Schokolart, for the 2nd time <3

I love chocolate. Throw me a chocolate when I’m upset and I’ll be grinning from ear to ear later. Lol. Sat knew this weakness of mine, so he brought me to a chocolate-y restaurant last year. I fell in love with their chocolate drink that when the gang suggested for a place to meet up, I grabbed the opportunity to visit there again.

Okay, this post is super backdated. We went on 28th June 2009 but somehow I’ve overlooked this post. Hmph.

6 of us went there and seated on this comfortable sofa. We took quite some time to order, since we’re quite indecisive on what eat. Then we toyed the big guns a little while waiting for the food.

That day is also the day I get to play with 35mm lens. David just got that lens not long ago that time and he is generous enough to let me test it.

I can’t remember what drink I ordered that night since it was more than a year old story. Haha.

I love the 35mm, but somehow some pictures I took aren’t sharp. Maybe my hands shook a little when taking them under low light (the place is quite dim); or I took without really focusing them yet. But I didn’t really know the real reason as when I looked at the display screen after snapping, they were clear and stunning.

Ahhh. I totally have no clue on what to write since it’s an old story – probably I should let the pictures do the talking.

Bon Appetit! Keke!

The dishes are absolutely creative. Sate marinated with chocolate, chocolate sauce over steak, popular German food called roesti – all those dishes I never tried or came across before. I especially like heart shaped pie that Aaron ordered. Too bad I can’t remember all the name of the dishes. Aih!

3 different types of sausages – which Daniel ordered, I think. The 3 sausages came along with the peanut sauce. I wonder if he felt full after having that. Hmm.

Last but not least, collage of everyone’s beautiful faces. XD

I read that Schokolart is closed for renovation. Hope they could fast fast finish renovating the place so that I could go there for dessert the next time I visit KL.