Indon XVII: Pooling in Ubud.

We gathered again at about 7-ish (can’t really remember the time) at the lobby.

The guys were conspiring on jumping into the pool at night with beer by the poolside; which made me all green eyes as I wanted to join too! Hmph! But I let my pool temptation slide by doing the I-hear-no-evil-meditation-thingy. Haha.

When all of us arrived, we got back into the van and off we went to the dinner place at Panorama Bar & Restaurant. We were supposedly to have dinner at Lasmi Restaurant, but the tour agent owner changed that for us.

The van pulled to a stop in front of Panorama hotel.

I wasn’t expecting us to dine at a hotel’s restaurant on a humble backpacking trip, but we did! We walked into the restaurant with the restaurant staffs warmly welcoming us in and led us to our table.

We weren’t that happy with the arrangement of 4 people per table and asked if we could combine them up as we love to eat together on a long table. Unfortunately they can’t, so we’ll just accept the arrangement.

Beside the restaurant, there’s a beautiful lotus garden and a lovely pool! I went crazy upon seeing the pool and how I wish I could jump into that wonderful pool!

On the right side of the pool, there is a white two storey building dedicated for spa purposes while on the other side there is a gazebo. All of us left our table and went photo shooting around the places. It was totally beautiful!

A 3 storey building at the far left is where the guests of Panorama Hotel stay. I did a little research on this hotel and seems like there are only 33 rooms in this hotel – which is good as one would get attentive care from the hotel staffs.

After taking satisfying amount of photos, Sat and I walked back to the restaurant, just to find out that the staffs had arranged us to sit at 2 long tables where each can sit up to 8 people.

We chatted a little bit before the food came. A wooden tray consists of a squarish plate of rice, a bowl of soup, small plates of sweet sambal (I loveeee that even tho I can’t take spicy stuff!) and onion+chili salad, oval plates of vegetable and prawn crackers (if I’m not mistaken), 2 tempeyek and 2 sticks of satay which tastes like otak otak (totally LOVEEE that one!) and a big chicken drumsticks with black sauce over it. Mm mm~

And yes, they gave us a pair of chopsticks and spoon. Lol!

If only the food is not that salty, then it would be perfecto! I don’t know why all the food I tasted in Bali is salty. Is it because the Balinese loves salty food or is it because they have this impression that the Chinese from Chinaland loves salty food that’s why they purposely made the food saltier. I’m not sure how true is that statement of Chinaland people’s love affair with salt but I was told that some restaurant would do so if were to told beforehand that the Chinese are going to dine there.

But the thing is we are Malaysian Chinese (with a Chindian with us) and we don’t really love salty stuff, so that salt thing would never go well on us. Haha. Never the less, I finished up everything offered to me as I was so hungry but drank glasses and glasses of water after that.

Our table was noisier compared to the other one as we would yap and then laughed nonstop! It was only when I realized that the other table was actually waiting for us to make a move, I quickly jabbed Sat at his thigh and then all of us left the table and walked towards the porch.

I don’t know how long we sat there, but we were the last customers to leave the place as the place was absolutely empty except the staffs at the cashier talking and occasionally looking at us should we need any help.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at the convenient store to get snacks and drinks as they planned to have party by the pool. Some even bought beers and cocktails to suit the mood!

I on the other hand was eager to visit those beautiful shops located along Jl. Raya Ubud. But our van sped past them, leaving me feeling curious on what’s selling inside those shops.

As we were reaching our hotel, we saw many people in traditional costumes walking down the road on our right. I assumed there’s a temple nearby there but I can’t be sure as our van then took a left turn and soon stopped in front of our hotel.

We got down, bid Yoga and Mr. Van Driver goodnight and went to our respective room as getting the keys from the receptionist.

30 minutes later, the guys were in the pool swimming around, laughing and talking quite loudly while we girls sat at the lobby area surfing the net!

I frequently updated my FB status and chatted with friends via Fring using Sat’s iPhone as my iPod touch was low on battery. Ailing and Emily on the other hand was online using their Nokia phones and Jess was blogging (I was impressed with her determination of blogging on the spot!) from her HP Netbook.


Now, who said girls aren’t gadget savvy? 

Elise then joined us and we talked and giggled nonstop on various topics until I felt tired and retired to bed.

However, once I got back to the room I wasn’t feeling tired but feeling a little bit off mood (maybe due to menstrual) so I on the TV and watched their local channel… until I felt asleep. Haha.