dinner at Dome


Been ages since I wrote about food – guess it’s time to write one! 

One fine day, many, many months ago – my parents and I visited to have dinner at Dome outlet in Gurney Plaza. Though Dome is popular for very fragrance and delicious coffee, they offer variety of dishes too!

Like usual – we walked in, took seat at the comfy sofa and were given menus. We ordered shortly after browsing through the menu and then waited patiently for our order to come.

MY MUST ORDER : a cup of mocha which came with 2 pieces of my favourite cookie, biscotti!

You can dip a biscotto into the drink and then eat or you can eat it alone without dipping! Both ways are yums! ♥

Mum’s chicken pie came first.

The pastry is so crispy! And the ingredient below is heavenly! Though it’s taste similar to their mushroom soup, the texture is thicker and more delicious! Yums!

I opted for lighter meal, hence this meal.

I’ve actually tried chicken avocado sandwich in Delicious before. The presentation of the meal is obviously different, and so does the ingredient and taste. The bread wasn’t as hard as the one in Delicious – probably because of the different bread. The chicken meat wasn’t hard also. And the salsa sauce – it’s very appetizing! Mm~*

Lastly, my dad’s seafood rice. Can’t recall the real name so I create my own. Kakaka!


Though it’s just a simple dish – rice with dory and prawns topped with cream sauce; but it’s quite filling! I dislike cream sauce (therefore disliking carbonara), but this cream wasn’t too much! So thumbs up for this dish. 


Too bad we could only try 3 dishes in the menu. Would definitely go back for more! 

Food & Environment : 4 out of 5.