As Penang is famous for its cheap, delicious hawker food, Starhill Gallery’s Feast Village is the place to go for fine dining. We happened to dine at one of the fancy restaurant last month to celebrate mah B’s birthday. It was seriously one of the unforgetable nights. Memorable, though the place is far more classier than the KL revolving restaurant. (Gosh, I haven’t blog about that yet)

Let me quote from the Starhill Gallery website on the fancy restaurant that we went,

Shook! is an exciting restaurant concept and the first of its kind in Malaysia. The menu flirts with seasonal trends and boasts an adventurous fusion of east and west with Japanese, Chinese Wok, Italian and Western Grill show kitchens. Dishes are fresh, robust, natural and innovative.

Shook! is not in my celebrating B’s birthday plan. We’re supposed to celebrate at Ciao Restaurant at Jalan Tun Razak, but apparently when I called them up to book a table for 2, they didn’t pick up my call. Since I couldn’t place booking there, I just randomly told B to head to Starhill Gallery and let him choose on the restaurant there.

I suggested Jogoya as I wanted to eat Japanese food that day but since we’ve been there, B said why not try give other restaurant a chance. I liked the idea and after walking a big round around the Feast Village, we decided it’s Shook! eventho B was kinda reluctant to walk in initially. I just pulled the cow in and the next we knew, menu were presented to us and found ourselves staring at the menu, wondering what to eat.

We were spoilt with choices ranging from Japanese cruisine to Western Grill. I was dying to order food from the ‘Western Grill’ but didn’t know why ended up with a Japanese udon. Lol!


Ah bee ordered something from the Western Grill and I seriously wanted to put my fork on his food! But due to the fact that we’re seated ‘quite’ far apart and with ang mohs siting at VERY near our table, I don’t think it’s feasible to do so. Though he did give me a big chunk of the fish meat for me to try. Hahaha!

grilled fish

I guess from the picture itself showed how much work the chef put in in preparing our dishes. I understand that for the western cuisine, presentation is a must as a ‘pretty’ food will invite people to eat them. But my Japanese hotpot was properly design in a way to make the food looks very appetizing! I’d appreciate that the chef placed the prawn tempura above the soup level (with the egg and chicken meat as support) instead of dunking into the soup as I hate eating a soggy tempura. Lol!

Here’s the Birthday Man with his food!


and the cha boh with her uber big hotpot of udon..


We didn’t take much pictures there as eventhough both me and B did bring our dslrs there! -.-! Don’t get you guys wrong – the ambience is great, there is live band playing and singing jazz songs, both of us dressed up to the nines, it’s absolutely perfect place and time to take lot of pictures! Just that both of us feel very ’shy’ and ‘paiseh’ to whip out our dslr. Maybe because want to jaga muka as the ang mohs were around. But when the food came, B sort of didn’t care anymore about image and just snapped like nobody’s business. Hahaha!

My portion was big till I couldn’t even finish the whole thing. We actually planned to order dessert but had to omit the plan since our tummy decided to bulge out. Lol! Feeling very very full, we paid for the meal and left the restaurant for night stroll around the area.

Overall, the whole dining experience at Shook! was a wonderful one and I would love to go back there again after I’m more loaded. LOL! As for the food, I gave a rating of 8.8 out of 10. Ambience wise – 8!