xv. Kabigan Falls

The best thing about staying at a resort during holiday is able to spend some time swimming.

I love swimming and it’s so unfortunate that I didn’t get to swim often. So seeing a swimming pool at Kapuluan Vista Resort, I wouldn’t have missed this good opportunity to swim! Hee!

So the next morning, I woke up early as my mind already set on jumping in the pool the moment the pool is open at 7.30pm.

I woke up, went down the stairs and found out that Jess wasn’t on the bed. I went to the toilet to relief myself and overheard soft voices coming from outside. Then I opened the door and found Jess and Daniel both looked at me, greeted me morning. Lol. I asked her why was she up so early and she showed me her DSLR and mentioned about sunrise shoot. Only then I remembered about her asking me last night if I wanted to go take sunrise shots which I declined.

Smiling meekly, I closed the door and went back to the room. Gently, I nudged May and asked if she wanted to swim.

Surprisingly she said YES!

Boy, were I happy when I heard that. I quickly changed to my swimsuit, went out with May and slowly went into the pool. Surprisingly the water wasn’t cold. We were the only people using the pool. From afar, I could see Jess and Daniel deeply in conversation and didn’t want to join us despite my endless calling from the pool. Hehe!

Halfway swimming, I went into the guy’s room to persuade Sat into swimming in the pool. But he wouldn’t budge at all. I gave up and went out. Few minutes later, he came out with a cute sleepy look while rubbing his eyes innocently. <3

Seeing this, I can’t help but to give him a hearty hug; but since my body still hasn’t dry from the swimming I had earlier, I patted him instead. Hehe!

The bathroom in our room was used that time, so I sat outside drying myself while waiting for my turn.

The water pressure in the bathroom is so small! It took forever to wash my hair – from wetting it to washing the shampoo away; half an hour would have passed by the time I finished washing my hair. -.-“

Nevertheless, I washed my hair and showered in the simplest and fastest way ever and quickly came out. I pre-packed a little before going out for breakfast.

My breakfast was the simple American breakfast which I had ordered after last night’s dinner.

Someone ordered cocoa powder, and it was the DIY type. Hebats!

Someone decided to join us for breakfast. Hehe!

After breakfast we went back to the room to get ready for a little expedition to the nearby waterfall.

Initially thought of wearing my swimsuit in it but it was still wet from the morning swim. Thought of wearing my bikini top but don’t felt ease of revealing my flesh yet. LOL!


I’m a bit of conservative la

Saw two cute shih tzus paying with each other. Very cute! But they look like a piece of rug here in the picture. Lol!

At 9 in the morning, all of us got into a van booked by the resort and headed to Kabigan Waterfall located about 20-25 minutes from our resort. Something I don’t understand about Pagudpud’s sky is the blueness of the sky! It was so sunny yet the sky was so blue! How can it so? If Penang’s sunny, the sky would be light blue, not blue blue.

Our van driver took a left turning and pulled a stop just before the road gate and told Sat that we’ve arrived. There are wooden hut at the side of the road gate, and few ladies came out of the hut after seeing our van.

We got down and Hannah started speaking to the ladies. A bit of Tagalog here and there, then Hannah then looked at us and told we have to pay 30 pesos (RM2.19) for the entrance fee and tips to the ladies here.

So we took out 30 pesos and passed them to Hannah. After settling that, 3 lady guides armed with umbrellas appeared from the hut, signaling it was time to walk. One of them led the way, while the other two along our sides.

We walked through the vegetation farm and lush greenery. Off and on we got to dip our feet onto the cold water as we need to cross the ankle deep stream to get to our destination. The trail is easy to walk (unlike the hike to Mount Batur in Bali @_@) and doesn’t require much physical strength, thus making our journey more relaxing.

Halfway walking, I heard someone mentioned about not dirtying the stream because it was the water source for the villagers below there. The water coming from the waterfall and flowing down the stream to the river is the villagers’ drinking water, cooking water, washing water, bathing water and so on.

I was like WTFISH upon hearing that. I told Sat that they should bring a small bridge across the stream then or stop people from visiting this place, as people would definitely take a dip at the waterfall.

Finally, after nearly an hour of walk, we reached our destination. The remarks on the villagers using the waterfall water to drink were all forgotten the moment we saw the bluish green water. The waterfall looks serene, and it was very cooling there. David, Aaron, Daniel and Hannah quickly jumped into the water after dropping their stuffs.

Sat asked me to go down together with him but when I told him that I didn’t wear my swimming suit, he was sort of angry at me because he wants to swim with me. I told him that my swimming suit was still wet from morning swim.

Since I didn’t bring any towel or swimming suit to the waterfall area, I just dip my leg onto the cool water, and took pictures of the rest.

We spent about an hour there, before leaving with few group photos. Then we walked back, making sure that we didn’t leave anything behind.

The walk back to our van is faster and smoother than the walk to the waterfall. It was freaking hot too, and I regretted not bringing my swimming suit for a cooling swim at the waterfall.

It was so hot that we were super ecstatic when we saw a coconut stall at the exit. Priced at 15 pesos (RM1.10) per cup, the lady had to get help from her friends in opening few more coconuts as each and every one of us bought one. Some even bought two cups to quench thirst! Haha!


After the refreshing drink, we got into our van and were ferried back to our resort. But we requested to get down at this beautiful place. I’ll talk about more on this place in my next post.