Indon X: it’s a big world in GWK

The moment we got into the van, Yoga introduced himself, the driver and started telling histories on Bali, the people and the culture.

Some of us felt hungry as they didn’t have lunch yet (we had ours on plane0, so we went to this fine looking restaurant, Pawon Pasundan for Indonesian lunch.

We were quite phobia upon entering because of what we encountered in Mungkid, Jawa Tengah but since Yoga assured that the price is reasonable (which is true), we walked in and sat at a very long table for 13 people! The ladies came with the menu and slowly took our orders.

Since Sat, Emily, Ailing, David and I were quite full as we’ve dined on the plane; we just ordered desserts, deep-fry-flying-fish for ‘snack’ and oxtail soup which costs 10.000 Rupiah (RM3.70) each, if not mistaken.

Having shaved ice dessert on a sunny afternoon was heavenly. Though it’s something like our ice-kacang/mat tou lou, but we discovered an ingredient that no one in Malaysia has used.

That’s avocado! It was widely use here – see David’s drink – avocado chocolate drink thingy if not mistaken.

We continued our journey after lunch. I enjoyed feasting my eyes on the unique view that Bali offered.

Super duper excited upon seeing big McDonald’s outlet here! Niceeee! Made me feel like dropping by and order McNuggets! Lol.

Our van went into a roundabout where we could see monument of Hindu gods on a horse chariot. I love looking at monuments especially those placed on the roundabout – and I don’t understand why the monuments on the roundabout back in Penang are all ‘too artistic?

Not only we could see monuments/statues at the roundabout, but at the front of a shop also we could find one.

We were lucky to pass through a university in Bali, Universitas Udayana on the way to our first destination. And my, the university’s compound looks bigger and the faculties are more scattered than our Universiti Pertanian Malaysia. It even has petrol station in the university compound.

Soon, we reached the entrance of GWK. Garuda Wisnu Kencana. Notice that here in Bali, they pronounced Lord Vishnu’s name as Wisnu.

Upon entering the park, one needs to pay the parking fee – but we didn’t have to pay anything since it’s already covered in the package. 10.000 Rupiah (RM3.70) for bus, 5.000 Rupiah (RM1.85) for car and 2.000 Rupiah (RM0.75) for motorcycle.

As we’re moving in to the parking bay, I could see 2 big hands located a quite distance. I asked Yoga on that, and Yoga said we’ll be heading there later, we see the head first.

I was like – huh? What head? @_@ – obviously I didn’t do detailed research on the places in Bali as much as I did on Yogyakarta. Lol.

We got down, and Yoga immediately passed us our tickets. Very well prepared!

A minute later, we were in the GWK Park and started taking pictures of the surrounding.

Then someone spotted a pigeon in a very discomfort position! We went closer, and my… poor bird!

We couldn’t imagine how the pigeon could injure itself to such position! Nothing much we could do to save it except for taking the obituary picture.

Suddenly there were two barongs (Balinese lions) walked by us, and immediately all cameras were focused on them. But they walked by damn fast, I took 3 pictures and they were gone!

As much as I wanted to slowly spend time exploring the place – there is a free henna stall, but we were advised to go up the stairs. So we did.

Off we went up to Plaza Kura-Kura, and we reached a tortoise pond. Unsure if there are real tortoises in the pond, we took few pictures there. Very nice pond – would love to have such pond in my house. Haha.

There is a bull next to the pond! Since I was born in the year of ox, so I took the opportunity to snap with the bull! That picture is with Sat. Lalala~

Then we went up the stairs at the side, and there we could see the head of Hindu god, Wisnu.

From far, it looked small… but as we walked nearer and nearer, we were dumbstruck with the size!

Don’t believe me? See the picture below. Compare the human and the statue. Ha!

Yoga led us to a gazebo located at the far left. He explained to us the initial project of the GWK Park. The aim is actually to build a GIANT size of Lord Wisnu sitting behind garuda, at the side of the park. Yoga pointed us the location as he spoke.

There’s a model of the whole project placed in the gazebo.

So now it made sense. I was wondering why there are hands, and half body of lord Wisnu; these were actually part of the whole monument.

But why the unfinished project? Why not completed them all?

Well, the fund stopped pouring in after the bombing of Bali in 2002 – he explained. With no money, nothing can be done.

Ah, true! The world is materialistic. I guess the fund stopped for fearing the money going into this project would be a waste, if the monument got bombed after completion.

After listening to this, I loathed those bombers even more! They killed innocent people, ruined all those beautiful things on earth, and now because of them, this supposedly beautiful got halted! Yishh!

Yoga then led us to the stairs down behind the statue, to another statue at the back – the head of Garuda!

Again, I was at awed upon seeing the statue, especially after I took a picture of it. The blue sky complement the Garuda, making the picture VERY NICE! So, we took a group photo there! :)

From there we walked down the stairs to the big walkway with gigantic blocks of limestone on both sides which give quite a dramatic feel. Somehow, everything seems so enormous there. Going here first once we reached Bali (apart from the lunch) is definitely a ‘gigantic’ way of welcoming us. Haha.

Slowly, we walked to the end of the walkway, there’s a lotus pond with a statue at the end. At the side, there’s a stair leading down to nowhere. But we kept walking as long as Yoga was with us. Haha.

Then we came to the statues of hands that I saw earlier. I don’t understand why the statues of Wisnu and Garuda were given proper location with nice decoration around them; while the hands – wild, overgrown grasses with limestone surrounding it. Even the stage for the hands looks unkempt, which sort of spoil the group picture loh.

While we were camwhoring with the hands, our van came over and parked right beside the hands. Felt damn privileged at that time as the rest of the tourists had to walk back to the parking bay for their transports. Kakaka. After that we went in the van and left GWK Park.

No, we didn’t get to see the Barong dance. Wuuwuu.

Our van stopped by a mini-mart before heading to the next destination where we went down to get something to drink. The heat was unbearable and could easily make our throat dry. Quick remedy for dry throat: a 1.5litre bottle of water + a packet of markisah justea for 10.000 Rupiah (RM3.70). Believe me, it works fantastically! :)

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  1. T.T now i know why i felt like as though something was missing from my bunch of pictures, i didn’t take in detail like you. the next time i have to make an effort to simply shoot which is why i need a new CF card >.<

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