Snowflake in Subang!


Happy Boxing Day! Got gifts you don’t like/already have? Box them up and give them to needy ones! 

When I was in Penang, I saw tremendous tweets/twipics posted by the tweetpeps on this place. Which made me think that this place is a MUST-visit the next time I go KL. So, when the guys planned of having CC outing in Sunway and my girlfriends asked me out for the night, I immediately suggested to my girlfriends to meet me up at Snowflake, since it’s just opposite the FTZ Cybercafe.

Yes, it happened yesterday. I’m still in KL. This post is very quick I must say. Haha!

After having dinner at AsiaCafe, the guys decided to have Snowflake dessert for well, dessert! Though I was going there later on with my girlfriends, I don’t mind checking the place first. Hehe.

The guys went up first (it’s at the second floor of the shoplot facing AsiaCafe) while Sat and I went for Croc-shop! Got myself a nice Croc pump at price of 35. Hoho! I saw this beautiful boots but I didn’t get. Lol.

We then walked to the shop. The stairs are coloured with bright paints, which lighted up the stairways. Walking up 2 flight of stairs, we reached the entrance. The place is divided into 2 area – smoking and non-smoking. The guys were siting at the non-smoking area, munching halfway on their dessert by the time we reached there.

So, we immediately went and queued up. There was a long line there, but thankfully we didn’t queue long enough to curse. Haha!

Once done ordering and paying for the food, one will be given this cute device!

How it works – when your food is ready, the device will vibrate and light up around the edge – just like UFO. That’s why that thing is called UFO! Haha!

Took a vid on how the thing vibrated and lite but the vid is in Sat’s hp. So need to wait for that.


I went to collect the dessert and this is the set 1 topping of the snowflake series. Green bean, barley and black pearls. 

And my, the portion is big! Luckily I shared with Sat. Hehe.

Oh, there’s a cup of milk at the side. I was told to pour the milk to the dessert to make it yummier! Haha!

Verdict : I would say this is the healthier version of ABC. Lookwise – not appealing probably because of the the beans and the colour. Tastewise – it’s okay, the toppings surprisingly cooked to perfection. The ice is thinly shaved. Yums!

Too bad Sat is not a fan of beans. My chance to eat there in future goes down to 30%. *wuuwuu*

Ah, probably I can go with my girlfriends again then! Hehe!

P/s – I left the place and then went up again when my girlfriends arrived. Didn’t have another bowl of dessert cz my purse is empty that time. -.-””” Haven’t withdraw moolah and forgotten to ‘minta’ from Sat. Lol!


P/s/s – I met ItchyHandSeng there! What a coincidence!!! Very glad to meet him as he’s one of my crazy, lunatic friends I have in uni.   

P/s/s/s – I forgotten to take picture of the shop. It only clicked me when I was in the car, leaving the area. -.-””””