Indon XIV: Good Morning Kintamani!

We were so high up in the Mount Batur for sunrise yet I don’t remember seeing one. I must have seen it without registering the moment in my head! Hmm. Kinda wasted. Should I climb up again in future? – Let me have a thought about it first. Haha.

At the top of Mount Batur, I remembered peeking at my watch to see what time it was and how long we took to conquer this mountain. Unfortunately I can’t remember the exact time but it was somehow around 7-ish in the morning.

Everyone was in good spirit – there weren’t a sign of fatigue on their faces at all. Maybe it was the 2 golden retrievers that boasted our spirits by running around us playfully. If it weren’t for the dogs, I think most of us would have just ‘die’ off there. Lol.

‘Die’ in this term means sleep. Not ‘that’ die ya. Lol.

After resting for quite some time, the guides motioned us to follow them to the inner side of the mountain where the crater is. We then reached an edge where we had to ‘slide’ about a metre down the big rocks to get nearer to the crater. The guys opted to jump down (ego mah) while the girls with the help from the guide slowly climb and slide down. The two golden on the other hand, went down so smoothly like pros. When they got down, they happily wagged their tails and ‘waited’ for the rest of us to get down.

Once everyone got down, we proceed to the left and found ourselves in front of a big cave. The cave isn’t deep enough tho, but it can produce echo if one speaks considerably loud. Hehe.

I took 1-2 photos just to realize that I was actually taking photos of the rock. So I stopped and asked myself what the hell I supposed to look at there. Lol.

Then someone asked if want to take group picture there. Though didn’t know what to take, but we just blindly agreed and took 1-2 pictures there. Now I wonder we took group photo using whose DSLR at that time? Hmm.

Then we walked past the place where we got down and head towards an open field-like hill. In front of us is the crater/groove/mouth of volcano mountain where every 1-2 minute there would be hot steam coming out from there.

We sat there and had a relaxing time looking at the steam gushing out from the Earth and also the antics pulled by our guides. One of the guides took a banana from AL’s backpack and then steamed it in a hole that also gave hot steam out. After 10 minutes later, he took it out and passed the banana to AL. AL took a bite and he asked, “How is it? Good?

She replied, “yums!” and everyone laughed. Haha.

From far we could see the shadows of few men walking on top of the higher ground. We assumed that they are David and Daniel so we waved frantically at them! And they waved back. But until now we weren’t sure if it was them that we see. Lol.

We walked back to the hut; patiently waited for the other 2 men to join us by playing with the dogs. Again the dogs helped the ease the waits as if weren’t for them, we would have just descend the mountain first as it was super windy. Not long after that they reached and the guides that followed them up told me that “your friends are strong!” and I laughed. Haha.

Soon it was time to go down. Since I’ve regained my energy back, I slowly hike down the hill on my own, without any help from the guide. *Super proud of myself for doing so* The process is indeed slower but I can now tell people that I hike down Mount Batur without any help! Hoho!

I was on high alert and the same guide that guided me up always offered his hand for support but I politely declined his good intention as I really wanted to do it on my own. Sat wasn’t sure if I could do it, so he was already either standing in front of me or behind me – just in case I slipped. Hehe.

There’s once I slipped because of the stupid rocks again – but he managed to hold me from behind. Then he teased, “No need help konon. Ceh.”

Then I told him, “Then let me fall la. Who asks you to help?” and showed my tongue to him. Haha.

The process of getting down is much more easier than going up. Probably it’s due to the fact that I could see where I was going rather than being pulled up like a cow. By 9 something we were already reached the foot of Mount Batur where the Balinese altar is.

I put my hand together and prayed for thanks and appreciation for their protection over us in Mount Batur.

One thing I regretted not doing was to take picture of the trail while I was descending down, as the pictures would be spectacular! But I can’t risk my DSLR as I myself aren’t a pro-hiker and I don’t know the trail well. Even my backpack was passed to a very strong guide to carry down as I know one small mistake and either I or my DSLR could go wrong. How I wish I brought along my Olympus digital camera at that time. At least the camera is small and light and not a burden for me to carry. Hehe.

Gotten used to the temperature up there, I felt warm that I quickly took off my windbreaker and jacket and kept it in my backpack. Then I took out my DSLR – stopped, turned 180 degree; looked at Mount Batur with overwhelming feeling and disbelief that I just conquer this majestic mountain.

Tried to self-take picture of me with Mount Batur which failed miserably. The cow behind me looks exceptionally blurry nice. Haha.

And he looks so darn handsome in the candid photo below. Kaka!

One of the best moments while walking back to our van was the breeze walk along the vegetation farm. Sat held my hand where I swing them front and back; feeling like 2 kids walking in our own world.

Everywhere we look were the green, the air was clean, it was windy – this hike is undeniably one of the best experience in Bali. It was a good way to see the other side of Bali and I believe I wouldn’t think of climbing Mount Batur if I were to go with my family or with my girlfriends. Lol.

My ‘guide’ who is actually a drink seller came and coaxed us to get Coke from him. -.-“

Actually he had asked us while hiking halfway down and we kept declining, saying that we will get once we reached the ground.

With no other excuse to say, Sat got a bottle from him. But the paktoring moment was gone as the two began to chat with each other. I was walked behind them, eavesdropping at their conversation.

From there I know that the drink seller is actually highly educated – in fact, his English is better than some of the Malaysians; but because he has to sell drinks because he couldn’t find a proper job in Bali. Also, he professed that he wanted to find his other half through this job. He was hoping to get an Australian girl as his wife where he could migrate and earn better living there.

You know, grass is always greener at the other side.

I took my own sweet time walking on my own pace, occasionally stopped to snap the vegetable up close.

I took so much time in stopping and looking around until both of them were no longer can be seen. There are half built buildings on both sides of the trail and I started to feel spooky and fastened my pace.

Our van driver waited for us at the car park area. I quickly walked to the van as my legs couldn’t take it anymore.

But once got into the van, I was quite shocked to see the amount of flies in the van! There were more than 20 in the van itself and we had to shoo them out!

The moment everyone got in the van, Yoga asked, “How was the climb?” and I remember shouted out, “Tiring!!!” Can’t remember what’s other responses but I think it’s similar to what I said la. Our van headed back to Surya Hotel. In the van, we were discussing to shower first or to have breakfast first. Knowing that next in the itinerary is to have lunch at Penelokan, Kintamani, we agreed on having breakfast as we were starving!

So immediately after reaching the hotel, we headed to the cafeteria and sat on a long table overlooking Mount Batur and Danau Batur.

A man came to us with 2 menus. Upon ordering, we then realised that Lasker and Elise weren’t with us that time. William voiced out that they’ve told him that they went to bath first.

Our breakfast came and it was the best breakfast I ever had! Everything tasted excellent when you’re hungry.

Then I quickly went back to my room, packed, showered and realised that my aunt decided to drop me a visit in Bali.

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Why it came at that time?

Sigh. I felt so unenergetic after knowing that my period came. Total sadness!

Still, I pushed aside the sadness and quickly packed my stuffs. I simply threw all my stuffs into my backpack and then put them into the van with the help from Sat. I tried not to let the period dampened my spirit. After all, it came because I felt totally relaxed. Realising the door of the room is look prestige, I took couple of shoots on the door. See how we lock our door!

We took group pictures with our mansion as background. It turned out beautifully and totally different from the usual group photos we took. Haha.

Then we got into the van and left for our next destination.