it’s a Schokolart-ey affair~*

After hearing about this mouth-watering food from blogs, ‘mouthes’ and even from MDG episodes, I was dying to drop by that place when I went down to KL last month.

Coincidentally, B told me that he already booked a table for two at that place! *giggles* The power of telepathy really makes me wonder sometimes. Haha.

Guided by GPS, we made our way to Mont Kiara there and reached the area at around 8 in the evening. The restaurant is situated on the same floor as Tenji, facing KLCC Twin Towers and KL Tower. We walked in where a waiter greeted us and led to a table for 2 after B told him about our reservation. Our table is on higher platform, ‘isolated from outer world’ by black and white strands cloth room divider. There’s a black vintage chandelier above our table – making the atmosphere even more romantic.

But not so good for photography. Luckily I brought my 50mm along – so the photos here were taken with 50mm lens. The waiter gave us menu and then leave us few minutes to look through the menu – which is a good thing as we didn’t have a clue on what to order. And the menu is very nice! Pink in colour, making it looks sweet – even though pink is not my favourite colour. Haha.

The waiter came again to take our order. B and I took pictures while waiting for the drinks and food to come.

My drink came first, it’s a hot cocoa drink with a cinnamon marshmallow served on an unique cup and saucer. Best drink when hot. If wait until it’s cold, the drink will become ‘thick’ and not longer alluring.

Below is B’s drink. Nice to drink but the chocolate taste might be strong for some. But still, it’s yumyum~* to us.

The food and drinks came quite fast. Probably because we were busy taking pictures of the place and each other, that’s why the wait wasn’t long. The famous sate came when we were busy taking pictures of the drinks. Haha.

As can see in the picture above, it came with 5 sate sticks secured with an onion ring, 4 fried mantau and revamped peanut butter sauce. The reason I added ‘revamped’ in front is because the chef mixed peanut butter with something else which I couldn’t tell. Or probably I didn’t taste the sauce much to know the ingredients.

Besides ordering their famous sate, we ordered their roesti too. There are many choices of roesti to choose from – but only one caught my eye that time. The Tessiner – grated potatoes fried/baked together with slices of chicken bacon. I added in a German sausage as I felt eating roesti alone might not be filling.

After finishing both sate and roesti, our tummies bloated up until both couldn’t breath anymore so we had to take a break. By taking pictures. Haha!

Looking through their menu, I knew that I must order one of their dessert to try or I can’t leave the restaurant! But there are too many choices for me! I didn’t know which one to choose from, so B made the decision by ordering their banana split also known as the Love Boat.

And OMG – it’s HEAVENLY! Normally I don’t like the strawberry flavoured ice-cream but this one is exceptional! B and I fought for the strawberry ice cream and surprisingly nobody wanted the chocolate. Haha. It’s a MUST ORDER if you happen to dine there!


We left the place about 2 1/2 hours later, with lots of happiness and sweetness in our stomachs and on our faces. And I definitely would visit the place again in future. 

My rate on this place : 8/10; on food : 7.5/10