Cambodia Ep 17: conquering 3 Angkors in a day!

Continuation…From the library, we made our way to middle of the temple where the high tower situated. As much as we wanted to climb the stairs up to the highest tower, the route is gated and a big NO ENTRY sign is placed there.

Oh well, since we didn’t get to go up, we walked around the tower then.

I was really amazed with the architecture of Angkor Wat. Really spell-binding. @_@

Was so attracted to the temple until I took thousands of pictures of it. Okay la, maybe not thousands but hundreds. Yet I felt I didn’t take enough. Hmm.

Carvings adorned most of the walls of Angkor Wat. However, some were badly damaged and were replaced the new ones, like the one below.

It’s common to see local sitting at the corner, with small kids. I think they’re selling water to tourists, judging from the bottles in the plastics bags.

… or probably collecting empty bottles. Hmm.

From the library in between the third and second level, we walked to the third level, then to the pavilion of the first level building in the South where the Gallery of Bas-Reliefs is situated. There are total of 3 levels – the outer square is the first level, the middle square is the second level and the inner square surrounded the middle tower is the third level.

Once entered the pavilion, we were amazed by the bas relief of the Heaven and Hell gallery. It’s so marvelous that I wanted to put my hand on the wall and touch them.

But obviously I didn’t. There are queue-up stands placed more an arm away from the wall, to prevent locals/tourists from touching them. But still there are some who tried, stretching their arm out to feel the carving.

A closer look at the bas reliefs. The top depicts heaven, while the bottom tells hell.

We could see very clearly that those in Heaven were treated like a King, and lived lavishly. While the those in Hell being tortured and slaved.I guess this part of gallery is to tell people that Heaven and Hell exist and one should do more deeds to be in Heaven.


However, I believe in karma. What goes around, comes around. 

At the end of the gallery, we turned left to the Gallery of Churning of the Sea of Milk.

Due to the water leakage that threatened to ruin the bas reliefs, certain parts of the gallery were covered for maintenance.

After a quick walk at the gallery of Churning of the Sea Milk, we entered the 2nd level of Angkor Wat through the East pavilion. There, we sat awhile, took some pictures, enjoyed the view of Angkor Wat.

We even saw monkeys mated briefly on the roof! Unsure if anyone takes picture of ‘the moment’. Lol!

And I noticed this ‘weird’ stone arrangement at most part of the temple. Didn’t know why it is arranged so, but it did remind me of the ‘nipple island’ we stumbled near Redang Island. Haha.

We exited Angkor Wat thru the North gate, and there we spent 10 minutes admiring the majestic place from afar.

Ailing even sat on the grass, gazed at the building with amazement. Haha.

From Angkor Wat, we went back to Jasmine Lodge to freshen ourselves. An hour later, we were in our van heading to Amazon Angkor for our buffet dinner.

The place looks grand, and expensive! We were thankful that this place is covered in the package as we knew that we wouldn’t have gone to this place for dinner if we were to do this on own.

Spoilt with choices of food available there, I took little bit of each dish and tried them. I only took extra servings of those I fancy – like their fried calamari and their local popiah! Yums! ♥

Besides eating there, we were treated to traditional Khmer dance performances.

Though our table wasn’t situated right in front of the stage, our view was still fabulous. The view weren’t majorly blocked by heads in front. All faces of the dancers can be seen clearly, and we just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the dances.

Though there were 6 dances altogether, but I could only remember to take 3. I realised I took most pictures on the Apsara Ballet – which is also my favourite dance among all!

… and I purposely walked near to the stage to take closer picture of the dance.

It started with the main dancer, danced solo beautifully. She looks graceful and poised.

Soon, 6 more apsara dancers joined the lead dancer. Altogether, they repeated the whole steps again.

I took continuous shots of the dances and compiled them together to make a gif file – showing the part of the dance steps.

Halfway snapping, I spotted this sweet looking dancer – and she looks like the Hong Kong actoress, Shirley Yeung Sze Ki (杨思琦)!


I showed this picture to Sat and he too showed me the picture of her! Apparently both of us agreed that she’s the prettiest and sweetest girl there! 

The show ended at around 9 something. We felt it was too early to go to bed that day since we were still energetic and restless! So we asked the driver to drop us at the popular night market in Siem Reap and told him that we’ll be going back to the lodge on our own.

Reluctantly he agreed, and he brought us to the Angkor Night Market.

The place is totally different from the Central Market that we went the night earlier. This is more happening and more tourist-y feel.


And the price differs too! It’s nicer to bargain at the Central Market, but one can get pretty good deal here too. 

We walked on own initially and I spotted a very nice bangle with 2 crystal flowers. I showed Sat this and he agreed that’s nice too. We asked for the price, and the lady quoted us USD15! Sat knew that I wanted the bangle, so we bargained and acquired it for USD12. And he bought that for me. ♥ ♥ ♥


That made me a very happy girl that night! 

Before we left the place, we bought few stuffs like scarfs and their Khmer pants and had Angkor beer at one of the bars there. Then we took tuk tuks back to our place and rest well for the night.

Next post : River of thousand linggas.