Phuket I: A little getaway

This getaway supposed to ‘happen’ last year, but due to series of weird encounters followed by my beloved grandma demise, this trip got pulled to a stop.

So slightly more than a year later on 6th October, this trip initiated back. Yay!

This is my cute travel partner.. kurubee

.. which also happens to be the love of my life too, lol! And we flew in together from Penang to LCCT and boarded the afternoon flight to Phuket.

It was a cloudy day when we arrived in Phuket International Airport (HKT). Couldn’t contain our excitement as it was the first time we flew out of country together. <3 As we were the first few passengers that gotten out of the flight first, we breezed through immigration counter swiftly and gotten ourselves FREE local sim cards at the counter at the side while waiting for our luggage.

From the arrival hall, we walked into another hall where there are like many tour agency counters situated on both sides. One man asked us if we need any ride to our hotel and quickly mentioned about free ride to hotel. Upon hearing the word FREE, our eyes immediately lighted up and we were led to this counter called, Phuket Friendship Tour.

The lady behind the counter is so polite and soft-spoken. She asked us how long was our trip before suggesting the possible activities we could do. Of course we’ve already have few activities in mind, but we just like to hear what’s her plan. So she showed us few packages and we signed up with her after both sides agreed to a certain price, which now I can’t remember, lol. We do have our receipts but it’s all with kurubee, hmm.

After paying the price and gotten our vouchers (and of course her handphone number in case anything goes wrong), we were ushered to the taxi waiting area.

Few minutes later, we found ourselves sitting in a Honda taxi ferrying us to our hotel, Ricos Hotel on Bangla Road. Our taxi damn cool ler, got monitor behind the headrest, promoting Thai tourism.

We even stopped by 7-eleven to buy ‘refill’ (reload credits) for our sim cards. Both of us gotten ourselves 90 baht refills each. Then the journey continued but our taxi driver decided to do another stop somewhere near Patong. We got a shock as he suddenly turned left into a row of shophouses and we were thinking shit, what are we gotten ourselves into?

Then the driver turned to us and told that he had to stop here and he walked into a tour agency. Few minutes later, another guy came out with broad smile and greeted us. Apparently he explained on the reason why the taxi driver made this stop and further asked if we have taken any tour package. If we haven’t, he said we could book one with him.

Unfortunately we have already sealed deal with Phuket Friendship and even showed him our tour package vouchers. Politely he thanked us for listening to him and walked into the agency. Our taxi driver returned and this time he drove us directly to our hotel.

When we reached our hotel, kurubee showed the receptionist the printed hotel voucher from AirAsiaGo website. The checking-in process was fast and smooth. After few minutes we were given keys to our room which is on the 2nd floor.


For the price we paid for the hotel room, we are actually satisfied with the condition and cleanliness of the room. The view from our room’s window isn’t really a nice sight, but it’s alright since we’ll be spending much of our time out of the room. The yellow lights made the room a little dimmer, but it brings out romantic feel in the room. Moreover yellow light saves energy right?