ii. The zhhh story.

Once we finished our lunch, we walked to one of the shop in the mall to fix the iPhone’s problem that Satkuru and David were having. After that we got out of the mall to the taxi stop and waited for one. Hannah asked us to wait for her there and then disappeared to somewhere. While waiting for her and the taxi, the guys took few pictures of the area. A policeman approached us and spoke to Steven in Tagalog.

Steven just nodded and said okay.

We asked if he knows what the policeman said, he said he didn’t know but probably it got to do with the phototaking. Lol.

Immediately all of us stop taking picture and just stood there. Hannah came and told us that she managed to get a taxi. But looking at the size of the taxi, we knew that we had to get another one. So, we left SM Megamall for GoHotels.ph in Mandaluyong in 2 taxis.

In the taxi, I told Hannah on the policeman and asked her if she knows why. She then said, “Oh, no pictures taking are allowed in Ortigas and Makati.

Then all of us were like Ohhh… No wonder la!

However I took one from the back of the taxi in hush. I couldn’t resist the temptation of taking the beautiful, tall building with sky, blue sky. The place is so beautiful. They’re like Tokyo! Lots of high rise buildings with blue sky.

We reached GoHotels like 10 minutes. Or slightly more than 10 minutes.The hotel is still new, thus the taxi driver wasn’t sure on the location. Luckily Hannah was in the car to help in direction and the other taxi was following us, so we didn’t really waste much time on finding the hotel.

It was actually easy to find. Just inform the taxi – Robinsons Cybergate Plaza if they don’t know where’s GoHotels. It works, believe me. *wink*

The taxis dropped us near the parking lot of the hotel. We paid the taxi driver (can’t remember how much, swt) and went up to the lobby for checking-in process. Thanks to Hannah, we actually got free night stay for our last night in Philippines from GoHotels.ph. However, they replied us a day later after we booked the rooms there. GoHotels.ph is something like our Tune Hotel minus the credit thingy. You know, the 12hr/24hr air-cond,  hair dryer, TV, wifi, etc2. Lol.

Since we need a place to throw our bags for a quick sightseeing in Manila, Hannah negotiated with the hotel manager again and they’re kind enough to let us a room for free to put our bags. Salamat po!

We checked in, threw our bags and freshened up a little. The room we got unfortunately has a fake window – but it’s okay since the room is used to store our bags only. Lololololol!

The beds look so inviting and I felt like jumping onto the bed, ask them to just leave without me and just sleep off. Ngek ngek ngek!

But obviously I won’t! Lol!

I went to the bathroom to wear contact lens. However because of not wearing the contacts for such a long time, it took me longer time than usual to wear it as my eyes kept rejecting them!

Frustrated, I just forced it in.

Then I looked up. I felt blur. I thought I wore the wrong sides, so I took them out and switched them. It got even blurrier! I was correct initially. With even more frustrated, I repeated the routine and then quickly ran out of the room. The rest were already down at the lobby.

Hannah and Sat waited for me. Sat kept asking if I were okay. I wanted to complain to him about my eyes, but I can’t show manjaness there. Huuhuu. So I nodded my head.

All of us walked out of GoHotels and headed to Boni MRT Station nearby. It was a good 5 minutes’ walk to station from the hotel.

If you’re planning to go to Manila and don’t have a slightest clue on where to stay, do consider GoHotels. The hotel is near LRT station and malls too. The price is affordable, especially good for the budget travelers like us!

There are plenty of stalls at the overhead pedestrian bridge. We stopped by a drink stall to buy something cold for the throat. Sat and I shared a cup of buko (coconut). Then he got another cup of sago-gulaman because he was still thirsty.

After drinking, we went up to the ticket counter to get our ticket. From Boni station to Taft station, it costs 12 pesos (88 cents). Cheap? You bet!

At the turnstiles upon entering the station, there are 2 policewomen doing bag scan. What annoyed me was there’s this policewoman who touched the lower back of Sat after checking him as he was holding my backpack.

Sat was in shocked. I was like wtfish? Why are you touching him?!

Sat then pulled a pity face and told me he was sexually harassed (Lol!) in Manila. I laughed.


We waited at the station for our train. Hannah told us that we couldn’t take picture at the station so we obediently followed. 

We were chatting halfway when the train opposite came and boy, were we shocked to see the amount of people in the train. Someone asked Hannah if that time was the peak hour in Manila. Hannah said no, it’ll be even worst during peak hour. All of us gave shocked look as the train at the other side was practically full.

Our train came and all of us tried to get it. But being used to letting people out first, we waited for the local to come out before boarding in. Little did we know that only few came out and we had to run to the other compartment to get in. Just as Hannah signaled us to get in, the siren sounded and sliding doors closed right in front of us. All of us gave a long NOOOOOOO!!!! and she did the cute sad face. Haha.

We quickly hand-signaled that we’ll meet her at the designated station. So we waited patiently for the next train and even divided ourselves to smaller group for easy access. When the train arrived, we battled our way in and thankfully, this time no one was left behind. Lol!

Taking LRT is one of an easy way to see the city in whole. I love looking at the buildings; shabbier buildings; Jollibee; pre-war buildings; Jollibee; building with strong Spanish flavour; and Jollibee again! I guess Jollibee is really a big thing in Philippines. Haha.

We got down at the last station of the Manila MRT Blue Line (MRT-3), Taft Avenue at Pasay City. We rejoiced with Hannah and all of us walked to EDSA LRT station on Manila LRT Yellow Line (LRT-1) to Central station. We paid 15 pesos (RM1.10).

Along the way, I spotted this very tall, blue tower with white dots. I immediately asked Hannah what was that? She asked what and where? Suddenly I couldn’t explain the tower with words, so I did hand movement of going upwards with sound effect of Zhhhhhhh!

The rest laughed and even asked me to stop doing that because the sound made them feel like peeing. T_T

So I looked outside and scouted for the tower again. But there are many high buildings and trees blocking the tower. Finally Hannah spotted one and she said, “Oh. I know what you mean d. That’s the tower at the theme park in Manila.”

Boy, were I glad that she found the tower. But until now they still made fun of the zhhh.. T_T