xvii. The day before flying home

We had one last meal in Northern Luzon heading back to Manila. After showering and packing, we headed back to the resort’s restaurant for lunch.

We were truly reluctant to leave the place. Though we were supposed to clear our bills and checked out after lunch, but May and I went for a little more exploration around the resort. Both of us were curious on the number of rooms the resort has and also the vicinity of the resort as we’ve only seen the lobby, restaurant, pool and a row of rooms where we occupied two rooms out of the 4.

As we walked we saw like an entrance leading to the back. We walked in and we saw a small vege garden in front of us! Further down a little are the rest of the hotel rooms

On our left is the storage for surfing boards.

Curious no more! We’ve found our answer. Haha!

Then it was time to go. We took our backpacks and lugged them to the van. We took group photos with the hotel staffs and they look amazing! XD

Journey from Pagudpud to Manila takes 10 hours by bus/van/car and doing that would be equivalent to having our butt to be extremely numb when we reach our destination. Since it’s more than 15000km in distance and Philippine Airlines was having promotion, we decided to grab opportunity and booked ourselves flight back to the capital.

But the downfall is we have to get back to Laoag for the flight.

Since the flight was rescheduled to 7.15pm from 11.15am, we departed from Kapuluan Vista Resort for Laoag Airport at around 3pm. It took 2 hours to get there and I dozed off after passing the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.

The moment the van entered the Laoag town, I automatically woke up. It was dark outside and it looked like it was going to rain heavily. That moment, I was worried that our flight will be affected by the rain.

Finally we reached the airport. It was drizzling and we quickly took our backpacks, paid and thanked the driver (it was 230 pesos or RM16.79 per pax) and walked into the rectangular red brick building.

There wasn’t much room to roam around, so we immediately checked in at PAL counter. Just as we were about to enter the Departure Hall, someone pointed at the famous Philippines’ local product, 7D Dried Mango at a small food stall. We went to enquire on the price (140 pesos/RM10.22 per package) and ended up buying more than 20 packages from the stall.

I grabbed 3 packages too. Heehee!

Then we entered the Departure Hall and waited for our flight. To our dismay, our flight got delayed for 3 hours because of the thunderstorm out there. It was so bad that the entire building backed out for few seconds. Luckily, I’ve put few movies into the iPod Touch and I killed my time by watching NineLol!

Thankfully, the rain eased up and we were allowed to board the plane on the tarmac. Umbrellas are provided and I took one even though it was only drizzling out there. I can’t afford to get sick after vacation as there will be piles of work waiting for me.

Our flight finally took off at about 9 something and I was so freaking hungry. Fortunately PAL serves light snacks on board. I was gladly munching on the peanuts and pink waffle biscuit given by the cabin crew. Heehee!

The flight took an hour and 10 minutes. By the time we finished eating the snacks, the announcement of landing was made and soon we landed on Manila Airport safe and sound.

The moment we touched down the airport, we immediately went to claim our backpacks and Hannah turned on negotiation mode and went enquired for airport van to our hotel, GoHotels.Ph. Meanwhile few of us went off for a quick toilet relief. Hehe!

We had van ferrying us to GoHotels.Ph for 1280 pesos (RM93.44). After reaching the hotel, we checked-in, did quick refresh and then left for late dinner. Hannah brought us to Whistlestop Restaurant in Makati.

The moment we walked into the restaurant, I could feel all eyes were on us. We were led to the back where they joined few tables to make it into a long one for us. Then menus were passed to us.

I know that I was supposed to order food, but my eyes wandered around the shop as it is decorated with antiques and stuffs from the earlier decades. There are few types of camera of different ‘generation’ on top of the shelves. Old typewriters, radios, television, pictures, clothes, shoes, bottles! – All nicely placed around the restaurant.

The waitress then came to get our order. Then we continued talking and snapping photos. As we talked, one by one the food came. Like usual, we did prayer, using our DSLR. Heehee.

We actually planned to stay until late night as it was our last night in Philippines; but we were told that it would be very hard to catch a cab after midnight. So we decided to leave after Hannah’s boyfriend picked her up from the restaurant.

At about 11 something, Hannah’s boyfriend appeared and all of us said goodbye to Hannah. Not long after that we left Whistlestop too.

… and I zoned out immediately my head touched the soft pillow.