Indon XXII: Bali, for the last time

Lazily I dragged my butt out of my bed. Did a quick shower and went down to have breakfast with Sat. The hotel’s cafeteria is near the pool, so we can have a clear view of people ‘morning-sunbathing and playing in the pool while having breakfast. I felt so relaxed and reluctant at the same time knowing that I’ll be leaving this beautiful place later.

And wtfish to myself for not taking picture while having breakfast! #@$(*&(*!!!!

After breakfast, all of us walked to Kuta beach with the intention of taking a very nice group shoot there. Almost of us wore the white shirt we bought at Sukawati Market and I realised that Jess and I were almost identical in clothing! Haha!

Finally reached and stepping on Kuta beach!

When we reach Kuta beach, we were very disappointed. We expected to see clean, white beach but all we could see was piles and piles of rubbish! Apparently, the month that we went there weren’t right as it was the rainy season and the waves was so rough and choppy that month the sea would ‘vomit’ out all the rubbishes to the shore.

But we applauded the hard work of the Balinese people as they religiously sweep and clean the beach everyday to clear of the rubbish. Imagine if this happen in Batu Ferringhi, probably no one would even bother to do so except for a clean-up gotong-royong like once every 3-4 months? -.-”

Nevertheless, we still took a lot of pictures there.


All can only swim at the area bordered by 2 red flags. Otherwise, face the risk of being swept away by strong undercurrent or being hit unconsciously by rock. Don’t say I never give warning ah! 

Like a small child, I went about to look for a wood twig and wrote my name on the sand to leave a temporary footprint on the beach.

Satisfied, I added in Sat’s. Then we took picture of our names with our foot in it. Lololololololol!

And I took picture of AL writing her name.

One thing good about visiting the Kuta beach during this season is able to watch people learning surfing! We saw a group of people trying to surf at that time and those with super LONGGGG lens took few closed up pictures of the surfers.

I on the other way, had to take the ‘whole’ picture of the surfers as I mounted wide angle on my camera body.

Somehow I got bored with shooting the surfers in whole; I turned my interest to a dead puffer fish. See, closed up shoot! Lol!

Then we explored a little bit more by walking down the beach. Off and on people would just jog passed us; local started preparing their stall for the day; some did offering on the beach.

After that we walked back to the hotel. Along the way, I saw a beautiful dress hanging at a shop and I went in to enquiry about it. We haggled a little, and when Emily said she wanted to get one too, we offered her an attractive price at 200.000 Rupiah in total. The shop owner finally agreed and I left with wide grin on my face. Why?

Because Sat paid for the dress! Yippee!

While we were haggling prices with the lady shop owner, the group split up. Some went directly back to the hotel; some went for a little exploration in Kuta. After securing a good deal, we stopped by McDonalds again because someone needed his fix. Lol!

Seeing that we have about 2 more hours to spend, we wandered around Kuta too. And we stumbled upon a marketplace! And there are like plenty of souvenirs and T-shirts which I feel like buying but couldn’t because I have no money. Sat eyed on a Bintang shirt there after much bargaining, the price is still high for that type of quality. But knowing that that’s the least price the lady could offer, we got no choice but to comply. Of course if we feel it’s not worth it we could walk away, but since that’s the last time we could shop in Bali (who knows when will we come back again) Sat just paid her the said price.

Situated opposite the street market, there’s a posh looking souvenir shop which offers goods at affordable price. The goods sold there are of good quality and it smells good too even though I know the smell probably came from the incense/joss-sticks offered by the local early in the morning. Lol!

4 of us spent quite some time in the shop. After realizing we had little time left to shower and pack up; we quickly paid for our stuff and walked back to the hotel.

Once reached at the hotel, we saw Lasker and Elise happily sipping their welcome drink by the pool. We totally forgot about our welcome drink which we haven’t claimed yet! Sat immediately went to claim them from the cafeteria. When the drink came, all of us toasted for the smoothness of this trip and the rest continued talking and giggling while I feasting my eyes at the angmoh ladies who were sunbathing at the lazy chair while drinking. Lol.

Then it was the time to go. Sadly, all of us went up to the rooms to have a quick shower, packed our bags and then gathered at the hotel’s lobby after checking out. Yoga was waiting for us there and all of us followed him to the van and off we went to the airport.

Everyone was feeling sad to leave this beautiful country. Along the way to the airport, we quickly collect tips for Yoga and the Mr van driver for their excellent services. We then passed to them when we’ve arrived in the airport. Before saying goodbye, we took like more than 10 group shoots together with Yoga and Mr van driver in front of the van.

I seriously don’t know how many shoots were taken as David set his DSLR on timer and it just clicked away! Lol!

We then went in to check-in, paid the airport tax of 150.000 Rupiah (my rate at that time was RM55.50) and in return, they gave us a very nice looking sticker! Heehee!

My bag weighted like 10.8kg! (I foresee for my China trip next year my bag’s weight will be nearing 15kg)

We had lunch at one of the airport restaurant where Sat and I shared a meal. Paid like 4USD for it. Pff!

After lunch, we walked towards the boarding hall. In front us (Sat and me) were a group of Indians who were arguing with the AirAsia’s stewardesses because they were not allowed to bring in a bottle of CK perfume into the plane. Since the CK perfume bottle she got is the big bottle (75ml), the stewardesses on duty obviously didn’t allow them to board the plane with the perfume. Apparently they claimed that they bought the perfume at the airport and that’s why they couldn’t check the perfume in – or they claimed so. Lol.

In the end, the young Indian lady just threw that bottle in the dustbin, and all of them entered the plane with long, black faces.

Both Sat and me was like wtfish? Lol!

We both agreed that later someone would just take the bottle from the dustbin and use it since it’s new. We thought the lady should just open up the bottle and pour out the content into the dustbin. It’ll be like – if you don’t want me to bring it in, then nobody else will allow using itLololololololol!


The flight back home was a smooth one. We reached LCCT on time and then boarded our next flight to Penang 2-3 hours later. 

For this trip, I’ve spent like probably RM1,800++ for 6 flights, a 4D3N Bali tour, accommodation in Yogya and Jakarta, food, souvenirs, transportation around and unforeseen expenses like D60 battery. Lololololol!


Hooray! Finally the chapters of Indonesia trip are done. Now I can open a new ‘book’ and probably could start writing them next month! Anyway, if you missed out any of the posts, please do click at the links below.