Blogfest.Asia 2010

I did a live blogging during the forum before the lunch time but the unstable connection made it disappeared as the WordPress for iPhone apps doesn’t have the auto save function. *cry* I didn’t switch on 3G as I was saving my phone’s battery.


Oh well, here’s a quick recap of what happened from yesterday night till this afternoon. All photos are taken with my iPhone4 as I decided not to bring my DSLR there. 

BlogFest. Asia 2010 started on the 1st of October with a Penang Heritage tour for the participants. I couldn’t join that as I was working, and decided to go for the welcome dinner at Queen Elizabeth II (tho I have steamboat+bbq party to attend at 5.30pm).

So we reached QEII fashionably late at 8.30pm and hesitate to enter as we saw few guys with BlogFest tags walked out of the area. We thought the event has already ended but when inquired at the registration counter, we were asked to enter and enjoy the food.

So we did!

The place was totally packed with people. We thought we wouldn’t have meet any friends here, but we were so wrong. Spotted familiar faces like Criz Lai, David Lee, Calvyn Lee and Ah Lok and I was so happy to meet them as the last time I saw them was 2 years ago. Some even longer!

We chatted a little with Criz, and upon realising that Satkuru still hasn’t eat yet, we politely excuse ourselves and walked towards the food section despite me being so full from the early dinner earlier. The food looked tempting, but the fact that the fishball were sitting at the peak of my esophagus totally turned me off. I waited for Satkuru to get his food before looking for a place to sit.

I need to highlight this: While looking for an empty table/spot for us, I saw a man sit-sleeping on a couch in the corner of the room. That time I thought to myself – oh my, I hope the event wouldn’t be so bored that I would be ended up sleeping at the corner of the room like him.

We finally secured our seats, and I totally enjoyed the sea breeze and the bottomless orange juice, while Satkuru had his late dinner. Then Emily came and she brought her line manager along with her too. Thankfully we have more company, or else we would have leave the place immediately after Sat finished the dinner as we were bored.

We didn’t know if we supposed to be openly go around introducing ourselves or what; but judging from the crowd – everyone has the group of their own. Also, we were hoping that there will be simple ice-breaking sessions where all have the chance to know each other “legally”.

You know, like how the quick date works. Everyone has one minute to know each other? Call it dodgy, but I would say that’s the efficient way of ice-breaking. Lol!

If two is a couple, three is a crowd; four is a family then 6 is a party!

The amount of people at our table got more as some guys that Emily and Sat know came to our table and spoke to them, which literally made me became quiet. I can’t be butting into their conversations when I was totally clueless on what they spoke about. So, I began to feel a little tad bored until… I met my schoolmate, Maylin that I haven’t seen for years! What a coincidence!

Instead of knowing more new blogger friends, it turned out to be a catching up session between us. She came with Amy, a close friend of hers and my, that girl could really talk a lot! I ended up ditching Sat and yakking with Maylin and Amy instead. Lol!

As it was getting late and I had to travel all the way back to Butterworth, I politely made my exit and went home for a good night sleep.

The next morning, I had to drag my lazy pigu out of the bed as it was raining and the room was cold. How nice it would be if I could hide under the blanket and sleep for 1-2 hours more on such weather. Still 15 minutes later, I managed to wake up and drove all the way to Sat’s place to pick him up before heading towards Wawasan Open University where the BlogFest.Asia is held.


Again, we reached late and missed almost half of the talk by Prof Peter Herford. 

His slides consists of photos of robots, solar aircrafts, and even bra masks, which got us all roared in laughter.

Half an hour later, we had our brunch break where we were treated to curry-puffs and popiah. The popiah tastes so good that we went to have second serving after everyone took their share.

Came the 2nd session where 4 panelists (which were earlier encouraged to volunteer) to talk on social networking sites and micro-blogging: Synergy or threat to the blogosphere?

I actually did live blogging at that time, and like I mentioned earlier, the whole entry disappeared when I want to save it. *frowns*.

The 4 panelists are from Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and Myanmar. They gave out interesting facts to us, like the installation of Internet in Myanmar costs USD2000 and Internet usage of the speed 512kbs costs USd150 monthly totally made us went WHOAAAAAA!!! in unison. To be frank, I didn’t know whether I should be thankful for Streamyx services, or continue condemning the service in hope for better quality broadband.

Also, the first Cambodian blogger is actually the ex-king of the country! Interesting right?

They even debated if Facebook and Twitter are threat to blogs. Personally, I don’t think it would reach that alarming state. Facebook is a social networking platform which people uses to keep in touch with their friends while Twitter only allows 140 characters. What can one actually blog about in 140 characters?

The forum was interesting, but I hate those with big camera and blinding flashes. I went @_@ many times because there’s this guy in a row in front of me accidentally fired flashes that bounced into my direction. -.-”

Check out the chatbox. Sat played a prank on Emily. Lol!

By noon, everyone was ushered to the cafeteria at the ground floor where we had a plate of nasi kandar. After lunch, we were given options to join one of three classes available per session. Sat, Emily and I decided to enter room 2 since the topic is quite interesting: Tactical Technology Collective workshop 1: Video screening of “10 Tactics for turning information into action.”

The video took 50 minutes long, it was very informative and eye opener on how people would use media stream to highlight certain issues/activity. What really impressed me is the part where the human right activists uploaded and tagged videos of abusive onto a very popular tourism spot. Never would I thought that people would go until that far to voice out an issue. A totally eye opener for me!

However, the fact that I didn’t have enough sleep the night earlier and my sitting posture made me couldn’t really enjoy the whole video. By the time they talked about the 7th tactic, I had already yawned and changed my sitting position for the umpteenth time and started to have slight headache.

Then we moved on to the next session. We entered room 11, for an open discussion on Journalistic values for documenting events via your blogs, led by Ms Masjaliza Hamzah. She wrote out 3 interesting questions and garnered our opinions about those questions. First everyone was quite shy to speak out; but once touched on the concern issue, one after another just spoke out like that.

Somewhere along the heated discussion, Sat, Emily and I were discreetly mute-Facetiming with Aaron and Jess, two KL Bloggers who wanted to ‘be’ at BlogFest.Asia.

This photo was taken after the second session.

After the second sessions, Sat, Emily and I decided to head home since all three of us were getting tired. Else we would have join in the talk given by Mr Chan of Exabytes in room 6 on Speed Up Your Blog With Content Delivery Network (CDN). Earlier while driving down to WOU, Sat had briefly explained to me on CDN where he said it would help to load the blog in a blink of an eye.

I learn a lot of things despite not be able to stay until the last session.

I’ve been BlogFested, have you? Lolololol!