Japan trip 6 : The minus-7-years-egg!

Continued from yesterday’s post. 

We walked all the way up, battling tired leg, cold wind and foul smell to see this place…

The rotten smell came from this boiling ‘ponds’, which was bearable if there’s no wind. But when the wind came, oh my, even mask nor double layer of shawl couldn’t stop the smell from entering the nose! Yes, it was that stinky.

Wanted to linger there longer to snap more pictures, but couldn’t bear the foul smell, therefore walked down to bus after snapping enough pictures. Plus, I heard that breathing in too much of those gas will made one ill.


On the way down, I saw this cute dog! (Ehem apek… faham faham ya..  )

Actually the real reason why people visit this place is because of their famous ‘7-years-younger-egg’.

There’s a myth saying that if one eats the black shell egg, then he/she will be 7 years younger. But I can’t help to think, if a 7-year-old kid eats this egg, then he/she will be zero years old? Back to mum’s womb? LOL!!!!

We stopped by Lake Ashi for 15 minutes photograph session before going to Mount Fuji.

And I spotted these fat cats while snapping around. Fat and healthy cats! Well fed wei… LOL!

Not everyone went down to take pictures, probably because of the cold weather. Just my family members, my cousins and the only honeymoon couple in the group, went down to snap pictures and looked around.

After 15 minutes, we went back to our bus and we headed to the last stop of the day, Mount Fuji.

However, we managed to go up to the 1st Station of the 5th Station only. There are 7 stations in total, but vehicles can only go up to the 5th station. I was very disappointed as I hope we can go up to the 2nd or 3rd Station. But due to the thick snow, the road going up might be slippery and dangerous, thus only 1st Station.

It was so freaking cold there! Not much wind there, but didn’t know why I felt so cold! I was literally shaking. (Luckily the pictures turned out okay, not blur). Mum went down for a while and then went up to the bus to warm herself. In fact, most of them gotten into the bus, left me, my sis and my dad camwhoring with Mount Fuji. Hehe.

It was so cold that I hold my pee (hurt my bladder so much!) as I didn’t want to expose any part of my skin (except my face) to the cold air. Well, I need to pull down my pants to pee right? And I don’t want to touch the icy water too. (Need to wash hand after peeing what.)

And I mentioned earlier, I hold my pee, prayed that the hotel we were going to stay a night at, is very very near Mount Fuji. Luckily my prayer was answered. The hotel, Jiragonno Fuji No Yakata is located in the middle of pine trees forest (well, all I see is pine trees what); is very cosy, warm and offers hot spring bath!

The cosy room! *hearts*

OMG! My first hot spring bath! And to be total naked in front of my mum, aunt, sis and cousins. *shy*

Celeste gave us our room key, after she checked us in, and immediately I sprang to my room and found myself seated on a warm washlet! Omg, it was so nice that I didn’t feel like moving my pigu up. LOL!

Then mum came in and asked me and my sis to change into yukata for the hot spring bath.


Made me wondering should I blog bout my hot spring bath experience in the next post? This one kinda long. Yeah, there’ll be part III of this, as I felt like blogging in details bout the hot spring bath! :heehee: