Fickle Minded

Do you ever been in the situation where you can’t seem to make up your decision on what you want? Keep switching TV channels because both channels are playing your favourite Desperate Housewives and House? Repeatedly swapping the smoking hot red dress and the little black dress because you want to impress your date? Order a McValue meal and cancel it for GCB because they look more appealing but change back as you didn’t have enough cash on hand for GCB? Told your workers to do plan A but call it off because plan B looks better?

Then my friends, I believe you’re frickle minded.

To be frank, it’s totally okay to be inconsistent over the things I stated above. There are absolutely nothing wrong and normal in doing so. It’s not that you’re endangering other people’s life with your infirmness.

Even I myself am a fickle minded person. I would keep changing my clothes until I found the suitable one before going out. I would come out with many travel itineraries when planning a trip because one moment I think itinerary A is good, 5 minutes later I came out with another itinerary that would wow me off!


So, as I said earlier, fickle minded is not a bad thing. It actually pushes you to choosing the best among all. 

But what I can’t stand is those fickle minded drivers. They would weave in from one lane to another and back to the same lane. The worst among all would be the sudden lane change – it’s so life endangering you know! -.-“

This is what happened to me in the morning somewhere before the midspan. It was drizzling in the morning so cars moved slowly (about 10-15km/h) on Penang bridge as it was the peak hour. I was in the middle lane; obviously surrounded by cars. Knowing that one couldn’t go fast at such situation, I just relaxed and drove at that speed while listening to my favourite radio station.

Now, this particular car, a Kenari who was in the slow lane, suddenly went into my lane right in front of me when there’s not much gap between me and the car in front of me. Of course, I was rudely disturbed of my morning drive, but since she (yes it’s a lady driver -.-“) forcefully went into my lane, I slowed down a little and let her in.

She was driving more towards the left and judging from that, I speculated that she intended to go back to the slow lane. True enough, she went back to that lane and I was joyful as one less car in front of me on my lane, means my lane could go faster. Bear in mind, all 3 lanes were full with slow moving cars.

One minute later, she signaled again and went to my lane since there’s a gap between me and the car in front of me and went back to slow lane lane not long after that.

I was like wtfish? I totally don’t understand why she wants to weave in and out as all cars were moving at the same speed. It’s not that by changing lane could get her further. -.-“

Furthermore I don’t like following closely the car in front. I don’t support tailgating. But I went a little bit closer to make the gap smaller to prevent her from coming in again.

Believe it or not, she actually managed to squeeze her way in because of Kenari is pendek and has no buttGrr!

Enough is enough. I foresee that she’ll be keeping switching lanes but I also know that somewhere near the midspan the cars on slow lane would actually go faster than rest. A look at my side mirror, I noticed a big opening on the slow lane. Apparently, the red van slowed down after seeing the Kenari driver kept changing course.

So, I went in the gap and sped my way to the front just like what I’ve predicted. Muahaha! Victorious!

But seriously, how can one be so fickle minded on road? Don’t they know that they might endanger other road users if they just simply go into another lane without really looking?

If you’re fickle minded at road, please CHANGE! Don’t keep changing your judgment when you’re driving.