i’m like a bird…

I always wish that I’m a bird, so that I could fly up and see the ground from above. My wish was granted – not being a bird, but having the ability of looking things from a ‘bird view’; many thanks to the 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Festival.

You see, looking down from the plane window isn’t counted since sometimes you can see the ground, sometimes you can’t because of the clouds!

Haha. So the day earlier, I purposely boarded the night bus all the way to Kuala Lumpur after work and bunked at my sis’s place for that weekend. The next morning, Sat picked me up and went all the way to Putrajaya for this festival. Upon entering the prominent bridge of Putrajaya, I could see the big balloons like “Levi’s”, “Darth Vader” and so on which got me very excited on it.

Then I told Sat, I wanna take picture with Dark Vader’s head! which he gave me the usual, “luannnnn.

We spent almost an hour stuck in the jam in the car park area. The cars weren’t moving, people were honking and I seriously don’t understand why there’s only ONE entrance for going IN and OUT of the car park area? Can’t they foresee that MANY people would throng the area that weekend?

Obviously I was upset with the jam (I was pretty much calm earlier, but got fed up soon) is because the moment we parked our car, ALL THE NICE LOOKING BALLOONS WERE NO LONGER UP IN THE SKY! I was soooo disappointed as the main reason I insisted on coming to the Hot Air Balloon Fest is to take picture of those cute looking balloons. RWAR!

What’s down were already down. So we headed to the balloon ride area.

I almost fainted upon seeing the amount of people there. But the first thing in my mind was to know where were the rest queuing and how far were they from the entrance. Sat called them and found out that they were at considerably ‘okay’ distance. So, I thought – oh well, this couldn’t take that long I supposed.

Feeling anticipated and excited, I observed the balloons going up… and down… and up again; looking at how long the ride would last.

Halfway watching the balloons, something caught my attention and I found myself looking at two para-gliders. It looks so fun that I told Sat, let’s try this! and he gave me a funny look before saying, “serious?”

I looked up at the para-gliders and then looked at myself. “Maybe next time,” I told him since I was not dressed for sports. Haha!

Soon, I got bored of looking at the hot air balloons and the para-gliders and shifted my attention to something else : CUTE BALLOONS! Once the kids saw a balloon vendor, surely they would cry for one and parents would have no choice but to oblige. Haha.

I was tempted too, and asked Sat for one. He said if I really want it then he would buy one for me. I knew he would as he bought me a Spongebob balloon before at Lake Titiwangsa and I was like a kid, happily holding the Spongey. Haha. But since we’re going to board the hot air balloon, I thought holding a Spongey isn’t that feasible here, so I told him “next time.

One thing good about going to an outing with one bunch of crazy friends is you won’t get bored waiting for your ride. You would be talking and laughing and talking non-stop until it was your turn to board. However this time it didn’t happen as the queue never seem to MOVEEEEE!

Everyone of us got frustrated as it was freaking hot and we were sweating like mad. Moreover all of us didn’t take breakfast yet, and our tummies were grumbling! Some couldn’t bear to wait anymore and left the place. We thought of leaving too, but I was thinking if I couldn’t get to take pictures of the cute balloons and now we were leaving this place because of the long queue, then why on earth I came to KL for?

Secretly, I prayed that the queue could miraculously get shorter. And it did! Because they shortened the time up in the air. -.-”

Since then, the queue got shorter and shorter and soon it was our turn. Both Aaron and I were eyeing on the Zeppelin and we were quite ‘crushed’ to see the Zeppelin being brought down due to the stronger wind.

When it was the time to board, I was glad that I wore pants as I thought of wearing dress there. Imagine wearing dress and have to lift up your dress to climb into the super-high-and-hard-to-get-in basket. Once both of us were in, the guy behind suddenly lighted up the burners and I swear the heat was so intense that I felt it ‘burnt’ some part of my hair!

I could only squat in the basket because of the heat and hope he would stop firing the burner that long so that I could enjoy my ride. But he can’t, since the wind was getting stronger and he needed to produce more hot air to lift the basket up. Moreover the weights of three of us combined weren’t little.

So, I stayed hidden in the basket, lowered my head as much as possible until he stopped firing the burner. Then only I barely stood up and enjoyed the view.

The funny thing about me is I’m very alert on things that might harm me. In this matter, I was standing in front of the gas canister and I fear that the heat might be too much that the canister would burst and all three of us have to jump down to save our life. Haha. I know, I think way too much and got influenced by those dramatic movies.

Just barely 5 minutes up in the air, the guy already brought down our balloon. Of course, I was disappointed, but what to do. Blame it on the wind then as the guy said the hot air balloon couldn’t stay stable on air for long. Boohoo!

Then it was Aaron’s and Munn’s turn to board. Their ride looked so easy and fun and enjoyable compared to our. Haha.

Ahhh… I think I must go there again even though it’s such a boring event especially when there are no nicer balloons to photograph. Must go there earlier next year! Hmph!