xiv. Kapuluan Vista Resort

A gem yet to be discovered by public.

A paradise hidden away from the common eyes.

A heaven sanctuary we found further up the beautiful cove of Blue Lagoon.

The resort that made us felt like staying in than out. The resort that spells Hospitality with capital H whose staffs treat resort guests with full of smile and polite.

Dear all, I’ve decided to dedicate this entry to the resort as I totally fell in love with the resort the moment I reached the place. I knew that this place would be a good escape for us, especially those who had worked their asses off prior to this trip. I knew that everyone would immediately say yes to this resort the moment I saw photos and reviews of this resort.

After getting down from our van, we got our backpacks, said thanks and goodbye to V. He is a good driver and local tour guide. Then we walked to the hallway and stood in front of the reception window. Also seen there were few peddlers standing at the hallway, displaying their goods from their briefcases.

RIGHT in front of our eyes is the square shape swimming pool. They look so tempting that I feel like jumping in right away! Haha! I kept telling May that and May kept saying, go jump la!

On the left side of the hallway is the resort café while on the right side is a row of rooms which faces the swimming pool. Seriously, I thought the resort has only 4 rooms. But May and I discovered more when we did a small exploration. Muahaha!

That, I’ll elaborate more in the coming post. ^^

Sat did the check-in while the rest of us were delighted at the sight of a shihtzu pup! But the pup super shy; ran off the moment she saw us coming towards her. -.-“

After checking in, the staff led us to our rooms which face the pool! Best sial!

Goodness, the room – it’s very pretty!

Since there are 11 of us, we gotten ourselves the deluxe with loft rooms (the biggest room) with extra beds.

Immediately most of us ‘jomp’ the beds, while I was deciding on to sleep tatami style at the loft or on the king size bed.

Eventually I chose up. Lol!

We unloaded our stuffs and went to the café to claim our welcome drinks – a choice of iced tea or Iced Virgin Margarita. Without a doubt, everyone chose the MARGARITA.

May, Emily and I sat at this cute tiny chairs and table with a vase of beautiful yellow daisies placed in the middle of the table overlooking the pool. Though sitting on the tiny chair with the sunrays shining directly onto our skin as the café is the open concept, but we felt so relaxed and soul free.

I truly believe my soul was totally healed at that time.

I took quite a number of pictures while waiting for our margaritas. We camwhored with our room key; the daisies – basically snapping with everything our eyes lay on. A waitress came over, politely gave us menu and asked us to order our dinner so that they could prepare beforehand. May and I were ecstatic when we saw the word LOBSTER on the menu. Was completing on ordering that but changed my mind since I had too much meats the days before and ordered a more green food.

She asked for my name and when I told her, she wrote Angeli. I didn’t bother to correct her. Lol!

When the margarita finally came, we took thousand pictures of the margarita until the ice melted and we decided that’s enough and quickly toasted to this great vacation and drank them up. Lol!

That margarita was my second in my whole life. The first time was with my fellow Incovarians at Sevenatenine. Hehe!

After that it was basically free and easy. We didn’t have any plans for the rest of the day and planned to dunk into the pool but dipping in the pool for hours until dinnertime doesn’t seem like a good plan at all. So we decided to do a little exploration around the resort. Heehee!

We walked directly out of the resort towards the seaside in front. Funny, the beach in front of the resort doesn’t look like the one we saw at Blue Lagoon, and it was somehow calmer. Sat asked if we want to do some activities offered by the resort like the snorkeling, bicycling et cetera, and I thought why not? So he went in to ask and was kinda shocked to know that we can’t do any of those because of the limited gears. Lol.

In the end, we decided to be adventurous like what we did in Redang 2 years ago – to explore the islands nearby! Muahaha!

Well, in Redang we could do so with the help of canoes.  But since there’s only like one canoe available and it is not enough for 11 of us, we decided to walk!

Believe it or not, it was actually walkable to the nearby island many thanks to the dead corals, the stone heads and the low tide. It was about 3-ish in the afternoon, so the tide wasn’t that high and we could easily see the path towards the islands.

Again, Sat went in the resort to ask if the rest interested to follow and everyone came! Haha! I think all were keen to explore and conquer that island. Lol!

Off we went walking towards the nearest island. It was slippery and crocs can sometimes be a problem on stone-watery area so I took extra precaution when placing my steps. Ah, I should have bought my water sport shoes. Then I could jump around with ease. Muahaha!

Kidding. I was quite freaked out walking on the slippery stone heads to be frank. I read about black sea urchins as well as all the geli sea creatures that can be found near the stones; and I prayed hard not to miss my step and step onto them. Not only that, I was afraid of falling down too, on those sharp looking stones and injured myself badly. Imagine the stinginess on your knee cap if injured. Ouch!

However, it was quite challenging and adventurous making our way to the island albeit occasionally gave myself unfound scares. Yeah, I yelled for Sat and asked him to escort me to another stone safely thus making myself looking so stupid and coward. At least I didn’t ask him to piggyback me there right?

The 3 stooges, David, Daniel and Hannah made their steps onto the island first where Daniel took pictures of us with the “triumph” look for fun. Lol!

There isn’t much room to roam about and I didn’t really walk about too as I was sort of paranoid for another reason: SEA SNAKE that might lurk behind the stones. Haha! Too much of National Geography.

We took 20 shots of group photo at the island using David camera balancing on the edge of a stone. Imagine the amount of money at stake!  If a slightly stronger wind blows in the wrong direction or the earth rocked at a small magnitude, the body would have tumbled and definitely sayonara case.

But luckily nothing happened ler. Lol!

As much as we want to conquer another island, we see no path between the two islands. Noticing that the sea level was getting higher, we quickly made our way back as we didn’t want to get stranded on this tiny island.

Somehow the walk back to the shore was shorter and easier despite gentle sea waves kept washing onto our feet. All I knew was I had more fun walking back than towards. Hehe!

I somehow discovered that the water at the other side of the beach (on the one that faced North) has minimal or totally no water ripples. The water was so still and calm that it is such a good spot to take reflection of the sky. At that moment, I wish I had my DSLR with me instead of my waterproof Olympus. You see, I brought my Olympus along in case I fell into the sea, it is still workable.

We practically split onto 3 groups and more mini groups while walking back. There were the fast walkers, the moderate walkers and the super slow walkers. The slow walkers took sweet time taking pictures and discovering many types of sea creatures while the fast walkers were just interested in getting to the shore fast! Haha. Thankfully the tides weren’t menacing and went up quickly or else we’ll be seeing them walking with their camera gears up in the air right? Haha!

While waiting for them, the rest of us just linger at the shore while Sat started throwing stone onto the sea. He told me that he’s good at throwing stone and I challenged him to show me. Well, he flopped the first time and blamed it to the pebble he picked. Ha!

He went looking for the right pebble, did 3 loops and showed me his triumph face!

Unsatisfied, I challenged him to do the 4 loops which made him went about to look for pebbles again. The rest followed in throwing the stones while I photographed and videoed them. Hehe!

Amidst all the stone throwing and laughing, I was blissfully enjoying the beautiful scenery right in front of me; breathed in all the goodness, the serenity and peacefulness that the Blue Lagoon offers. I felt like I’ve found paradise.

Suddenly someone cried and pointed to the sky behind me and when I turned, I saw the most beautiful sunset I ever seen.

Off and on, small crabs can be seen teetering about the area. I was afraid that it might come to me and pinch my flesh. So I was on-guard at the time, prepared to fend off any intruding crabs! Luckily they seemed to be understanding and didn’t bother me at all. Hehe!

The rest came to us and we began walking back to the resort. We did stumble upon few nice looking crabs, and even save a crab from dying. We went around taking picture of the hairy star fishes which Aaron warned us of not holding it as it’s totally different from the hard-coral-looking-star-fish which can be held.

The highlight of the sea creature hunting is spotting a sea worm which spells EWWWWWW!!!

Realising it was getting late; I quickly went back to the resort for the next activity in line. I mean the activity I created in my head – SWIMMING! Lol!


The moment we reached our room after coming back from the island exploration, Hannah, May and I changed to our swimsuits and jumped in! Daniel, Aaron and Steven joined us few minutes later. Last to jump in was Jess. David was sunbathing at the lazy chair. Ailing was too shy to swim while Satkuru totally konked on the bed because of terrible migraine. We were waiting for Emily but she didn’t come. 

It was totally nice swimming in the pool with a bunch of good friends. We splashed water onto each other, laughed, giggled, swam crisscrossed and massaged our back at the place where the water bubbles come out from.

The sky was so beautiful despite there were dark clouds nearby. Then slowly one by one we got out of the pool for shower as it was nearing dinner time. I went to the guys’ room to take shower as nobody was using it at that time! Keke!

As it was the WorldCup season, Sat decided why not making a country theme dinner on the last night of the trip in Manila. We already planned out, wearing jersey/t-shirts supporting a country and head out to Sports Bar for dinner as it was the finale of World Cup on the last day of our trip.

However because the Philippines Airlines pushed our flight to the late afternoon flight, we had to omit the plan and changed the theme dinner to a day earlier – that’s the dinner at Kapuluan Vista Resort. ^^

Before coming over to Philippines, I was looking madly for Brazilian jersey but somehow didn’t come across one! Luckily I have a Czech Republic t-shirt at home, so that night I wore that for dinner! Hehe!


The guys were already eating at the table halfway when we girls reached. Never wait for people one.  Seeing us taking our seat at the long table, the waitress quickly went to the kitchen and took out our food and placed them on the table.

Seriously, I was half shocked and half happy seeing my dinner. I was happy because there are a lot of green vegetables on it but shocked because the portion is B I G! I think May was equally shocked too. Haha!

The food was great. May and I even had coconut drink after dinner as dessert, while the rest ordered their ice-cream crepe which is heavenly! We talked, took pictures, made tons of jokes and laughed – clearly cause noise disturbance to other diners. Ops.


After all the eating, Sat took passport photos of everyone, before ending it with group photos. Totally love the group photos – they look colourful and happy and contented. 

I thought of jumping into the pool after dinner, but I couldn’t do it immediately after the group photos as need to wait until the food digested a little. So, we went back to our respective rooms.

Back in the room, Jess became SO HYPERACTIVE that she said COME, LET’S TAKE LOTS PICTURES. GIRLS MUST CAMWHORE ONE!!!! which drew laughter from all of us. Still, we did – on the bed, standing on the floor, on the stairs; following what she said because we indeed LOVE taking photos. Haha!