Indon XXI: Last night in Bali

After the satisfying dish, we left the Dewi Sinta Hotel for the famous Legian Street. It was already dark when we walked out of the hotel. Thankfully we need not have to walk to somewhere else at night as our van was waiting for us right in front of the hotel.

The journey to Legion Street somehow felt shorter. Probably the chat we had in the van made it shorter. I remembered us talking about the dessert we had in Yogyakarta, ronde to Yoga and Mr. Van driver.

We even asked them if we could find ronde in Bali since we were sort of carving for it. Sadly, ronde could only be found somewhere in Java especially in Yogyakarta as it’s a Javanese dish. Hearing that, we felt fortunate for able to try a local specialty in Yogya!

Mr Van driver revealed that he knows how to make that and revealed that it’s actually easy to do!

The moment our van entered Jl. Legian, we were excited and can’t wait to explore this street. The area is bursting with live as the whole street is aligned with pubs, shops, clubs, and restaurants on both sides!

Yoga briefed us on the bombing at Legian Street in 2002 and little did I know that the van actually stopped right opposite one of the bombed locations. I felt eerie looking at that place, even though the place is fenced with zinc board. A red banner hangs at the zinc board speaks of peace and criticises the act of bombing.

We got down and I was super fascinated with the colourful laser lights dancing shown from the top of the restaurant (where the van stopped at) onto the pavement. I think I did take pictures of the lights, but I can’t find them in my folder. Hmm.

Yoga then let us to explore the place on our own and even gave us direction to walk back to the hotel as he and Mr. Van driver will only meet us the next day. He even asked us to walk to the end of the street to have a look at the memorial of the 2002 bombing which is situated just few steps away.

So we did. We bid them goodbye and walked towards the memorial. The memorial is beautifully decorated, but somehow I felt eerie looking at the memorial. Right now, when I’m writing this, I managed to find the logic behind the eerie feeling. The memorial is built exactly on the bombing site, the Paddy’s Pub (source from Wikipedia). No wonder I never feel like taking picture of the memorial despite how beautiful it is.

We were indecisive on where to do. Since most of us have different interest on where to go, we decided to split up. Sat, Ailing, Emily and I decided to Touch&Go the shops in Legian. Major of them settled for barbeque ribs as recommended by David’s friend in one of the restaurant there. Another gang disappeared not long after that. We didn’t manage to bump into them, so we have totally no idea where they went. I was told later, they did exploring like what we did, but went back to hotel earlier.

Exploring Legian is fun. There are many things to see. We bargained price for souvenirs with the street vendors.

We got cute magnet fridge here!

One of the unforgettable was to walk into one of the dark alley to change money. -.-“

The story is like this. We wanted to change money as we brought USD with us. As we were walking, we stumbled upon this wooden chart at the street showing good exchange rate with an arrow pointing into the alley. Didn’t know why, we just walked into the alley and found the shop. However, the shop doesn’t look like the normal money changer booth. It’s has a high long counter and best of all, there’s nobody in the shop.

Just when we were about to walk off, someone saw us and shouted for his friend. Then two entered and asked how much we want to change. We asked them how much Rupiah we could get for 100 dollars. They punched the calculator and showed us the amount. Something just prompted me to take my ipod and calculate the rate back. I found out that the rate is LOWER than the chart showed in front. I showed to the rest. Then all of us felt potongstim and quickly walked out of the shop.

We continued walking until we reached a mini-market. All of us walked in since Sat was thirsty. At the end of the shop, there’s a “Money Changer” sign. So we asked the cashier and someone walked in. We asked for the rate. The rate is not that favourable too, but it’s better than the one offered earlier. We wanted to change USD50 only, but we were told they only accept USD100. We were dumbstruck, but eventually agreed. The guy went in to get the money.

However he took quite long that we felt potongstim and left the place.

This place is super happening I tell yo!

We stopped by a tour operator booth to simply check out the price and the activities offered. Then we asked them on where we can find a money changer booth. They then advised us to go for the legal money changer booth, as most operates illegal ones and they charged certain % for commission.

Hearing what they said made us finally realised why the amount showed by the dark-alley-money-changer-shop is lower. They included in commission fee, thus we get lesser than it should be. The guys at the operator booth asked us to look for the ones that show NO COMMISSION! They even pointed us a legal one which is located at the left side of the road upon turning right at the end of Legian Street.

With no idea where it is, we thanked them and then continued walking. Little did we know from Legian, we’ve reached Kuta. We couldn’t find the money changer. Hmm.

We would have continued walking towards the Kuta beach if someone didn’t suggest returning to our hotel to put our backpacks first. So we did, walked past the shop lots bearing big brands along Jl. Bakungsari and stopped abruptly at the Nike shop to check out the price. True enough, the price is slightly cheaper but nobody seemed to be interested in getting the goods there so we walked out of the shop with the salesgirls looking at us pitifully (it’s very hard since they gave such a good customer service), promised to check them out later after putting our bags.

We never came back.

After dumping our bags in the rooms including my camera gear (which explains not much picture of where we went after this sentence), we headed towards Kuta beach; smartly avoiding the Nike shop by taking the street opposite the shoplot. Lol.

It was windy when walking on the road along Kuta beach. Our initial motive was to look for a pub to have a drink, but we can only come across high class pubs/restaurants. Kuta Beach Street is so unlike Legian Street where one can find abundant pubs and restaurants like the Pub Street in Siem Reap.

But we managed to spot a McDonald’s outlet there and my, it was crowded! All went in for ice-cream and the ice-cream was slightly cheaper there. 5.500 Rupiah (RM2) for a double twist of vanilla sundae. Mm~


Done with the ice-cream, we walked a few steps further before deciding to walk back to our hotel room. We took our own sweet time walking, enjoying the strong wind coming from the Kuta beach. We laughed, giggled, cracked jokes nonstop. My, I never felt so relaxed before. 

On the way back, we bumped into Daniel, David and William. Apparently they’re looking for a little massage at those massage parlour. Since we spotted few at Kuta beach, we suggested them to go there.

Believe it or not, we… or should I say Sat stopped for another round of ice-cream! It seemed like he couldn’t resist the temptation of MCD ice-cream. But before that, we stopped by Circle K for some beers and drinks. The store is something like 7/11. Beside the store is an ice-cream parlour. Can’t remember the name, but I remembered craving for its sorbet. Weird night craving in Kuta. Lol.

While Sat enjoying his ice-cream at McDonald’s outlet in Kuta town, the rest of us were having beers. I don’t really like beer, but just want to try their local beer for once so I bought it. Lol.

Once finishing the beers, we continued walking until we reached a tattoo parlour in front of the hotel. We contemplated awhile before entering.  Ailing and Emily decided to ‘tattoo’ themselves with henna ink. After agreeing on the price, Ailing sat on the ‘dentist chair’ (Lol) and the man with thousand tattoos on his body started putting henna on her wrist.

I don’t understand why tattoo parlour owner has lots tattoos on their bodies. It’s like a trademark thing is it? Hmm…

After Ailing’s, it was Emily’s turn. While Ai Ling and I waited for the guy to finish up Emily’s henna, Sat went out to the cybercafe to revive his iPhone back. His iPhone was super troublesome that time but luckily it didn’t give any trouble at Philippines. Keke!

Both Ailing and Emily were happy with their henna, but they were told to only take bath after an hour later. So we hang out at the hotel pool area; enjoying the silent of the night. Half of me felt like sleeping at the lazy pool chair but other part of me was worried over Sat’s safety. I have totally no way of contacting him or knowing where he goes. All I can do was to keep assuring myself that he’ll be safe and sound.

Soon mind began super tired and all agreed to head back to the room. I quickly showered and crawled to my bed.


Glad to know Sat came back soon after I konked