Mid-Autumn Celebration

It supposed to be a pre-birthday celebration at Seoul Garden Autocity for dad with the family. Little did we know that there was bigger celebration at Autocity itself. ^^

We decided to have a walk at the SHOP IN d’PARK after the super full buffet dinner. When we reached there, we saw few cute looking tanglung with a long white paper hanging below it. A closer look revealed few Chinese words on that paper.

Apparently there was competition going on. The participants were to look for these tanglung and answered the questions on the paper. It seemed like the questions are those literature related and difficult since my mum, bro and sis didn’t know the answers. Lol!

So, we feasted out eyes on the goods instead. Many nice dresses, bags and accessories attracted my eyes but I was very tight on budget this month, therefore didn’t dare to go near them. LOL.

My sister had gotten herself a dress by the way. Damn cheap. Under RM30! XD

As we walked towards the end of the lane, I heard a lady singing mandarin song but didn’t pay much interest to her voice. Only when we reached the end, we realised there was a singing competition going on as a lady in fancy dress stood on the big stage, serenading to the audience below.

There was also tanglung (lantern) competition going on. This competition which emphasized on using recyclable items as the lantern’s material, showcased creativity, artistic and skills as some lantern blew us away!

Since I brought my DSLR along, I asked my bro to snap all the tanglung exhibited there. Bro was initially reluctant, but eventually enjoyed taking them since he felt, you know “cool”. Lol!

While my bro capturing around, my sis and I went about admiring the lanterns.

Like this owl tanglung below – I can’t imagine how they did the owl – totally screams Harry Potter!!! (I mean Harry’s owl, lol!)

Mum and dad were fascinated by the skill of this tanglung maker. He/she managed to curve and mould 100+ aluminum can to a trishaw model. What an intriguing work!

Sis and I on the other hand were screaming with joy when we saw these cute piglets tanglung! Made out of oil plastic cans, the piglets’ couple is so adorable and the most photographed with.

At the corner of the tent, there’s a tanglung of traditional Chinese basket bearing mooncakes replica. Totally love the flower ribbon tied above; very detailed weaves on the basket; the overgrown flowers on top – all are in-line with the Mid-autumn theme. However, it made me think what materials did the maker used for this? Plastic drink straws? Plastic bags? Plastic wares?

There is a 1Malaysia tanglung where 3 main races in Malaysia stood side by side in hands in the middle, making a continuously turn. Love them, the statues.

This swan tanglung caught my eye. The beautifully made swan which stood in the square gazebo would turn 360 degrees in not too fast speed. One thing I don’t like about that tanglung is the amount of grass weed placed around the gazebo, making it hard to see the face of the swan. Probably the maker tried to make the swan mysterious. Lol!

They even made a wau themed tanglung!

Other than that, there are the usual dragons adorning tanglungs.

The mother of all tanglung exhibited would be this tanglung.

I don’t know why they made this so big. How la to walk with this type of tanglung? I don’t really remember much about the detail of this big tanglung.

Once we finished checking out the tanglung, we walked out and stood right in front of the table just outside the tent. We were talking and admiring the tanglung from afar and discussing which tanglung is the best and worth winning when my eyes suddenly spotted this!

I nudged my sis and asked her to look at where I was looking at. Both of us squinted our eyes and moved towards the table. Then we laughed.

Mum was wondering what were we laughing about and asked me what the matter was. We pointed to the statues on the table. She looked and laughed too.

I don’t understand why they displaced these there. It doesn’t look like a tanglung to me, and I don’t know what purposes it served to be there. Maybe it’s there to make people happy when they look at it. Don’t you agree?

It was very lively at Autocity, lots people thronged the area even though it was Sunday! Then only I realised that everyone was off on Monday due to the Raya replacement and the kids were still on holiday.

That was 2 weeks ago. Today is the fifteenth day of the eighth moon where we celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival by eating mooncakes, drinking tea and enjoying the bright moonlight. Gonna slowly savour those moon cakes and sip hot tea that’s good for soul. Nomnomnom.