xviii. Back to Malaysia

Came 13th July, the day we go back to the reality.

That morning we woke up early, as we need to catch the 7 o’clock bus to Clark. However one room didn’t get the revised departure time; they went down half an hour earlier and Sat and I felt so guilty upon hearing that. That moment, I made up my mind to personally tell everyone on important stuff like ‘gather time’ rather than relying on the others to pass the message.

We did quick check-out and then left GoHotels.Ph via taxi for Philtranco bus terminal at SM Megamall. Unfortunately the taxi could only fit 7 people, so Sat, Aaron and Steven volunteered to brace through the human-packed MRT. The taxi driver dropped us down at the entrance of SM Megamall, vaguely telling us to get to the back of the building. We have no idea where, so we stopped and asked one of the policemen on duty. He asked us to walk further down, take the pedestrian bridge and then turn left.

We did all but taking the pedestrian bridge. All of us were too lazy to do so, haha!

I sincerely thought that the bus terminal is a building – little did I know that it’s actually a bus stop. It’s the same place where we got down when we arrived in Manila 5 days ago. Seeing few people waiting there with luggage further confirmed our doubt on the right place to wait. I was afraid that Sat, Aaron and Steven didn’t know the way so I asked Emily to message the guys on our whereabouts.  As we were looking for the accurate landmarks to tell them, they were seen walking towards the bus stop.

We waited for a while before the bus finally came. I noticed some were lining up but some were sitting there. Those lined up were carrying a white paper, which we didn’t have. I panicked a little, then I remembered about the online reservation. I thought to myself, maybe these people got their tickets online or earlier. I told Sat that, and Sat began to count the number of people queuing.

I went to the front to look at the placard displayed at the bus’s front window. It shows 6.45am. I was glad and worried at the same time. I KNOW if we couldn’t get this bus, we could get a 7am bus, but we need to be at airport 2 hours earlier, so we might not be able to make it in time.  So I told Sat, no matter what we have to get it.

Then he told me a good news.

“I counted d. Still have places for us!” and he smiled.

After those with tickets got in, it was our turn. We threw our backpacks at the bus luggage compartment and went up. The lady bus conductor came to us to collect money for our ride. It costs 300 Pesos.

The bus started moving and our 2 hours of sleep started. I totally konked and only woke up when we’ve reached Clark airport.

The security of Clark airport is super tight. We have to do through manual body scan by the officers and they would ask you on the stuffs in the backpack when they spotted anything unusual in the thermal scanner. After going through the very tight security, we noticed that there’s no restaurant/stall around there area except for the Departure Hall. There weren’t much people there and the counter wasn’t even opened thought it was time for checking in! So basically we were stuck!

Feeling hungry, tired and sleepy, we waited patiently (not that we have much choice) and observed how the officers work. And based on my observation, I’ve noticed something different. I noticed that the lady officer ran through her hands sideways when she was checking the aunties but for the ladies, she stretched her hand to the front and slid her hand straight down!

Ah, I felt so violated! T_T

About nearly 20 minutes, the AirAsia ground crew finally appeared and we quickly lined up for checking in. Then we have to write something (I think it’s the declaration paper, can’t really remember what was it already) and finally entered the Departure Hall.

HOWEVER, before entering, there’s another scan and this time we were required to remove our shoes too!


I couldn’t understand why is this airport extremely tight in security. Sat told me maybe they beef up because of the terrorists thingy, but I was thinking otherwise. I went vacationing with my family members to Europe not long after the 911 incident, true enough the airport security was tight, but it wasn’t as ‘extreme’ as this!

Whatever it is, I glad that I went through this without a glitch. We were starving and the aromatic smell coming from the food stalls were unbearable.

Just when Sat and I entered the Departure Hall, few of the guys who had went in, told us which one is more expensive and which is not. Haha! They’re our price scouter! So we just followed their recommendation and I got myself a hotdog while Sat who was still in the Filipino mode, ordered their local delicacy.

Then I went around with the thought of window shopping, but ended up getting few last minute gifts. I thought I could bring home different amount of bank notes currency as collection, BUT because of my itchy hand, collection no more! Lol!

As we waited for our flight back to Malaysia, Sat armed with his iPhone started interviewing us around on our overall feeling for this trip. It’s a good way to kill time, since our flight got delayed. -.-” So everyone was having laughing at other people’s video.

Yeah, I laughed so hard that when it was my turn to talk, I tongue-tied and mind went blank. Hate watching my own video. Potongstim to the max!

Finally it was the time to board. I can still remember that it was a very sunny day. And the queue was so long because people would take their own sweet time putting their luggage on the compartment above. -.-”

The moment I got in, I quickly looked for my seat and hoped that nobody was sitting there as some people wouldn’t just sit on the allocated seats stated on the tickets. I was seated between Ailing and Aaron. Sat supposed to sit beside me, but seeing that Ailing were to sit beside a large size man, he quickly occupied her seat. Lucky Emily and May got whole row to themselves!

Then it was time for the take-off. The plane went from the tarmac to the runway, the speed went faster and faster then next thing we know, we were up in the air! Lol!

Though I just had my breakfast few hours ago, but when the cabin crew started pushing cart along the aisle, my stomach began to feel hungry and I quickly looked at the menu, and decided to go for Spaghetti Bolognaise.

After a filing meal, I continued watching Nine, the movie that I watched halfway at the Laoag Airport. By the time I finished the movie, the announcement of landing was made and I was thinking, Wow, such a good timing! Haha!

Believe it or not, for this trip I spent under RM1000! *beam with pride*

Yeah, I kid you NOT! Sat and I calculated our expenses over and over again, and because I jotted down every single expense I made throughout the trip, I calculated it to about RM600-RM630 only (I don’t have the figure now as I blog). Our international and 2 domestic flight tickets costs us to nearly RM300, and the only hotel we’ve paid prior to the trip was the GoHotels.Ph which is like RM50 only.

So you say ler, cheap or not? Heee!

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