xvi. Paradise in Blue Lagoon

From young till now, mum always tells me story on her childhood life in a remote fishing village somewhere in Langkawi island. She would tell how near her house was to the sea; how she and her siblings would spend hours and hours at the seaside, catching fishes with their bare hands and swimming among the fishes.

She would stress on how clear the water that time and is disappointed on the condition of the sea water. Being accustomed to the cloudy sea water, I too longing to see the crystal clear water that my mum mentions.

I thought I’ve found one in Redang, but I stumbled upon a better one in Philippines!

Uber clear seawater. It is as clear as drinking water, but obviously you can’t drink the water ler. LOL.

Seriously, I never stumble upon such clear and BLUE sea water. I couldn’t comprehend where the blue hueness came from. It could be due to the difference of depthness, but maybe the blue is reflection so blue because of the sky.

The sky is exceptionally blue there!

No wonder the local calls this place, Maira-ira or Blue Lagoon.

Of 11 of us, only 9 got down from the van. Sat was down with migraine and Hannah wanted to go back and shower. I thought of accompanying Sat, but then Blue Lagoon was calling me aloud so bye bye boyfriend.

And oh my god, it was so freaking sunny and I could feel that my skin got tanner by N layers. I took out my umbrella to shield myself against the harsh UV rays, but somehow they managed to penetrate through. Cis.

But once I got into the sea, the scorching heat miraculously disappeared; and I enjoyed the cooling sea water and awed at how clear the water was at the same time.

We didn’t take off our crocs as we fear that we might step onto sharp, pokey, slimy, unpredictable thing.

We wandered around at the water level of knee deep only, as we didn’t have the plan of getting ourselves really wet. After all, we only planned to spend few minutes there.

As much as I wanted to walk deeper to the sea and dip myself into the cool sea water, but at the same time I was feeling afraid too. Don’t ask me the reason as I didn’t know why too. Lol.

We really have fun there. Took lots pictures, crazily posed for pictures after pictures and because we wore sharp colour tops, the pictures came out outstanding!

It seems like we found a little paradise in Northern part of Luzon, the Blue Lagoon. Teehee!

Somehow the heat got into me again and I walked to the shady area to cool myself.

The rest was still at the sea, laughing and taking ridiculously amount of pictures.

May, Ailing and I just sat at the side patiently waiting for them. The gentle salty sea breeze occasionally swiped our body to cool us down a little. But I fanned myself to increase the coolness.

I can’t remember what happened that caused us to start walking back to the resort without waiting for the rest. Maybe we waited too long and the guys didn’t seem to wanting to move at all. So we made our move first.

Or maybe it’s because I wanted to pee so badly. Lol!

Halfway walking, I bumped into Mr Boyfriend in the opposite direction. Apparently he had felt better and wanted to check out Blue Lagoon a little. So I left him walking there and I quickly sprang all the way to the resort.