Marche (pronounced as Mar-shay)

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Marche (pronounced as Mar-shay)

Posted Friday, May 2nd, 2008Tags: MarcheThe Curve
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Last Sunday, Miss Dolphin got a call from Mr Lawyer, asking her out for a dinner. As Miss Dolphin was getting bored with eating RM3.30 economic rice, she agreed! And so that evening around 7.30pm, Mr Lawyer came and fetched her out.

Miss Dolphin naively thought that Mr Lawyer was bringing her out to nearby CCT (Char Chan Teng) for dinner – was utterly shocked when he mentioned that they’re going to Marche at The Curve.

Goodness. Marche Movenpick. -____-

But she didn’t reject or propose other place for dinner, partly because she herself never dine there before. She has been ajak-ing her coursemates to go there for ages, but nobody seems to care. *Wuwu. Secretly she smiled cause she remembered to bring her camera along as she always forgotten to do so few times d. (So that she can blog bout this! Wee~)

In front of Marche restaurant, there is this popular a red bull (which reminds her of all those siao poses she took with her fellow friends before), and a counter situated next beside the door – where you need to ‘register’ to 2 very nice and friendly waitresses there first before entering. Ya, Mr Lawyer even flirted with one of the waitress. Totally unsangkareable… Miss Dolphin shook her head a bit when he did that. (No, she’s not jealous at all and she doesn’t care… Bleks)

Anyway, the nice waitress gave him 2 cards – one for him and another one for her. But he grabbed both. T.T

The card acted like a passport – where you gave the chefs/people-in-charge of the counters upon ordering and they’ll chop something there – signify that you order something from them. (Miss Dolphin forgot to take picture of the chopped card. Blurry her. +_+ )

Surprisingly, there are various booths in that restaurant; from desserts (the one that captured Miss Dolphin’s eyes first), grills, vegetables, ROSTI (very popular potato dishes – shredded potatoes pan-fried with butter, salt and pepper), pasta, pizza, salads, breads, to juices and drinks.

Miss Dolphin basically walked and stopped at each and every counter, checking out the food there, with Mr Lawyer followed behind like dog following its owner without saying any word.

Since there are so many choices and Miss Dolphin wants to order all couldn’t make decision, therefore throwing all the decision-making to Mr Lawyer.

Yeah, he decided all – Miss Dolphin just nodded, except for salad where he forced her to mix whatever ingredient she wants.

He took the coconut while Miss Dolphin opted for juice~ He actually let her chose between the two, and since she felt like drinking something healthy (like juice) she quickly GRABBED the juice from him. Lalala~

Few minutes later, Mr Lawyer came back with the pizza.

And the pasta!

Miss Dolphin totally hearts the pizza, and didn’t really fancy the pasta. Not that the pasta isn’t nice – just that she prefers pizza than pasta. No offence to pasta ya, but pizza RULEZ!!!! Did I mention here that the pizza crust is soooooo thin and therefore crispy? *2 thumbs up!*

and wanna say something random here – Miss Dolphin loves crispy food!

Like usual, after finish blogging about certain food, I’ll mention the price of the dishes too. Unfortunately, Miss Dolphin has forgotten – but she remembered the total price. The total is RM82.23! And the best part is Mr Lawyer paid the whole thing. She doesn’t have to fork out a single cents~ wee~

(The reason Mr Lawyer treated not because he wants to court her, but because he got his first salary d! )


Although it’s bit pricey – but it’s definitely worth visiting. 

Marche Movenpick Restaurant
Lot G87, Ground floor
The Curve, Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(03) 7728 9200
Opening hours: 11am to 11pm daily
Babi-free (Halal)