actually we didn’t bring much baht there, hence the prudent attitude.


We went up to the stairs before entering the auditorium, and to our surprise, we got a very nice view of the entire stage as we were sitting in the middle of the upper tier, and we were thinking to ourselves, no bad for a last minute booking! 

10-15 minutes later, the show started and I wouldn’t reveal the content here, but I think you’ll be amazed with the dancer skills showcased here. The show is all right, you need to listen properly to get the story right, else you’ll be wondering what the hell is happening now.

But don’t say I don’t warn you – the sound effect and the firework MAY not for the faint hearted. I said that because I jumped SO MANY TIMES during the show, lol.


Oh, there’s one part where I love – the hanging in the air part! 

After the show, we went to collect our camera from the pick-up counter, walked a little before heading back to the minibus area for our ride to our hotel.


Our verdict: Phuket Fantasea is overall an entertaining place, but don’t think one will want to go back there again (unless exception). 


A little note here: after finish watching the show, (if possible) quickly get down to the pick-up counter to get your stuff if you hate waiting in queue to collect your stuff.