vi. Salcedo & Longanisa.

The staff at the Hotel Salcedo de Vigan was totally relieved to see us appearing at the hotel. They were initially worried after knowing that we missed our flight and thought that we were going to stand them up. But we will stand true to our words, especially when they would allow us to make payment upon arriving instead of paying deposits to secure the rooms like what most hotels would do.

The check-in was smooth and pretty quick. Or probably the most of time we spent on taking pictures of the hotel made us felt so. Haha. Then all of us climbed up to the 4th floor of the hotel to our humble dormitory of 5 double decker beds and a foldable bed.

As much as all of us wanted to take a nap, but since the sky was already bright and there is like only shower room in the room, we took turn to shower while the rest rested a little.

But only David and Daniel fell asleep. Most of us were happily snapping pictures, charging batteries, refreshing ourselves, watching TV and flipping through totally uncensored FHM magazine.

I was the second in line to take shower. The moment the clean water touched my skin, I never feel so happy before. There’s a small window at the top of the wall, and you can hear the bird chipping while having shower. Shower time never been so fun and relaxing before. Lol!

As much as I wanted to spend lots time in the shower, I need to be mindful and considerate for the rest. So, I quickly washed my hair, douched the body shampoo all over my skin and then rinsed them through the water coming from the shower head above.

Barely 5 minutes after I came out from the shower room, had the 3rd person gone in. Everyone wanted to shower that badly.

Since Jess and I had showered, we decided to do a small exploration around the hotel.

Then Jess brought me to this balcony at the back on the 2nd floor. She opened the door to the balcony and encouraged me to step on the metal grilling of the balcony. I hesitated, but just put my left foot forward. I took few shots and then went in for fearing that the metal grill balcony might not able to take my weight.

On the 1st floor, there’s this grand chandelier hanging at the middle of the common room. Well-preserved antique chairs, tables and cupboards are all arranged in the room, making it feels like home. Then Jess switched on the light there and my goodness I was totally speechless.

The grand chandelier lighted up and it gave a cosy and homier ambience. It was just beautiful.

But what bothers me was this mirror which placed in between the whole antique chairs. I totally avoid looking at the mirror as I don’t want to see anything that not supposed to be there. Lol! Not after Hannah briefly told me what happened to her on her last stay. *shuddered *

Jess and I went to the window and looked out. Goodness, what a beautiful blue sky we saw.

Nevertheless, the room is great for photography. We took many shots there, we sat on the rocking chairs, and we acted as though we were those Spaniard Duchess sitting politely on the chair while taking picture.

Then Sat came and joined us. I then forced him to sit on this very small chair and took one big head shot of him. Muahaha!

Not long after that AL came, and sat on the chair too.

After that all four of us went down to the hotel’s café to have our breakfast. Jess and I were sitting on the couch outside the café with waiting for the rest. Sat went to enquire on the calesa ride from the hotel staff. 5 minutes later Emily, Hannah and May came down. Sat asked us to enter first, so blurry we went in. We all seated on this table for 8 as that’s the longest we could find in the restaurant. Then waiter came and passed us some menus.

There are selection of Vigan breakfast, Philippines breakfast and Intercontinental breakfast. Hannah recommended us to try their Vigan breakfast which consists of the longanisa sausage which is popular in Vigan. We agreed and all of us ordered that.

Not long after that Sat and Aaron joined us. Steven came down too, but since there weren’t enough space for another 3 person, he sat at a table for 4. Daniel and David finally woke up and came down for breakfast. Haha!

Our food came soon after that. 4 longanisa sausages came with rice and egg. I ordered mine scrambled as I loveeeee scrambled egg. Slurps.

Along with my longanisa breakfast is a plastic sauce plate of clear, watery brownish sauce. Wondering what is that for, I asked Hannah. Hannah replied that’s the vinegar for longanisa. She encouraged us to dip our longanisa onto the vinegar for even nicer taste. Reluctant yet curious, I tried a little.

The taste was indeed different!

I found myself liking longanisa with vinegar even more than eating longanisa itself. (Shit, I’m craving for one now, can someone please send over some longanisa here? T.T)

Halfway eating my authentic Vigan breakfast, it suddenly struck me that Pinoy and Japanese have similarity in breakfast as both must have rice for breakfast! I don’t know why I say so as plenty of countries in this world have rice for breakfast too including Malaysia and Indonesia, but still… there’s something there made me say so.

Probably the rice is a bit similar to the Japanese rice? Or was it the vinegar that linked both together? Now, that’s really food for a thought. Lol!

Before I end this post, let me ask you guys this: How do you call Vigan in Hokkien?

Answer: Bîgá